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Build a Content Marketing Strategy Centered on Education

 Content Marketing Strategy on EducationAs a lawyer, you always want to have your name or firm at the top as this is the only way that you are going to attract numerous clients as well as create a good name for yourself. There are numerous ways that this can be done one of the mot effective ones being content marketing. This is where you are supposed to create content that will educate your target audience about legal matters.

Your audience will appreciate this fact as you can give them some pointers that could help them solve a legal matter. Some of the ideas that can be used to help your marketing efforts become successful include:

Reveal Information that the Audience Does Not Have

One of the best ways to ensure that content marketing works for you is provide the audience with pieces of information that they did not know about previously. This will definitely keep them interested in what you have to say as you will be presenting something new. This means that you have to do thorough research to find out the type of information that the audience wants to work on something that will bring in the desired results.

Share Partial Information

As you come up with materials that will be used for content marketing, it is important that you do not reveal all the information that the audience is looking for because they will no longer be interested in your services and you could end up losing a lot. It is best to give them a little taste of what they want to know so they can be prompted to seek the services that you offer so that the business can remain relevant at all times.

Refresh Oudated Information

As you work with content marketing as a means of branding the law firm, it is also important that you know how to refresh outdated information at all times. This is where you are supposed to come up with creative content that talk about the latest technologies and developments in the industry. This is because people are not looking for outdated information that will not help them in any way.

You also need to keep coming up with well written content frequently so that people are not forced to repeat the same kind of information. This can be quite boring and the audience might lose interest and miss out even when you have important information to pass on.

Build a Community Forum

You also need to think about the forum that will be used for content marketing if you want to enjoy the results. For starters you can have the articles or videos posted on your official website so that your audience can access them anytime they visit.

To get the information to as many people as possible, it is also recommended that you look for other avenues that can be used to link back to your official sites. Look for forums that have high traffic so that you can be assured that you are going to get some great results at the end of the day.


3 Essential Law Firm Web Marketing Strategies for 2014

The internet has greatly changed the way we do things. People use the internet to look for information about services they want. Fewer people rely on traditional advertising methods such as newspaper ads or the phone book.

With the increasing number of people using the internet to look for legal services, web legal marketing is an important aspect every practice should embrace. Law firm web marketing will allow you as a lawyer to promote your services using the available web resources. Below are the three top law firm web marketing strategies to embrace for 2014 to not only place you at a better place for clients to find you but to stay ahead of competition

1. Create a content strategy (that focuses on blogging, videos, and articles.)

Content marketing is at the heart of every web marketing campaign. Valuable content is what will sell you to potential clients. Your goal should be to create great content that users will want to read and share. Don’t just create content for the sake of it. The content should be useful to the reader and should convince him/ her to take action- follow on social media, register for the newsletter etc. Some of the top content marketing strategies include blogging, creating a company video, and articles.

  • Blogging - Create valuable blog posts with the right keywords wisely spread throughout the posts. Provide valuable tips, advice, and information that will make readers want to visit your main legal site for more.
  • Videos - Creating videos surrounding your law firm web marketing strategy is one of the best ways to get prospects to use your services. Make sure the video is short and precise explaining the services you offer, pricing, offers etc.
  • Articles- Like blogging creating high quality articles is important for your practice. Use the right keywords and provide value to users.

A good example of a brand that's doing this well is The offer a wealth of information and resources to their audience, which naturally gains attention and new website visitors.

2. Be active on social media (particularly Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.)

A lot of people spend a considerable amount of their time on social networking sites, interacting with not only their friends and families but with brands as well. Using social media as a web marketing strategy serves to get your content and practice gets as much attention as possible and to get visits from social networks that will eventually convert into clients.

Creating a profile that represents your practice is important, being active on social media is as equally important. Potential clients need to know that you will be there when they need you and what a better way to show it than being active on twitter, facebook and other social media accounts

Check out for some great tips on how to leverage social for your law firm web marketing strategy.

3. Exploit search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) to generate traffic and new cases to the firm's website.

With the recent changes in Google and other top search engines, an effective SEO is important. SEO helps in two ways; first to increase your ranking on search engines and to help clients find you on the internet. Search engine marketing involves two major components; Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising. SEO involves strategies such as writing valuable content, copywriting, link building among others.

