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Using Google Instant for SEO Keyword Research

Often times, some of the most insightful clues are right in front of our eyes. When doing keyword research, one source of insight is Google Instant.

However we're not referring to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. We are simply suggesting using Google search.

When you start to type a phrase in Google search, its Google Instant feature begins suggesting related search queries. These suggestions are based on popular keyword searches and may very well reflect long-tail search trends.

Boston Lawyer Business SEO Keyword Research

The practice of lawyer SEO is unique in that it's sometimes difficult to pinpoint specific, long-tail keywords when doing research. That is, the detailed search phrases that people search when trying to find a particular attorney, legal service, or law firm, in particular area of law.

Using the search suggestions from Google Instant is great way determine these phrases.

A tip while doing this SEO keyword research technique is to try starting your search with different variations. In the image above, you can see the keyword search started with 'boston lawyer business...' We can immediately tell that the 'small business lawyers' and 'business litigation lawyers' are two popular searches. If start our search query differently, we can gather even more insights.

Boston Commercial law firm keyword research SEO

By modifying our starting search phrase to be 'boston commercial law firm...,' we learn that 'business' and 'corporate' are both very related to 'commercial' areas of law. With this information, we might optimize a page for both 'business law' and 'commercial law' because these terms are virtually synonymous.

We also discover from the above search that 'commercial real estate law' is popular subject in the Boston area. If the law firm specializes in commercial real estate law, then we may include this keyword in our SEO efforts.

This simple keyword research tip using Google Instant can be applied to almost any SEO situation. The trick is keep plugging in multiple phrases to start. Try flipping your search using 'attorneys,' 'lawyers,' 'law firms,' as well as plural-singular variations and synonyms (like 'commercial' and 'business')

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is also a much needed resources for SEO Keyword Research, however sometimes the long-tail keyword insights are limited. We still suggest using this tool as a starting ground. The latter tips is to help you refine your research.

If you're interested in learning some great techniques to using the Google Keyword Tool, check out this video on SEO Keyword Research. This video will help you learn some best practices tips to doing SEO keyword research.

To get the best results, use a combination of tools and resource while undergoing keyword research. We hope you starting using and appreciate the insights of using Google Instant for Keyword Research.


5 Tips to Grow Your Law Firm's Google Plus Following

Google Plus (or "Google+") is now one of the most popular social networking sites. This is one of the mostly because it provides more than what the other social networking sites have to offer.

Most individuals may see Google Plus as an extension of Twitter and Facebook. However, what more people are beginning to realize is that this emerging social platforms has features and benefits that are far more advantageous, especially for businesses and brands.

In addition to interacting with other legal professionals and individual users, Google Plus activity can be displayed in Google search on relevant keyword queries. This means that having a Google Plus presence can help your local website marketing strategy.

Law Firm Google Plus Tips

Like Twitter and Facebook, the initial goal of your Google Plus marketing efforts is to build a strong following. Below we share a number of tips and strategies to grow your law firm's Google Plus following.

1. Share Content: Sharing content is perhaps the most powerful way to attract new followers. Focusing on sharing content that interesting and very relevant to your target market. Additionally (and also like Twitter,) take advantage of using hashtags in front of relevant keywords that describe your posts. This can help your post become found when other users explore related topics.

2. Interact: After you have created a nice looking profile page that signifies your law firm's brand, take the time to explore Google Plus and some of the relevant content that's out there. Leave comments or "+1's" on the posts and updates of other businesses and individuals. This generates awareness of your brand and could lead to more traffic coming to your profile page (and more followers.)

3. Add Google Plus Widgets to Your Web Properties: Be sure to add the Google Plus widget on your blog and the webpages of your site. We suggest including both the "+1" button and the "G+" widget that takes people to your Google Plus page. In addition to help increasing your followers, this can also helps with local SEO by sending social signals (authority) on your website. Consider adding a link in the biography of your profile.

4. Actively Find Followers: Search for people in your legal profession or practice area. Having such people in your circles is advantageous because it may further lead to the acquisition of more relevant followers. Use the “Find People” feature on the Google Plus account's circles tab. Or you could try "exploring" related content and referencing the sources as potential followers.

5. Link to Your Profile: A good alternative to building links solely to your website (for SEO,) build links to your Google Plus profile page. This will help steer traffic to your profile while increasing its overall search engine authority.

