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Crafting a Profitable SEO Business: Targeting a Niche

Niche SEOSEO is one of the best ways to pursue marketing and get more business flowing to any type of organization. SEO is especially easy for writers with very specific knowledge that buyers would be looking for. The general idea is to get people to follow your postings and articles, and sell affiliate link leads to them for relevant products.

There are many reasons to be niche-specific when it comes to SEO. First, search engines get smarter by the day and they will trash your pages if you have too many varying keywords. Trying to get highly ranked in a general niche is not possible in the affiliate market today.

Note that it is also easier for a visitor to believe products recommended by a 'specialist" writer as opposed to a jack of all trades. You may think that there is too much competition for a keyword if you are specialist, but always remember that if you get found in only one category, you will end up ranking higher on any search engine, leading to more quality leads.

Attract In-Market Customers with Niche SEO

One great advantage about SEO niche specificity is that people searching for narrow keywords are more fixed on spending money. For instance, a buyer searching "Canon cameras" may just be after information while another searching for "Canon DV123i" is most likely looking to buying it. The second keyword may not really attract a lot of attention from searchers. However, those few who manage to find it will most likely buy bringing higher income to the marketer.

Consider a site on clinical medicine or surgery where the writer advises visitors on the surgical options available for various cosmetic needs. In the process, the trust the writer earns from the readers will allow them to include surgeon ads to the willing buyers. Since the links are paid per action, and people search for specific conditions, it is always prudent to laser-target a small niche. In this case, SEO for the surgeon could be highly beneficial.

The marketer's main motivation would obviously be the huge commissions that come from surgeon SEO performance for each converted lead. Remember most surgeons make huge amounts of money for each closed deal, which sets up affiliates for better commissions per lead. From this example, it is obvious that targeting a niche such as "SEO for surgeons" would definitely end up in higher conversions of leads from the people searching for that.

If you want a real-world example of niche SEO for surgeons, check out These are honest experts in providing surgeon SEO services for cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons. Now that's niche SEO!

Avoid One-Size-Fits-All SEO Services

The bottom line is, if you try to appeal to everyone, you will not appeal to anyone. Remember narrow niche targeting is like saying, "I have a solution for your specific problem", while general SEO targeting is like saying, "I give solutions to all problems".

Obviously any serious buyer will go for the specific solution provider. Instead of targeting through so multiple websites though, it would be a great idea if you just had a niche such as medicine and then have sections dedicated to very thin and laser-targeted ends such as "colon cleansing", "painless chemotherapy", "appendicitis microsurgery" etc. Remember Google ranks pages and not sites, though sites are still a factor.

Building a successful SEO online business is a function of all these factors, and marketers must be keen on focusing on thinner niches of highly valuable keywords. At the end of the day, what matters is maximizing the revenue streams and making them sustainable in the long term.


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