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Web Presence Optimization: Reshape Your Approach to Doing SEO

Web presence optimization is the process of making your firm more visible online. While SEO brings more exposure to your law firm on search engines, web presence optimization goes beyond SEO by making your business prominent through many different channels on the web.

Web Presence Optimization Strategy

In its very essence, web presence optimization is a holistic strategy intended to build your legal brand's authority in many areas, which contribute to greater traffic potential from many angles (including search engines.)

The Value in Web Presence Optimization for Law Firms

When searching the internet, people do not only use search engines but also find information using other online platforms. It is important to know that YouTube and Facebook are the second and third largest tools for finding information online after Google.

In addition, research has shown that at least 80% of buyers, even those that make offline purchases, use the web to find more information about a product or service. Web presence optimization will make your business easily found in all online platforms.

Optimizing your firm's web presence involves optimizing several elements, some of which include social media marketing, content marketing and pay per click advertisement (PPC). While there are a number articles on strategy for web presence optimization, below we discuss these channels in greater detail.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become very important in getting online presence for your business. With millions of people accessing social media sites every day, it is important to that your business effectively utilizes social media to build brand awareness and visibility for your business.

Perhaps one of the most important components to web presence optimization, social media also offers a platform for you and your business to interact with potential customers, get opinions and reviews about your product and build an online community of loyal customers.

Search engines also use social media to discover new content. Content that generates lots of social media interest is usually indexed faster by search engines as they view it as being valuable content.

Additionally, search engines are now using social media signals (number of likes, shares, re-tweets, reach and social media interest) as backlinks thereby affecting the ranking on SERP. It is important that your social media content has a great reach and generates interest.

Lastly, having social media platforms like Google+ is advantageous for your business as Google favors this social associated in its search results.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very important element in web presence optimization as it aims to build you and your website as an authority online. Being an online authority in your field means that more people will rely on you for helpful and valuable information and will greatly is influenced by your opinion.

The best way to undertake content marketing is by creating high quality content which is useful to readers who will then link to it. Effective content marketing will make turn your business into a brand and increase its traffic which can be easily converted.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising will help build your online presence as it will make your business visible in numerous relevant online platforms. PPC ads are essential as it will help you know what people are searching and what keywords users click.

This is essential as it will help you know what keywords to use in your online business to get maximum exposure online. For new online businesses exploring web presence optimization, PPC is the best way to get online visibility and generate traffic as you will only pay for traffic received.

For more information about web presence optimization, we advise you to visit, a leading resource provider in the industry.


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