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5 Effective Link Baiting Strategies to Boost SEO Performance

SEOThere are countless strategies to attract links and generate traffic, but only some tactics are within the capabilities of most search marketers.

Creating link bait to boost your SEO strategy is not an easy task. It requires some serious planning and strong motivation to streamline success. To help ingnite your ideas in devizing some link baiting strategies that will help empower your site's SEO perforamce, we share some creative ideas we have found around the web.

1. Create Incentivizing Content

If you are going to create content, use it to gain favor with other people. A blog is an essential element of any link baiting tactics. From a tactical standpoint, a blog is a means to an end. However, creating a blog will not automatically build links. What you do with your blog is what builds links.

Creating high-quality content on a consistent basis will build internal links by linking out of your posts, and at the same time, it will give you the ability to attract links to your content naturally.

2. Write eBooks and Downloadable PDF's/Resources

If you have written a few eBooks, there is a dense concentration of eBook directories where you can get links. If you have not written an eBook, you need not write a particular eBook for this purpose. You can just reformat the current content of your blog into an eBook.

Furthermore, if you have any PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, or any other downloadable resources, you can submit them to online file sharing sites such as Issuu, Scribd, and SlideShare, and getting a link in return.

3. Produce Audio or Visual Content

One of the most commonly overlooked link baiting strategy is the use of visual and audio content for the links. Often, bloggers are struggling to find relevant images, audio, and video for their content, so you can take advantage of this opportunity by creating your own.

When other people use your audio or visual content, you will get an attribution link which can definitely help with SEO. So keep a camera or any recording device handy, especially when you are attending an industry event or relevant meeting of interest. You can also use this technique to create a visual content with pretty images and attention-grabbing quotes.

You can also build up channel on YouTube and entice visitors to check out (and share) videos. Peoria SEO company OIC Group, is starting to create an in-house studio for its local SEO clients to make short optimized videos. Ideas like these will fuel future SEO and content strategies.

4. Make Use of Social Media Tools

Although, on the first look, social media and link baiting seem to be two disconnected components of online marketing strategy, you can integrate social media into your link baiting tactics. With the growth of social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and many more, emails are no longer the best way to get in touch with someone.

The tremendous growth of social media channels has proven that real outreach through these platforms can yield high response rates and ultimately, links. In many international markets, it has been proven that more people check their social media account more often than their email. Thus, the use of social media is worth pursuing because there is a great chance that shares on these platforms can work just like links from another website.

5. Utilize Paid Techniques

If you have plenty of room in your marketing budget, you may consider pursuing some paid tactics. Although Google abhors paid links, there are acceptable techniques that are worth pursuing.

If you have a product or service, you can pay for a review, and in return, you will be linked in the review. You can also pay some authorities to embed your badges.

Keep in mind, that while Google is against paid links, it is difficult to identify whether the link was placed naturally or unnaturally. A paid link that remains undetected will increase your audience’s trust and brand awareness.

In order to devise an effective and powerful link bait, you need to keep a proper mindset. You must be in the right frame of mind in order to concoct a link bait that will be able to cultivate natural links from relevant sources, and, inevitably, will translate into great conversion.


Carving Your Niche in the SEO Profession

Niche SEOEvery marketing professional knows the importance of the Internet, but only few are tapping into the immense potential of SEO.

With millions of businesses and brands scrambling for top placement in the primary search engines like Google and Bing, smart SEO's need to do everything possible to attain quality exposure for their clients.

One way to effectively craft your SEO practice is to carve a very fine niche within the SEO profession. So whether you can specialize in SEO for a law firms, SEO for surgeons, or perhaps SEO for ecommerce sites and online stores - getting laser targeted with how you presence and execute your SEO services can be advantageous for your business.

Choosing Your Profitable SEO Niche

Aside from the sub-types of SEO (that is: providing SEO for ecommerce sites or technical SEO consulting), this article focuses on how you benefit from carving your SEO practice for specific niche professions (e.g. lawyers, law firms, surgeons, doctors, builders, etc.) The idea is find profitable niches in which your target client will make a lot of money on one conversion (e.g. a breast surgeon who provides breast implants.)

Once you have pinpointed your profitable niche, now it's time to hone-in on how to master your SEO craft. Below are some approaches to SEO that you shoud consider when carving your niche in the SEO profession.

Content Creation

This needs skill at selecting keywords and topics about which visitors are likely to search. Then, you need to create captivating content that will make them return to your site. There are many rules about keyword use and those who have not mastered the art need to hire experts to help them out as mistakes could get you penalized by search engines. Such errors like using too many keywords in an article may be punished by lowering your rank in search results or blocking content from your website from results.

Link Building

This is a good strategy especially when working SEO for law firms because the links help drive more traffic to and fro your site, which is essential if it is to receive global attention. This may work by guest posting in blogs and adding links back to your website or you could use links to direct users to more content on your site. These will translate into huge traffic to your website and then you will start appearing on top of result pages which is the best shot at making sales through your business website.

Link Bait

Link bait is interesting content that people will want to share because it is useful or funny. It takes real creativity to do this but it can make the difference between the success and failure of your site.

Carving an SEO niche is no easy task as it demands the right attitude, strategy, skills, hard work and accountability to achieve success. Whether you are into html coding or link building, total dedication to your specialty area is mandatory if you are to beat millions of websites to the first page where users are likely to see you and most importantly the product or service you intend to sell.

An SEO specialist can carve out a niche in various fields like SEO for plastic surgeons or lawyers as long as they are experts in the field and can provide authentic information. This will make visitors feel loyal to your website with a chance that they could return to buy whatever you are selling. 

Some marketers think that SEO is just a passing cloud but the sooner you accept that it is an important online marketing tool the better so you can utilize it for the good of your business. You do not have to be an expert in the chosen niche as you can hire people to do the hard part for you.

SEO experts know how to use link bait and select keywords to guarantee that people visiting your site get all the information they need about various topics when they need it and be assured that you will be present to answer their questions if any arise. Carving a niche is a foolproof way of staying ahead of competition in all SEO endeavors.


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