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Using Google Instant for SEO Keyword Research

Often times, some of the most insightful clues are right in front of our eyes. When doing keyword research, one source of insight is Google Instant.

However we're not referring to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. We are simply suggesting using Google search.

When you start to type a phrase in Google search, its Google Instant feature begins suggesting related search queries. These suggestions are based on popular keyword searches and may very well reflect long-tail search trends.

Boston Lawyer Business SEO Keyword Research

The practice of lawyer SEO is unique in that it's sometimes difficult to pinpoint specific, long-tail keywords when doing research. That is, the detailed search phrases that people search when trying to find a particular attorney, legal service, or law firm, in particular area of law.

Using the search suggestions from Google Instant is great way determine these phrases.

A tip while doing this SEO keyword research technique is to try starting your search with different variations. In the image above, you can see the keyword search started with 'boston lawyer business...' We can immediately tell that the 'small business lawyers' and 'business litigation lawyers' are two popular searches. If start our search query differently, we can gather even more insights.

Boston Commercial law firm keyword research SEO

By modifying our starting search phrase to be 'boston commercial law firm...,' we learn that 'business' and 'corporate' are both very related to 'commercial' areas of law. With this information, we might optimize a page for both 'business law' and 'commercial law' because these terms are virtually synonymous.

We also discover from the above search that 'commercial real estate law' is popular subject in the Boston area. If the law firm specializes in commercial real estate law, then we may include this keyword in our SEO efforts.

This simple keyword research tip using Google Instant can be applied to almost any SEO situation. The trick is keep plugging in multiple phrases to start. Try flipping your search using 'attorneys,' 'lawyers,' 'law firms,' as well as plural-singular variations and synonyms (like 'commercial' and 'business')

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is also a much needed resources for SEO Keyword Research, however sometimes the long-tail keyword insights are limited. We still suggest using this tool as a starting ground. The latter tips is to help you refine your research.

If you're interested in learning some great techniques to using the Google Keyword Tool, check out this video on SEO Keyword Research. This video will help you learn some best practices tips to doing SEO keyword research.

To get the best results, use a combination of tools and resource while undergoing keyword research. We hope you starting using and appreciate the insights of using Google Instant for Keyword Research.


The Scoop on the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner ToolThe Google Keyword Tool has been a very helpful application for many webmasters, search marketers, and online business owners over the years. Once an ideal tool for SEO and PPC keyword research, the Google Keyword Tool would show search volume statistics of a certain keyword, as well as specific variations regarding cetain keyword match types.

Although this application from Google has provided valuable data which has translated into to highly successful search marketing strategies, Google has decided to retire the Keyword Tool for something different.

Enter the Google Keyword Planner Tool

The replacement of Google's Keyword Tool (the Google Keyword Planner Tool) provides a slightly different set of information compared to the old Keyword Tool, even if the settings (place, time, etc.) are essentially the same. According to Google, the new Keyword Planner Tool provides “historical statistics only for exact match”.

So what does all of this mean?

On the positive side of things, this means the data from the new Keyword Planner Tool is rather simplified, making it easier for the user to get a grasp of the information provided by the results. Also, data shown by the new Keyword Planner are significantly more applicable than information provided by the old Keyword Tool. Google execs explain that the information delivered by the new application now include those that come from other mobile platforms and devices apart from desktops and laptops, specifically smart phones and tablets.

On the negative side of things, the data can seem a bit inflated when orchestrating a very specific search marketing strategy. Without the capabilities of knowning precise keyword data for different match types (exact, phrase, and broad match,) search marketers are challenged to minutely determine the ideal keyword targets for their strategy.

Additional Changes to Keep Top of Mind

The following changes are also applied to the new Keyword Planner Tool:

A number of search marketers are still struggling on how to work the new Keyword Planner Tool. Understandably, a lot are experiencing some issues on the data provided by the new tool. However, Google is still on the works on how to entice people to use the new keyword application and actually deliver what the tool promises.

  • Local monthly searches and global monthly searches are now simplified and merged into the "Average monthly searches" column. The results are derived specifically, depending on the parameters set by the users
  • Ad Share is no longer included. Google is still working on how to provide information on ad impressions
  • Search share column no longer exists
  • Most information can now be accessed by downloading the historical statistics from the Keyword Planner, such as local search trends and webpage extractions data

A number of search marketers are still struggling on how to work the new Keyword Planner Tool. Understandably, a lot are experiencing some issues on the data provided by the new tool. However, Google is still on the works on how to entice people to use the new keyword application and actually deliver what the tool promises.


Strategic Keyword Selection Tips for Results-Oriented Local SEO

SEO Keyword Selection TipsToday, SEO is the key element of an online marketing campaign, and the most powerful and important Internet marketing tool for local law firms. For this reason, local SEO needs to be a key focus of a local business's marketing plan.

As the number of local searches performed on personal as well as mobile devices continues to increase, it is your website or business that can benefit from showing up in the first search engine results of Google and other major search engines. This benefits are obvious - better rankings help to increase your firm's online visibility, reach your target audience, i.e. potential target customers, and maximize your profit.

Placing Importance on Keyword Research & Selection

One of the most vital elements of SEO is keyword research and selection. This because if your website does not rank up higher in the search listings for your chosen keywords, you will be missing out on the traffic that could be converted into leads. It will be of no use to you if your site appears on the top search results pages of Google for general keywords that are not associated with your law firm's core practice areas and legal competencies.

Keyword selection is the crucial element of an SEO campaign. Well-researched and carefully chosen keywords that reflect your core competencies will produce results you want and deserve. Your selected keywords must have adequate search volume, or popularity, but your site must rank highly for those keywords if you want to get more target traffic that will turn into revenue.

Consider Targeting Legal-Specific Long-Tails

The key is to selecting more specific keywords rather than choosing general keywords that are highly competitive (i.e. "lawyer San Diego"). This is where long-tail keywords come in to bring your target users the most accurate and relevant results pertaining to their search intent, and your law firm.

For example, if you target general keywords like "attorneys in San Francisco" to appear on the top search listings of Google, you may be facing a tough competition since there are many more lawyers like you in San Francisco who already optimized their websites for the keywords and ranking highly for their chosen keywords.

It will be tough for you to outrank them if they have already invested in proper SEO techniques and strategies. What you could do instead is to look for and research long-tail keywords that may be less competitive, but are more specific to the core competencies of your legal practice, and solutions your target users are seeking.

Targeting long-tail keywords like "medical malpractice lawyer San Francisco" or "family law firm Bay Area" would be more specific and appropriate to rank for highly in the search results pages.

Selecting the correct keywords is one of the most important parts of the local SEO process. There are a few resources on the Internet where individuals can do research for identifying the correct search terms or keywords that will result in providing the highest quality of target traffic to their websites.

Keyword Research Tools & Resources

Some of the best resources where you can do keyword research are:

Keyword research is perhaps the most important part of local SEO for law firms. You cannot begin an SEO campaign unless you know which search terms you are targeting and who you are competing against.

By researching the right keywords for your local business, you can not only learn which phrases to target to increase your online visibility, but also learn about your potential customers as a whole. Designing a local SEO web marketing strategy needs to be a key focus of your local business's marketing plan.


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