Pay Per Click involves using Ads to promote your practice with the aim of converting new prospects onto your list. With PPC you can target a specific group of people who are searching for legal services. Use Google ad words, Facebook ads to market your practice online. For SEO create highly optimized websites, provide fresh content, and avoid link spamming- forcing links where they shouldn’t be in link building. In addition choose trusted sources for PPC advertising such as facebook ads and Google adwords.

Law firm web marketing is important for your practice. It will not only help your firm rank higher on search engines but will ensure clients find you.


4 Components to Managing Your Firm's Web Presence

Developing a web presence has become the most important task for every business. Whether you are a small, mid-sized or large business house, it is imperative to have a strong web presence. This not just help you stay connected with your target audience, but also improve the overall revenue and reputation of a business. - two components that can make any business make or break in the long run.

Web presence management should be seen as a separate and important department of your business. With right management techniques, you can ensure success and recognition. But what are the components that will help you achieve your successful web presence management goals. Let’s take a look at four components to managing your company's web presence.

Social Media Marketing

Employing social media is regarded as one of the most important element of web presence management. It is result-oriented and used by almost every online business today. Incorporating social media practices can give quick results and have profound effect on business operations.

Use social media channels to promote different websites on popular networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Promoting your business content on social media channels can ensure increased traffic, high conversion rate and extremely good profit. It will also help you send out messages to your target audience as and when there is a change or introduction of any new offer or product.

Forums and Discussion Websites

A forum is a webpage or website where people can discuss strategies, problems, opinions or anything they want. You can easily join a forum on the internet and participate in a discussion. The interesting thing is that forums usually allow a link back to your website. The signature text as a link would appear below your post. This is another way to attract more people to your website. Website like Wiki answers, Yahoo answers, and other kind of public forums are live examples of this kind of marketing.

By actively participating in discussion forums, you can actually make your website reach high number of global users without making much effort. Such websites give you the ability to create backlinks and share website’s content free of cost. Although these ideas are rarely thought of among the marketing team, they are vital for web presence management and marketing of the firm.

However, you should make sure that you don’t spam the threads with your links. It is crucial to choose a relevant category and topic before sharing your business information. For instance: if you own a furniture e-commerce store, look for threads that talk about interior designing and architecture. This will help you reach out to your target audience and direct good traffic on the website as well.

Video Marketing

Video marketing, also known as Youtube marketing is the new entrant in web presence management process. Videos have emerged out as one of the most rapidly growing web marketing option among online marketers and businesses. More and more people have started promoting their products and services through video content.

It has been observed that videos tend to go viral more quickly as compared to content marketing, giving more effective results (especially after proper optimization.) Let’s take a look at some steps to create videos to promote products and services:

1) Create an account on with your official e-mail ID.

2) Fill in the details asked for to create your business profile. In this section you will need to describe your business and products you’ve to offer to your customers. This is applicable when you sign up for a Youtube channel.

3) Create videos reviewing your products and services and post them one by one on your Youtube channel.

4) You can share the link of the videos on your business page on other networking sites to attract more customers.

Make sure the videos you make, talk about your products and services in detail. Include the functions and features of your products and quote some reasons to why people should consider buying your product. Also, always use real characters in your video to create good interaction and rapport with your audience. It should be able to connect with your potential customers and convince them to click on the link given in the description. Do not forget to include call to action in the last crucial seconds of each video posted.

E-mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is one of the easiest and primary ways to strengthen the relationship with existing customers. It helps attract potential ones as well, if you choose to go with right techniques. In order to start with this procedure, you must ask your customers to sign up for newsletters so they are aware of new launches and services being offered by your business. Your newsletters should be regular and must talk about their benefits in some or the other way.


5 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Local Law Firms

Law Firm Web MarketingThe aim of content marketing is to attract and retain customers and clients by consistently producing and curating relevant content for the purpose of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. It is a continuous process which should be weaved into your overall law firm marketing plan.

The content can be produced as news, videos, e-books, email, photos, how-to guides, online contests and many more. If you run a local law firm, smart content marketing will earn you greater exposure and establish your brand name. Here are 5 creative content marketing ideas that can work wonders for your firm.

Share Professional Advice & Insight

Publishing great content that is relevant to your legal practice is absolutely critical in today's legal marketplace. Writing for your audience is a brilliant way of connecting with them by directly addressing and answering the questions or queries they may have.

It’s even better if you can create this content yourself but if writing isn’t exactly your strongest point, hire someone who can churn out some great articles for your blog. For example, you could start with top 10 lists, best practices for your legal niche, tips for handling a specific dispute, etc. Make sure the articles or videos are expertly done, beautifully crafted and thoroughly engaging so that you can make the most out of your marketing strategy.

