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Does Advertising on Bing Offer a Better Bang for the Buck Than Google?

Google and BingAccording to Pricing Engine, advertising on Bing is "more efficient" compared to Google AdWords. This is big news for law firm search marketers, for this new data directly focuses on small to medium sized businesses (or SMBs).

It is a fact that Google has huge volume of searches, but when it comes to the overall average cost per click (CPC) Bing is much lower based on the analysis of Pricing Engine. Pricing Engine examined the data coming from several small business accounts. They discovered that although Google has slightly higher CTR (click through rate) average, the CPC's are much lower for Bing advertisers.

Bing "More Efficient" for SMBs?

Pricing Engine recognized that Bing is "more efficient" for SMBs. Although bigger companies may require the higher volume of searches on Google but SMBs does not need that kind of scale. Pricing Engine is helping small businesses in how they can effectively buy online ads. They compare data from their clients and present a report at the Street Fight Summit in New York. This data is very significant to their business since they will have the capacity to analyze the performance of PPC advertisers in relations to the companies. After examining this data they can provide some recommendations.

Jeremy Kagan, the CEO of Pricing Engine, revealed that this is the first time that they have shared the information regarding extensive trends. This data may not be statistically severe however his main objective it to start a discussion regarding the VSB or the very small businesses.

One of the major points of the report is that most small businesses put more focus on advertising on Google AdWords rather than using Bing. According to Pricing Engine, AdWords advertisers have an average rate of 2.4% on their clickthrough and 2.3% only for Bing. However, the cost of clicks on Bing is lower compared to Google AdWords. The cost per click of Bing is $1.10 compared to $2.40 for Google AdWords.

Pricing Engine also discovered the largest category based on the number of accounts is the stores. On the other hand, the greatest investors on Google AdWords are the digital services companies and ecommerce store PPC advertisers.

So, is your law firm doing any sort of PPC advertising on Bing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


The 3 Essential Ingredients to a Tasteful Web Presence

The web makes it possible for any business to establish a strong web presence that has a potential of reaching a large group of audience. Your website, of course, is the most important element of your marketing plan. But creating and establishing a strong and consistent web presence requires a great deal of thought. For one, you need to plan what information you are going to put onto your site before going viral. You need to know how exactly you are going to connect each piece together, and that's where the challenge begins.

As long as you know what's important, you are good to go. Now, what's your starting point? Where do you set foot first? That's a question you may want to ask if you are planning to establish yourself on the web. Firstly, you need to define the goal of your website. Every business should have at least 3 goals. The most obvious one is to establish a web presence, the second and third is to differentiate your products and services and capture leads respectively.

  1. You must fine-tune your site in such a way that it is search-engine friendly. That means if people search specific key words on major search engines like Google, you should be able to show up in the first pages. Studies show that 90% of individuals who search items online never go beyond the first two pages, and that means your site should be among those pages.
  2. Creating a blog is another way to tell the world that you exist. It helps drive the badly needed traffic onto your website. It's a way of conveying your thoughts and insights to the world.
  3. You are going to use social media as a channel that exposes you to the outside world as well.

The Big 3 for a Well-Optimized Web Presence

Search Marketing: SEO and PPC

Due to competition, you can't just create a website and put it there hoping that it will receive visitors, because it won't. There are a number of things you must do to it to make it visible. You must make the search engines play to the tune of your website. SEO or PPC programs is a great way of improving your website's visibility, but it must be done in the correct way. Your home page should include the relevant keywords that search engines must pick up when these keywords are searched.

You can use Google's suggestion to know which keywords are competitive and which one's aren't. There are also tools(some available for free) that can help you take your site's visibility to the next level. These tools track the keywords in which your website showed up for, and they also tell you which keywords are most popular. However, you must also be aware of Google's Penguin and Panda update, because these have also revolutionized the way SEO has been done for the last decade.

Some website optimization companies like the Web Presence Group offer search marketing services that stem from basic research evaluations to full-on website optimization programs. Depending on the nature of your website and business, such website optimization services are an invaluable investment.

Content marketing

Content marketing may involve the use of blogs to reach a wider audience. Just posting one blog won't take you anywhere. We are talking about consistent blogging with the right keywords incorporated into the content. Link building is the easiest way to get your website out there. You could also approach other popular blogs and write as a guest blogger in exchange for links. This is the most surest way to achieve results with content marketing.

