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5 Tips to Generate Positive Reviews & Boost Your SEO Efforts

Positive ReviewsIf you're aspiring for success in generating quality leads online, there's no two way about it. You must polish your online marketing strategies in a way that favors you more than your competitor. You must use the power of reviews, whether positive or negative. And finally, you must also ensure that fake reviews don't harm your reputation since people always have a way of finding out if your products or services are poor in quality yet reviews are rating them 5 star or even more.

Research has confirmed that 84% of first time consumers will buy after they've been recommended by someone else. The rest will buy regardless or whether they are recommended or not. The problem is that the rest is just too small a percentage to take you anywhere. The higher the number, the closer you'll get to your goals when you pay attention to where the numbers are rising.

You must also look for effective ways to combat negative reputation online before they damage business. It takes a paragraph of negative words to destroy your business completely. So, if you're going to take advantage of online reviews, how are you going to do it?

Here are a few insights to help you start generating quality reviews while empowering your SEO efforts.

Evaluate where you currently stand in reviews

If you are relatively new in business and you still don't have reviews, it's imperative that you register your profile with major review websites such as Angie's list, and many others. When someone reviews your products or services, whether positive or negative, you'll receive notifications.

It gives you a platform for monitoring existing reviews and customer feedback too. That's one way to boost the value of local SEO.

Address negative reviews as soon as possible

Most businesses will ignore negative reviews and ratings, them try to trick search engines by posting hundreds of positive reviews to counter a few negative reviews that exist on the web. Well, you do this, you'll survive for sometime, but not forever.

Remember that one negative review can stay online forever. Definitely people will come across it no matter how you try to hide it. Now the best way to handle that situation is to address the negative review by providing a resolution as fast as possible. As long as you keep it professional, you'll get far.

Generate reviews by asking your customers to do so

The most legitimate way approach review generation is to ask your customers to say or write what they are thinking about your services and offers. Most customers will be honest if they were not pleased with your products or services. Then you can work on that to improve them for customers to like them next time.

Reviews also have a way of giving useful insights into what should be done and what should be left the way it was. If a customer reviews your product, they may suggest a few things, on top of reviewing how their experience was like when they used your products or services. A little survey may be helpful for your SEO efforts.

Capitalize on positive reviews

When you are a small business and you've managed to attract a few positive ones, make sure that people see them. You must have a facebook fanpage where you can always update testimonials. You can also post them on the homepage of your website on the testimonial section for people to see them.

Consumers want assurance before they can purchase. Testimonials that are credible and visible to read is what they need, nothing else.

Don't waste time crying over a few negative reviews online

Truth is, a few people won't like you no matter how hard you try to improve your products. Critics are always there to challenge you, and they will never like what you do. Once you understand that, focus on the large portion of the population that appreciates you. Remember that the numbers will work for you.

You can always leverage your SEO efforts when you take advantage of online reviews. Follow the 5 steps above and you'll begin seeing quality leads coming your way after some time.


5 Tips for Optimizing Your Law Firm's Google+ Local Page

Google Plus OptimizationGoogle+ has grown significantly in recent months, and it's starting to become a real contender against other, longer-standing social media sites.

Not only is there a rising number of users on this popular site, but the pages show-up in the organic search engine results (Google local listings.) As a result, Google+ has served as valuable tool to advance your firm's local SEO efforts and promote your legal services to qualified parties.

If you haven't taken full advantage of this site yet, you should consider these five tips for Google+ Local optimization to get the most out of this exciting social media network.

1. Fully Populate Your Law Firm's Google+ Page

First and foremost, you shouldn't leave any empty spaces on your Google+ Local page. Make sure that you make it clear what type of law firm you operate, where it is located and when your business hours are; this will have an impact on how easily your profile pops up in the search engine rankings.

Not only will providing this information make your Google+ Local page more likely to appear when people are looking for law firms in your area, but offering complete transparency will make your law firm seem legitimate and respectable. Plus, adding your website address, phone numbers, fax numbers and more will make it that much easier for potential clients to get in contact with you.

2. Encourage Client Reviews

It's easy for previous clients to leave reviews on your Google+ Local profile, and you should encourage them to do so whenever possible. Reviews show that people have used your services in the past, which can net you a higher standing with Google+ as a whole. Plus, when potential clients see positive reviews from satisfied previous clients, they will be more likely to want to hire you for their legal needs.