Cover Local Events & News

Covering local news and events is a simple but highly effective content marketing strategy to get your brand noticed. People who stay within a given community tend to follow local events quite keenly because they have a sense of ownership to what happens or goes on around them. Making this news available to them on your website or through your magazines can earn you faithful customers who will start identifying with your brand.

During local events, investing in a brand sponsorship another creative way to go above and beyond.

Hold Online Contests

Even though you will need to spend some money on a couple of prizes, the number of local people taking part and the new potential leads you will get will be worth the cost. Budgetary constraints? You actually don’t need to offer expensive prizes so as to get participants.

A couple of fancy water bottles, nice-looking backpacks or branded diaries may be enough to draw many users. There are websites which help you to set up contests within a short time so check them out.

Getting The Word Out

Although you might have some killer content published, getting it exposed is a whole different battle. Below are a few strategy ideas to help make your content marketing efforts a bit more impactful.

Leverage Social Media

Leverage the immense power and potential of social media networks to make sure your business is well known in the local community. Social media platforms are critical for successful online marketing and brand awareness. Create and actively utilize social media channels where you can connect with your customers. As more of your content gets shared your reach will increase and your audience will grow. However, social media, if approached haphazardly, can break your business. If you don’t have the skills, get someone who knows how to do it.

Embark on Email Marketing

Email marketing is a clever way of getting new customers to engage with your business, as well as maintaining a constant communication stream with your existing customers. The more you stay in touch with your customers, the more they will think about your brand and the greater the likelihood of the new ones converting into loyal fans. Encourage new visitors to your website to subscribe for your newsletter by giving them a bonus item such as a free e-book. As you patiently nurture them via email, they will start buying your products.

At the end of the day, creative content marketing is a strategic activity where you use useful, relevant and interesting content to attract new customers. For it to work, it needs to be done in a clear and concise manner where the intention is well pre-defined. If you hit the right notes, you will reap the fruits in due course.


Video SEO Tips to Engage Your Audience & Garner Great Results

Day by day more and more savvy online business owners are turning to video use for higher SEO rankings in addition to offering a new, effective and powerful means of content delivery to target markets.

Software techs post how to videos on their websites so that new customers can easily learn how to use their product.

Even urban musicians promote new albums by releasing trailer videos to their fan bases and this new trend has led to significant rise in record sales.

Ranking Video SEO

Below are five golden rules to effective and successful video SEO use for online business owners:

1. Conduct proper keyword research - Keywords use can work for or against the business depending on how research was conducted prior to posting the video online. It is advisable to use keyword analyzing tools such as Adwords, Statcounter and Wordstream so that one can discover the most popular keywords used in their target market and then optimize videos correctly while using proper tags and descriptions so that their videos shoot up in Google's page ranking and become visible to a greater audience.

2. Use transcripts for keyword optimization - Whenever new visitors land on the video page, they may want a brief summary of the video they are about to watch before clicking the 'PLAY' button on their screens. The video's brief summary should be in the form of a short and precise transcript that highlights all the important information in the video.

Business owners can include relevant keywords in the transcripts so that the content can be easily spotted by Google and eventually rank the video higher on search rankings since Google reserves the top and enviable spots for websites with abundant relevant content relevant to the keyword. A higher page ranking translates to a high number of viewers over a long period of time and the more traffic a website attracts, the longer it remains on the highest page ranking.

3. Produce high quality videos - Customers will judge an online business by the standards of videos on the website. It is important to create relevant, informative and crystal clear videos always so that customers will believe and highly regard your brand as top quality and reliable which eventually leads to sales or more members enrolling to the website.

4. Use video translation where necessary - Not everyone interested in watching an online video on a business website understands English. Even popular Hollywood movies need translation into different languages so that they can reach their non English speaking fan base in different parts of the world.

The same case applies to online business owners who use videos to communicate to their customers and potential market situated all over the globe.

5. Encourage viewers to comment and like the videos - The comment box under each video whether on a business website or Youtube should be full of viewers' responses after watching the video. Why is it important? Because it's a credible source for reviews that determine whether new visitors will watch the video or not.

Another important element to video SEO is the number and quality of comments determine how further up the page rankings your video will ascend since Google will boost videos with higher views and adequate reviews because they appear more credible compared to other search results within the keyword.


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