Social media

All internet marketers swear by social media such as facebook, twitter and the rest. The more likes you have, the more credible your business appears to be. The more active you are on social media, the higher the chances of getting your business on the limelight. Think about posting your website link on one of the popular social media channels, and having users share it across a group of friends. Think about the massive exposure you'll get out of that simple act. But it takes patience to build a solid customer base through social media. So relax, and be consistent.

There is no better time than this for online business to capture leads and convert them into real clients. The best thing about it is that you don't have to struggle so much while the web is there to do it all for you. Don't downplay the power of content marketing, SEO or social media because they have proven to work effectively when applied the correct way.


New Age SEO: Replace Optimized Anchor Text with Optimized Co-Occurence

New Age SEOLink anchor text is a touchy subject for SEO's and search marketers. Google is really cracking down on site that are tied to unnatural, keyword-optimized anchor text (both inbound and outbound links.)

As a result, naturalization is essential to avoid getting deindexed.

But how does one establish keyword relevancy and optimum SEO results when anchor text must be natural?

In addition to diversifying the nature of your links, learning the premis of co-occurence will help plant a seed for mindful yet effective SEO for the future.

What's Co-occurence and How Does it Impact SEO

"Co-occurence" spawned in late 2012 when Rand Fishkin mentioned it in a Whiteboard Friday presentation.

Rand pointed out a couple mildly-authoritative websites (that had little to no on-page SEO done) that were ranking highly for competitive keyword phrases. Additionally and after assessing the backlink portfolio of these mysteriously ranking sites, the anchor text of the links pointing to the sites was not keyword-optimized.

So what enabled these sites to rank so highly for competitive keyword phrases?


That is, the occurrence of certain keywords surrounding a link can influence the link (and the link destination's) relevancy for those surrounding keywords.

For example, let's imagine that the text of an article mentions mobile phones six times in one paragraph. A natural outbound link in that paragraph will assume some degree of keyword relevancy on mobile phones due to the co-occurence of that phrase surrouding the link.

You dig?

Moving forward as an adaptive SEO provider, you should keep the concept of co-occueance top of mind to ensure the transparency (and the effectiveness) of your SEO services and strategies. SEO is becoming a game of survival of the fittest, and only the SEO experts who adapt to the rapidly evolving standards of Google search will win.


3 Considerations When Recruiting a Web Marketing Company

RecruitingIf your law firm or legal practice is looking for some help with web marketing, then this brief article is for you. Whether you're seeking a freelancer or full-service web marketing company, recruiting top-notch talent is not easy.

So in this Law Firm Web Marketing post, we share 3 considerations to be mindful of when recruiting a company or specialist for web marketing services.

Know Thy Brand

One of the most overlooking aspect of recruiting a web marketer is understanding how well they care about your brand. The best web marketing companies staff honest professionals who take the time to immerse themselves in the brand's image, voice, and overall direction. Why is this important for web marketing?

Web marketing companies help with all facets of your online brand. To helping produce press releases and articles to making posts on social media, in many ways, a web marketing company is deeply involved in your brand and its image. Make sure that they truly care and understand what that image is.

How Well-Versed?

Some web marketing companies are kin to only a couple select specialties or skill-sets. For instance, some web marketers are fixated on search marketing (SEO & PPC advertising), whereas others focus solely on content marketing and social media.

Finding a balance is key. When recruiting and interviewing prospects, be sure to get all of this out on the table. Share some of your law firm's primary goals and objectives, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. A solid web marketing company will know how its strengths can help bolster your firm's weaknesses.

Communication is Key

Like we mentioned before, a web marketing provider is often very immersed in your law firm's day to day marketing efforts. For this reason, solid communication is essential.

In addition to the basics, like responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner, the web marketing company should also be able to provide reports and data as to what they are doing to help grow your law firm. Almost everything web marketing is now measurable. So your web marketing recruit should be able to come up with some information to keep you posted.

For more insights and resources, ranging from effective recruiting gifts to learning more about web marketing best practices, stay in-tune with the Law Firm Web Marketing blog.


How Local SEO & PPC Can Empower Your Law Firm Web Marketing Strategy

Web  MarketingThere is a saying, with great power comes great responsibility. Having created a website for your law firm, can you maximize its full marketing potential? Two powerful avenues in the search marketing realm are local SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. These search marketing techniques can drive new and qualified traffic to law firm's website, and quickly too.

While many firms prefer to hire search marketing experts, many others prefer to follow the old tried and tested routes. So without further ado, let’s check out some strategies which can make SEO and PPC work in favor of your law firm web marketing.