3. Apply Keyword Optimization and Other SEO Techniques

Keyword optimization and SEO aren't just important on your website; they're important on your Google+ Local profile as well. For maximum optimization potential, you should incorporate appropriate and relevant keywords; this will help your profile pop up in the search engine rankings and will help you gain more well-targeted traffic.

4. Use Third-Party Reviews

First-hand reviews from your loyal clients aren't the only thing that can help you establish legitimacy and help bring your profile to the top. Generating good reviews and citations will help show that you are in touch with your client base and will help you establish a strong reputation.

5. Prove Your Firm's Legitimacy

There are a lot of law firms, businesses and other organizations that are fighting to be found on Google, and some of them aren't so legitimate. Therefore, you have to prove that your firm is a legitimate business and that you are a legitimate lawyer. Ensuring that your profile comes across as a fully legitimate extension of your law firm will help ensure that you are well-respected by Google+ and therefore recommended to more potential clients.

One way of ensuring this is to submit and verify your Google+ Local page. This option can be found while in edit mode on your firm's page. Once submitted, Google will send out a personalized postcard with a PIN verification which you must later confirm on the page. This is Google's way of ensuring the legitimacy of your law firm and local business.

If you haven't jumped on board with Google+ Local or haven't focused on Google+ Local optimization, now is the time to do it. This site has grown exponentially in a short period of time, and it will only get bigger. Making sure that you're fully visible on this important social media site can mean good things for you and your law firm.


10 Review Sites To Better Manage Your Law Firm's Reputation

ReputationAs a business it is imperative to keep up with the new technologies that are introduced to maintain customer interests. Although it can be difficult to keep up, new methods of collecting information can serve as a major advantage when used correctly.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool and friends recommending potential clients is a big part of new business acquisition. Now, thanks to the Internet, potential clients can read reviews of happy clients who have reviewed a certain firm. This broadens the possibility of significantly earning new quality cases. These review websites will help maintain, grow, and preserve the reputation of any legal niche.

1. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a company built to keep records of reviews for its clients. Customers of this business rely on them for advice on the best product or services on the market. This business began assisting customers in creating the right buying decisions in 1936 and has since grew vastly. For any business, this site is a good tool for exposure, as it is a trusted company.

2. Angie's List

This is a wonderful resource of reviews because of the security benefit this company offers. Customers who leave reviews on this site are paying a membership fee, so reviews are more likely to be honest. Another great feature Angie's List is that it offers is the ability to respond to reviews left by customers on the website, a huge benefit for a growing business to defend it's reputation.

3. Zomato

Zomato is geared towards business in the food business. The company has grown rapidly in the last seven years because of the features it provides. It is search engine optimized, so customers can easily find products through the web. They also keep reviews organized buy including reviews from different websites.

4. Your Law Firm Website

A law firm can incorporate reviews on its own website. This method isn't as lucrative as the other methods mentioned because customers will know a company will never say anything to tarnish its own reputation, but it is best to exist in every avenue to get the best results. This also serves as a means to build evergreen content on the website, which can help facilitate your SEO objectives.

5. City Search

For small law firms, this website can be a smart choice. City Search brings up local results, allowing customers close by to conveniently reach products and services.

6. Insider Pages

This website, founded in 2004, also drives customers in locally. Insider Pages' reputation has grown rapidly and it is a good tool to use along with other sites.

7. Facebook

Facebook is ranked number 2 in the world for customer visits. Not using this platform to promote ones law firm is a major weakness for law firm web marketing. A large audience can have access to a businesses reviews and customers can also see how their "friends" view the product or service.

8. Google+

Google is the most visited site in the world. Using SEO local results can put a company's web page high in the ranks where customers can view product services. Google+ can tie it all by blending social media and the methods mentioned earlier.

9. Yahoo

Yahoo is not as big as google, but comes in second which is magnificent. They are an enormous company with many followers. Businesses should take advantage of this.

10. Better Business Bureau

When a possible customer visits a new or unfamiliar website the chances are they will check if a business is Better Business Bureau certified. This is not a necessity for a business to become qualified, but it is a strong reputation builder in the eyes of the consumer.

Staying up to date with positive reviews on these sites can increase sales and improve customer service of a business.


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