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Is Your Website Responsive & SEO-friendly?

Web Design ResponsiveGoogle recommends that a website have a responsive design as a measure to enhance its usability on all types of devices. A responsive web design is also key regarding any form of Internet marketing, particularly search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising.

In essence, responsive design ensures that a website's user interface is highly adaptive to all sizes of screens, particularly mobile devices. As users increase their mobile activity, it is imperative that a website be optimized for mobile viewing as well so to enhance a company’s digital SEO campaign.

How Responsive Web Design Influences SEO

Due to the increasing demands of having a responsive website, SEO strategies must also adapt to a method of integrating website development and design as a major part of the strategy of SEO. For instance, creating a mobile friendly version of a company’s website will offer a leverage the following benefits and advantages to a marketing campaign that is digital:

  • Better engagement for the viewer
  • Page view loading that is much faster
  • Greater lead generation
  • Converting leads into clients
  • SEO enhanced campaigns that drive more traffic to a business
  • SEO campaign management that is convenient due to the use of a single URL for mobile and desktop sites
  • The ability of a search engine to crawl and index single URL sites is enhanced

Just see what Google has to say about the basics of responsive web design:

The trend of using responsive website design is swiftly becoming one of the very best practices within the industry of SEO. Google, itself, has been more than upfront regarding the fact that is prefers webmasters to use responsive design as a means to deliver viewers with the best experience while online. Therefore it is more than imperative for companies to alter the direction of their digital marketing campaigns towards a design that is far more responsive.

With an adaptive and responsive web design, search engines will be permitted to render one CSS media query for each device that attempts to access the site of a business that uses the platform of a single HTML. This is the hallmark for many web design companies, like OIC Group who base their core solutions on offering responsive, SEO-friendly web designs.

SEO & Web Design Together as One

Coupling SEO friendliness with a responsive website design can offer better ranking for a company’s website. The ease of indexing the URL of each page and on the platform of a singular HTML brings great benefits to the services campaigns of SEO.

Visitors, additionally, are able to have a viewing experience that is better due to easy transitions of the website regardless of the web enabled device that is being used. Due to this, a search engine will be able to rank and index a website that is responsive with much greater accuracy.

The responsiveness of a website is used by search engines as a metric of search ranking that affects the social engagement of visitors to the site. As a measure to ensure that visitors are provided with convenience and more that cater to their demands, Google pushes webmasters to make their sites as responsive as possible.

Also, the use of a responsive website is quite beneficial to the efforts of link building for those that utilize link juicing within their SEO strategies. The design offers prevention of link dilution, allowing for a more efficient flow of links back to your original site as social links are within one place for increased SEO results.


5 Tips to Make Your SEO Efforts More Efficient

SEONo matter how much marketers try to convince people and companies to shift their mentalities, search engines like Google and Bing still reign over the internet and decide who gets their business seen and who doesn't. That is why optimizing your website according to SEO guidelines can make all the difference between business success and failure.

This does not, however, mean that companies should spend large amounts of money promoting their websites in search engines results. In fact, that can have the opposite effect more often than not. The answer is thus to be frugal and efficient. Here's how:

Efficient SEO Tips to Keep Top of Mind

1. Use the meta 'noindex' tag - Search engine 'bots' (the software that indexes pages to Google and its competitors) tends to analyze every page on your website, even those that do not matter, and thus make it harder for your website to get listed in search results. By adding this meta tag to such pages, you make sure only useful content is indexed, thus improving your SEO chances.

2. Size down (Page size, and more importantly, page load time) – is very important for search engines as well as to make browsing enjoyable for users. There are several ways embrace website optimization for faster load speeds, including getting rid of heavy graphics and videos, but the easiest and most effective way is to look for old information that is no longer relevant, such as meta keywords which are no longer indexed, and clean them out to make page load easier and faster.

3. Keep backlink records – Google's been tightening the noose around spammers' necks, and it is not good to be caught off-guard when given a penalty. The solution is to keep records of your backlink history, which Google provides through Webmaster Tools. Downloading the records even a couple of times each week will mean that you have all the information necessary on hand if you need to make a backlink profile in order to recover from a penalty, saving you a lot of time and money spent acquiring such records, which become unavailable periodically.

4. Keep Logs – Server logs can be costly, and they are largely underestimated, but they can provide valuable information about your website's users and their actions, as well as the behaviors of search engines' bots, and help you improve your performance based on that information, which means they are an unquestionably worthwhile investment to make where SEO success is concerned.

5. Be smart – which is the same as being well-informed. Most SEO tools and providers you may come across online will do little, if anything, to help your website's SEO performance. Using recognized tools – such as those from Google and Bing themselves, which are free, for the most part – and becoming knowledgeable enough to use the data they provide by following these companies and other specialized websites and blogs is the best way to make your SEO efforts efficient, and the only one that actually pays off.

All in all, making your SEO efforts efficient is as easy as taking things into your own hands, using the information and tools put at your disposal by the search engines themselves. This will not only reduce cost, but also prepare you for any SEO crisis and teach you how to deal with these situations independently, so you don't end up spending a fortune in the future to correct SEO mistakes made now.


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