Claiming and Optimizing the Firm's Google+ Local Page

If you represent a local law firm, you're seeking to get a web traffic from local areas. By using your firm’s Google+ Local Page, you can actually make a big difference in the outside world. All you have to do is claim and verify your Google+ Local page and keep it active. This social credibility has been known to provide higher Google rankings for local businesses.

In addition to claiming and optimizing your firm's Google+ local page, some things you can do to make your social presence more prominent include:

  • Upload videos or info-related graphics pertaining to your legal practice.
  • Get listed in the local directories and connect the links with your account.
  • Connect your social media accounts so that people know what to visit when they check your Google+ page.

Doing Website Optimization to Help with SEO and Boost Conversion Potential

These days, you have to play smart to make sure you enhance your web presence optimization efforts. In order to gain maximum exposure, you have to make your visitor’s experience memorable so that the visit turns into a positive experience for the person visiting the page. A successful conversion will not only win you loyal customers, but also help improve your ranking in the virtual world.

By using a series of web analytic tools and website testing tools, you too can actually convert visitors into potential customers, all by a series of checks and tests. Imagine yourself to be in your visitor’s situation. What would you like to read on a law firm’s website/Google Page when you are visiting the web page? You would want to read something interesting as well as relevant, something which relates to your area of specialization, right? Well, the moment you manage to get the answer to this question, you have managed to hit the nail on the head.

Bidding High Enough in PPC so Ads Show up in the Top Premium Listing

PPC advertising centers on Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising and advertising on Facebook. However regardless of platform, your bids play a very important role with respect to the placement of your ads and CTR. In order to get the most out of your PPC bidding campaign, you should make sure that you use probable conversion rates in order to identify and choose maximum bid prices for your keywords.

If you get into the nitty gritties of PPC campaign management, then you will find that Yahoo offers a minimum bid of 10 c, Google 5 c and Bing around 1c. So now you would get a fair idea on why it’s important to pick and choose your bid carefully so as to avoid any kind of wasteful spending.

If law firm web marketing is the agenda of the day, you should make sure you do is very strategically so that there is no scope left for any kind of confusion or error. This should, at the end of the day, be a well planned strategy which when executed, leaves your firm with revenues and no losses.


Local Media Trends Impacting Search Marketing

local media SEOIt’s the beginning of the fourth quarter and in business that means you should be planning your budget for the New Year. And whether you are a small business owner, run a medium-sized company or a big time corporation, nowadays you’d better include SEO in your budget.

Local media has become increasingly important when it comes to increasing your presence, as more and more people go to online sources for information, recommendations and reviews. Below we underscore some significant local media trends that are impacting search marketing and SEO as we know it.

Local Media Trends Shaping SEO Best Practice

Whether your business centers on lead generation from locall SEO or selling products via e-commerce, the following local media trends will influence your company in more ways than one.

• Mobile usage is growing at an incredible rate. Experts say currently that more than 70 percent of adults use mobile phones to access information, and that number will be as much as 90 percent within a year. That means 9 out of every 10 people will be using smart phones to find places to eat, shop, get repairs done, etc. So making sure that you are in the search engines that provide local information is of the utmost importance. Those would include Yelp and even the online Yellow Pages.

• Your also need to offer digital ads on a local level. Target is a prime example. When you live in Milwaukee and want to find something, you do a search for the item and it comes up with the places (and often prices) that a shopper can find it on a local level, and a store such as Target will tell you where its locations are in Milwaukee on the spot.

• Use media such as newspapers, magazines and broadcast media to make people aware of your products and services with their online presence. Banner ads on a media source’s website means all a shopper or potential client has to do is click on your banner and bam! That customer is sent to your website, and the rest is up to you once a visitor is there.

• A fast-moving trend involves the wearable device, such as phones that are worn like a watch and the new PULS from musician, producer and entrepreneur With a voice command or touch, the user can access information literally in a heartbeat, so staying current with coupons and deals on a local level are going to become increasingly important.

• If you don’t want to budget in advertising on the pages of your area media, you can at least try to get involved with their social media. A lot of consumers use social media when making purchase decisions. If there is a story on your local NBC affiliate about the dangers of some pet foods, for example, you can hit the station’s Facebook page about your brand of dog food that features only veterinarian-approved ingredients.

• People are also moving toward using local media apps to pay their bills and conduct other financial transactions. It would be wise to look into including these services into your operation. For example, you can now take a picture of a check with your phone and it will be deposited to your bank. You can conduct business on the run with apps such as Square, which can run a financial transaction right through your phone.

It’s important to consider these trends when creating your local SEO and Internet marketing plan so that when people search for products and services they will get the most updated information on your business in literally an instant.


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