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7 Tips for Writing Compelling Landing Page Copy

Writing Landing Page CopyThe landing page, also called lead capture page, is extremely important for all types of web marketing campaigns. The main reason why the landing page is so significant is because it's the place where people who click on your links (whether in the organic listing or paid listing) are taken.

For legal professionals, the landing page is mostly used for Pay Per Click advertising and email marketing. This particular page has to be properly written if prospects are going to take action. Whether you have a reference, sign-up, or a transactional-based landing page, one cannot overstate the importance of great content.

Note that writing compelling landing page copy is different from writing a blog post or traditional webpage of a site. Below are several tips that will help you ensure that your landing page copy is solid and attractive for users.

1. Use the second person perspective when writing: Use ‘you’ and ‘your’ instead of ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘our’. This helps you forge a strong connection between what you are offering and visitors to your website. It also helps you better demonstrate the value of whatever you are offering since the readers will be able to visualize how they can use the product or service and how the product/service is likely to impact their lives.

2. Emphasize on clarity: Your emphasis should be on clarity, not creativity. Be as direct as possible and avoid jargon that detracts visitors from considering the message. Use a single sentence for everything you are trying to communicate whenever possible.

3. Use language that is action-oriented: Ensure that the language used makes use of action verbs, just as is the case with call-to-action copy. Consider the blink test, which is the three seconds you get to orient Web users to a new Web page. The landing page should be such that visitors are able to see what they can do on the Web page within three seconds. Using action verbs is important because definitive instructions are more likely to be followed by visitors.

4. Use language that is value-oriented: The language you use in the content should convince visitors that the time spent filling out forms is not lost. Have a headline for every one of your landing pages. A good headline is one that explains the benefits of whatever you are offering or you are suggesting that Web users do. An example of a good heading is; “With this coupon code, you stand to get…” The heading should not only explain the features, but also the benefits. Some of the benefits may be obvious to the visitor, but point them out nevertheless.

5. Use reader-specific keywords: Most of us do keyword optimization with SEO in mind, but do not forget the actual reader when writing for keywords. The keywords in your call-to-action should align with the keywords in the important parts of your landing page (the parts where the visitors will first look to find out what you are offering).

6. Use the correct format: The sentence structure should be such that landing page copy is no longer than five lines. Break it down with headers of different sizes, parentheticals, bold text, bullets, checkmarks, and italics.

7. Proofread the landing page copy: Proofread to ensure the spelling, consistency, and grammar are on point. This is an obvious yet sometimes overlooked aspect for writing landing page copy.

Landing page optimization is often times and ongoing process of determining the copy that works best. The design of your landing pages is also critical, such as the placement of images and calls-to-action. We hope this post has been enlightening for you and your landing page optimization efforts.


Optimize Your Law Firm's PPC Exposure with Ad Extensions

Perhaps one of the easiest and most powerful way to improve the overall exposure of you Pay Per Click (PPC) ads is using ad extensions. "Ad extensions" is a tool in Google AdWords that offers various ways to enhance the presentation of your ads. They're a cheap and easy way to help boost you click-through rate (CTR) and stand out from your local competitors.

The various options for ad extensions include:

* Location Extensions

* Call Extensions

* Sitelinks Extensions

* Product Extensions

* Social Extensions

* Mobile App Extensions

These extensions are momentous for local PPC, especially in competitive metropolitan areas. Law firms can capture more exposure in the search results and better enhance their brand image. Depending on the type of legal practice being advertisers, only a handful of ad extension will apply. The three most effective for law firms are the location, sitelinks, and social extensions. (While mobile app and call extensions may hold their purpose, product extensions are more tailored for ecommerce PPC.)

To get to view these features, simply click the Ad extensions tab in the Google AdWords interface. You'll then see a drop down menu of all the ad extensions available.

Law Firm PPC Ad Extensions

The process of setting up each ad extension is pretty straightforward. Purely your awareness of these tools is what matters the most. Let's go into more detail on the top three extensions that can help benefit your legal practice.

Location Extensions

Location extensions are probably the most prevalent for local PPC advertisers. If you've been doing some paid search advertising of your own, you've probably noticed these enhancements which are often tied into with the Google map.

Location Extension PPC Advertising

Using location extensions will display a link below your ads listing that says "show map of (address of your firm)." Only on very locally relevant searches will the results also show the map. This is typically when this extension offers the most impact of you competitors.

Setting up location extensions is very easy. You simply confirm the login credentials with that of you Google Places page (which is now flipping to Google+ page.) In a matter of minutes, your ad can be enhanced with the location extension, which helps to make your listing look more locally legit.

Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks (also shown in the image above) are another great way to grow the size of your paid search ads (for better visibility) as well as funnel visitors down the right conversion path. In practice area like family law, using sitelinks can make your ad more relevant for the sub-categories of divorce, child custody, or alimony. The idea is offer options for more specified legal services.

Get creative when using sitelinks. You might want to offer a free legal consultation or some kind of incentive that will prompt users to click your ad. Similarly to location extensions, sitelinks are an effective PPC strategy to boost your ad's CTR.

Social Extensions

Social extensions are a bit new compared to some of the other ad extensions in Google AdWords. Social extensions sync up your PPC ads with your Google+ profile. And because the Google+ social network is heavily focused on local orientation, these extensions are ideal of local law firms.

Social Extension PPC Advertising

To implement social extensions, you will first need to set up a Google+ Local profile page. If you have yet to do so, this should be the first thing on your list. Once this is complete, setting up this extension is just a matter of confirming the URL of your Google+ page in AdWords.


Using ad extensions in Google AdWords is cost-efficient and highly-effective method to improve your paid search exposure and overall PPC efforts. It's free, easy, and super impactful. For lawyers that handle criminal defense or DUI cases, the call or mobile app extensions might also be a great tool in the PPC arsenal.


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