Stay diligent with your social media marketing efforts via Google Plus. Because Google is focusing on a more local orientation with both its search results and social network, the advantages for your law firm are plentiful. Reach out, share content, and make your presence known!


Google+ Tips for Law Firm Web Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, Google+ is one of the most powerful platforms for law firm web marketing.

It is not only great for professional networking with other legal professionals (and getting referrals,) but Google+ can also work wonders by gaining more web exposure from like-minded people and potential clients.

Having a successful law firm web presence can be bolstered with Google+. Below we share a few tips and benefits to help your firm utilize Google+ for web marketing.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By using Google+, you can increase the chances of your firm gaining higher ranking when it comes to SEO. Now, Google+ activity is being integrated in the search engine results. So by building a strong Google+ following, you can you increase your search engine visibility by promoting your content and insights.

Additionally, Google+ is also integrated in local search. Having a well optimized Google+ Local page that's plentiful will reviews and valuable content can see top rankings in the Google local search results. For law firms, this can be a huge source of web traffic.

2. Have a Circles That are Focused

When it comes to Google+, you connect with people through circles. So what is a focused circle? This is people who have been grouped together due to the fact that they have similar interests whether in their personal or professional life.

Before including people into a particular circle for your law firm, you should establish what mutual benefits you will both be getting. By using circles, you get the opportunity to determine what your target demographic wants and figure out how best to provide it to them.

3. Content Sharing Should be Focused

Google+ for Law Firm  When it comes to driving traffic for your law firm's website, it is not simply about targeting all of the people in your local proximity. It's about targeting highly specific people and interests that will grow your firms web presence.

Focused content sharing ensures that you are reaching a targeted audience that will boost your sales. They will not only click the link to your website, but chances are they will also purchase your products, sign up for your mailing list and possibly recommend you to the people in their circles.

4. Keep Up to Par on Trends

One thing to emphasize about web marketing is that it is dynamic process. In short, it never stays in one particular form. There are new developments, which could greatly improve on your law firm web marketing efforts.

A number of online business owners tend to have outdated content since they are not staying abreast with these trends. If you would like to increase targeted traffic to your website and boost sales, you should know what is hot in your particular niche.


5 SEO Copywriting Tips for Well Optimized Content

The purpose of any form of optimized content is to make it both search engine friendly (value for SEO) and reader-friendly (value for users.) This centers on creating high quality content that will be well appreciated by readers, and thus gets linked to naturally, helping to promote its SEO-potential.

SEOBut in order for strong content to reach is maximum SEO potential, it should also be keyword optimized using the best practices of SEO copywriting. And although your content might be an image or video, these SEO copywriting tips can still help you optimize your content for better rankings. Below are 5 SEO copywriting tips to help you properly keyword optimize your content for better search visibility.

1. Meta Title

The application of keywords in the Meta title can be best understood from the perspective of a search engine user. When people are searching in Google, they are most attracted to listing that show keywords in the headline of the various results.

Additionally, keyword optimizing the Meta title can also help Google and other search engine distinguish what the page is about, aiding your SEO efforts. It is suggested to keep the Meta title length within 72 characters so that it all appears in the Google search results.

2. Meta Description

The Meta description is a brief summary of the page. It helps to assure the client that your content will meet their search needs. Most often, keep your Meta description below 165 characters.

Apart from ranking, SEO copywriting is also about the way you present the content in search engines. The Meta description refers to the “snippet” copy for search results below the title. It will impact whether or not users click into your page. Whether the keywords in the Meta description will affect the ranking, is still debatable, however the searched terms will appear in bold, only making your listing more relevant to the user.

3. On-Page Copy

Typically your on-page copy will be about the topic that pertains to your page's keyword targets. That said, don't get too focused on keyword inclusion, but rather, write naturally and only include keywords when they make sense.

It is best to have a nice block of text-based copy on almost any type of content you publish. For articles, shoot for at least 300 words of copy to have the greatest SEO value. If it's images or videos, try supplementing this content with a paragraph or two summarizing what the content is about. The idea it to give a search engine spider some keyword-rich content to crawl, making your content all the more SEO-valuable.

4. Keyword Frequency

Keyword frequency is defined as the number of times in which your keyword target is mentioned on the page. . Conversely, keyword density is known as the ratio of keywords to the total number of words on the entire page.

It is a misconception that keyword frequency affects ranking. When using keywords in your content, be sure not overuse them. This also implies that your content's keyword density should not be more than 5.5% or else Google may penalize your website.

5. Internal Links

Internal linking on a webpage is a vital basis of developing well optimized websites. This help establish keyword relevancy (based on the anchor text used for internal links,) as well as the crawling and indexing of your entire website. For these reasons, linking together relevant pages is important with regards to SEO.

A few tips to keep in mind when internal linking are:

* Pinpoint relevant pages of your website that deem worth of linking to

* Use natural and relevant anchor text

* Always consider the user and if the link makes logic sense

These are tips pertain to the best practices of SEO copywriting. In summary, don't dwell on including a high volume of keyword targets, but rather focus on what is important to the search engines - quality content that offers meaning and purpose to your audience.


9 Creative Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Law Firm

At the Law Firm Web Marketing blog, we have compiled some of the most powerful social media marketing tips for your law firm. We hope some of these tips will inspire to be a better social marketer.

* Create a dedicated group on Facebook to keep in touch with colleagues and prospects that you met at past meetings and conferences. These social groups are a great way to great a meaningful community for collaboration, but more importantly, law firm branding.

* Measure the ROI of social media by using performance software. You may make comparisons regarding traffic quality brought to your website from social platforms, and guage which are most effective.

* Your social media strategy needs to answer a few easy questions: Who is your law firm's target audience? What do they expect from your firm on these social media platforms? How is the firm's social media marketing strategy going to evolve?

* You have a blog for your law firm and use the great content of your blog as promotional tool via social media. This is called content marketing, and it's a highly powerful way to gain more clients and quality relationships with other law firms.

* The social medium is not the purpose of you strategy, but rather your message is the purpose. Therefore, keep in mind that Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter are to be used as a tool for delivering your message and not the strategy.

* Create blog content for your target visitors rather than for your law firm's brand (or SEO efforts.) This is very common with startup law firm. They often blog about entrepreneurship, marketing, and other topics that are not of interest to their target audience.

* If you intend to use the social media for customer service, try to picture your working hours on Twitter in terms of the working hours you have for your own support team.

* Consider social media marketing as storytelling and image your clients as the characters of the story. Try to imagine what can motivate them and the patterns they portray. Let their wants, actions and needs drive your story.

* Hashtag-stuffing tweets will not work to drive you more traffic. Research has revealed that Tweets having over three hashtags have received fewer click-throughs compared to those with no hashtags.

There's obviously more to social media marketing than these tips. However these tips are often valuable for law firm web marketers. To learn more quality tips about social media marketing, visit this page about social marketing insights and services.


21st Century Internet Marketing Tips

Marketing in the 21st century is much more different from the way it were some years ago. Confused about your online content strategy? Wondering what plan of action will make the biggest impact on your bottom line?

With the addition of internet, social media, and email marketing, old school rules that were being used in the old gone days have no place this time round because people have come up with different ways of marketing, one which will reach many people and have an instant impact.

Client Focused Relationships

Days are gone when people were sending generic messages and have opted to rather more technological methods that are not only reliable but also the fastest so far. Sending an email and with in second its already received by the other party on the other end. Instead marketers are now opting to building strong relationships with their prospects.

Marketing is the process of promoting goods or services; the final objective is to sell these products. The focus of all marketing actions should be on the customer or client in order to stay profitable. Create, keep, and satisfy the customer should be your main goal. The 21st century marketing ids a lot more challenging and more advanced than the previous one. Due to the high level of technology and the extremely fast pace of technology development and new marketing concepts and tools. It’s always very difficult to keep up the pace and this article takes care of the main things that should be looked at when indulging in the internet marketing.

Blogging & Content Marketing

In the 21st century blogging has also proved to be then best of all marketing tip. Through blogging, one can reach any person fast and at the intended time and thus creating more awareness where needed. Blogs differ from different topics depending on the websites they are serving but mostly they revolve in the same topic.

Some of the tips to consider when using blogging as a way of marketing are as follows; you should post always post regularly and ensure that you post new ideas and fresh ones in this case. You should also be creative in what you will be posting and the areas where you feature more will be of marketing than story telling.

With blogging as a marketing tool, you should update your blogs regularly. As a steady flow of visitors begin to swarm your blog, you must ensure you have a proper marketing funnel in place. Blogging is a great way to share your content and your offer, a way to be heard. With the increasing number of bloggers in internet marketing you must set yourself apart in order to be recognized.

Having professional e-marketers is also a very important thing to note since; professional e-marketers are always the best people to have in making your internet marketing a success. They are ones that are always straight forward and very independent and judgmental. is a leading SEO consulting expert company with experience and expertise brewing in its team of professionals. The company is open top any business wishing to explore the internet to expand its business horizons, feel free to visit the site today for more details.


5 Tips to Produce Phenomenal Content for Your Web Marketing Strategy

Content Web Marketing StrategyValuable content is the driving force behind any law firm web marketing strategy. Whether it be videos, articles, podcasts, or graphics, there's immense marketing potential to be tapped via strong content.

Particularly for SEO and content marketing campaigns, there's often the question of who should be producing the content?

There's an easy answer to that question: the specialist of the content's topic, which in most cases is the lawyer.

The best content comes from people who are knowledgeable experts and can share a wealth of information on a certain subject.

Content marketing on the web is a bit different from traditional, off-line channels. You need to have a unique voice, offer value and insights, and have a specific goal and purpose with your content marketing strategy.

To help you generate phenomenal content for your firm's web marketing strategy, below are seven tips for content creation and marketing.

  • Express Your Personality - The voice of your content should be unique to your personality. Don't speak legalese and use paragraph long sentences. Be you and express your true feelings through your content.
  • Be Keyword Relevant - With respect to SEO, you'll want to make your content keyword relevant. This doesn't mean jam your text with keyword repetition. Rather, mention your keywords respectfully and creatively in the page title, meta description, and couple times in the body copy.
  • Do Research & Analysis - Parallel to keyword optimizing your content, you'll want to do some research on both keywords and what other attorneys are saying on the subject. Not only with this inspire great ideas, but will also help you position the focus of your content to be original.
  • Be Social & Build Connections - One of the most powerful and cost-effective mediums to market your content (and law firm) is social media. Start building and optimizing your web presence on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter by reaching out to target audience and joining relevant communities.
  • Publish Consistently - Once you've commenced you content marketing strategy, you'll want to publish content on a consistent basis. This will give you audience expectations and something to look forward to.

Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with Google Authorship and the role that this concept plays in the organic SEO arena. This will motivate you to connect your content to a Google+ page.


3 Common SEO & Website Optimization Mistakes That You Can Avoid

 SEO Website Optimization MistakeDo you feel as if your diligent SEO and website optimization efforts are simply not paying off?

Before you give-up on SEO and starting thinking about other marketing channels, you should first ensure that you're not making some major mistakes that are jeopardizing your SEO efforts.

Many common marketer make serious optimization mistakes that seem righteous at the time, but are actually hurting their keyword rankings.

In essence, the old days of SEO and website optimization have changed. What once could get your website ranked (e.g. extensive keyword optimization and relentless link building,) can now get your website penalized - namely due to "over optimization."

Below we share three common mistakes that people make which have a negative effect on website optimization.

1. Too many domains, too similar of content - Particularly for law firm web marketers, it's fairly common to see some firms buying and optimizing exact phrase match domains (or "EMDs" like '') for SEO.

Sure, this SEO strategy may work (for now,) but it's critical you populate supplementary domains with unique and valuable content. The mistake is copy and pasting the same "about us" text from the true website to the EMD. This only diminish the SEO value of both web entities.

2. Having too high of keyword density - In the old days of providing SEO and website optimization services, keyword stuffing actually offered some degree of result. Google and other search engines have caught on to this quick and now penalize websites for too high of keyword density.

Focus on writing your web copy for your visitor. The inclusion of keyword will come naturally. To double check to ensure your keyword density stays within the ideal 2-4% range, use the keyword density tool from

3. Neglecting social media - Many search marketers are set in their ways believing SEO is gold and nothing else matters. That fact of the matter is, search (and SEO) is becoming more socially integrated. With the emergence of Google+, your law firm can empower its SEO strategy by incorporating social media.

The evidence is pretty simple to understand. The people in your Google+ circles can influence the type of search results you're displayed (and vice versa,) depending on the keyword. Google's "Search Plus your World" is the concept that's personalizing the search result based on your Google+ activity and social connection. For this reason, your law firm should set-up its Google+ page ASAP.

These are just three of the more common SEO and website optimization mistakes we see in the industry. To learn more about your current level of optimization and whether or not your website is at risk, visit the for a free audit.


Paid Search Advertising Tips for Local Law Firms

Paid search advertising (otherwise known as "PPC advertising") is highly effective channel to reach individuals seeking specific services and needs.

Local Law Firm Paid Search Advertising Tips

For a law firm, this can offer a great marketing medium to capture pre-qualified leads and earn quality cases. However, learning the in's and out's of paid search advertising can seem like an cumbersome endeavor. To an extent, it truly is.

In this article, we share with you a few paid search advertising tips for law firms with a local target market. These tips can help you make a pronounced statement in the search results for your primary keyword targets.

5 Paid Search Advertising Tips

1. Ensure that your campaign's geo-parameters are set properly. Under the Settings tab in your Google AdWords campaign, refer to the section for "Locations." Here you can set the geographic parameters of your paid search advertising campaign.

For a local law firm, it's critical that your ads are displayed only to search engine users in target market space. You can set your geo-parameters for specific cities, counties, states, or by defining a mile radius from a given point.

2. Avoid broad match keyword bidding. The fact of the matter is, broad match keyword bidding is extremely broad. Instead, use other keyword match types like exact match, phrase match, and modified broad match bidding. This will ensure that your ads appear for the precise keywords you're targeting (and not broad generalizations that can result in wasted impressions and clicks.)

3. Leverage AdWords Ad Extensions. Perhaps the most powerful Ad Extension for local paid search advertising campaigns is "Location Extensions." This will show the address and contact information of your law firm directly in the ad copy. This one of the best PPC tips can really make your ads pop, in addition to offering a nice reference for local searchers.

4. Split-test your ad copy. One of the biggest mistakes that paid search advertisers make is only creating one ad for each ad group. Instead write three or four different ads with variant ad copy. Keep track of the ads that you split-test and make adjustments as you go. This can significantly enhance the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads.

5. Do negative keyword research. As you continue to perfect your paid search campaigns, you may want to do some negative keyword research for terms that are causing your ads to trigger for unwanted search terms. Such negative keywords might be "free" or "reviews." You can add these to the negative keyword list shown below the active keyword list in AdWords.

Interested in more paid search advertising tips? Visit the Web Presence Group blog for a wealth of PPC optimization tips, SEO strategies, and insight for other Internet marketing channels.


5 Internet Marketing Tips for Lawyers and Law Firms

Some years back, it was thought that there was no need for professionals such as attorneys, lawyers, accountants and so on. Today, things have changed. All these professionals have discovered the power of Internet marketing and more so Internet marketing. Here are some hot Internet marketing tips that you can use to market your law firm on the web:

Engage with social media

When the first few social media networks came into being, people started realizing how well they can network. Soon business enterprises followed suit. Here is a good platform through which law firms can make their presence felt. Look for select sites and create profiles. Ask people to like or link themselves to your page. In addition, join groups that are affiliated to lawyers. Make a point of adding comments there on a regular basis. For every comment you make, leave a link that can guide someone to your website.

Invest in Local SEO

Your firm could be having an award winning website where you have put photos and used good graphics. However, if you're not driving traffic to your website, it's reaching its fullest potential and purpose. If you want to attract more people to visit your site, you have to optimize it. Local SEO can be done by hiring professional firms or in-house. Local SEO involves posting well written articles covering different legal issues or services offered by your firm. In these articles, use keywords. Search for words that people browsing the web keep using when looking for law firms.

Have a Blog (or Content Marketing Portal)

Unlike websites, blogs have an advantage in that they are regularly updated. Get into the habit of writing blogs. You can also hire article writers to provide you with quality articles for this purpose. Provide topics or keywords that can be incorporated on each blog. As an attorney, you are well aware of legal areas that people seek for most. It could be divorce, personal injury, inheritance and so on. At the end of each blog, have the writer post a link. Through this link, anyone who reads your blog can be directed to the main site. Here, they will get more information about your firm.

Consider Legal Directories

Make sure you submit your website links to online directories. In addition to the Internet marketing benefits, directories are also ideal for local SEO and search marketing. To be more specific, search for legal directories only as this is where the bulk of your potential clients are likely to be found. Surprisingly, most of these directories do not charge any fees for getting listed.

See What Competitors Are Doing

It is wise to know what your competitors are doing. Get some insights into what other firms are up to. Select a few website firms that are ranked among the top in the industry. Observe the way they have put content and the kind of keywords used. Take note of the way the sites have used SEO techniques and how they have worked for them. Interested in receiving an Internet marketing audit? Visit our services page to learn more about how our experts can help you with your law firm web marketing campaign.


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