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5 Unconventional SEO Tools to Cultivate Greater Intelligence

SEO ToolsAs website owners work consistently to make sure they're in line with what their readers and search engines look for, more tools are coming up to assist them achieve their SEO goals. Today, there are dozens of free and premium SEO tools, and most of them are useful. However, in a world of varieties, it's easy to forget the usefulness of other tools which do not necessarily play a mainstream role in search engine optimization.

Therefore, in this article, we cover some of the most overlook but useful SEO tools that will make a huge difference in cultivating greater intelligence for your SEO efforts.

1. InSite 5

Some time back, Google's Mutt Cutts hinted that they were going to consider grammar as a ranking factor. Google has always been concerned with user-friendliness, hence they've occasionally hinted of giving a boost in ranking to sites that will comply.

It's for this reason that a desktop software like InSite 5 will crawl a site to alert the owner of any grammar errors that may be existing at the time. There's an option for customizing dictionary alerts so website owners don't have to keep worrying of false alerts. Once InSite 5 finishes its job, the software will present results in a nice PDF format so action can be taken. It costs $60.

2. Attentiv

Whenever working on an important project, a team has to collaborate. For example, in web development, there has to be a project manager, web developer, SEO expert, content producer and so forth.

Attentiv is a platform that makes collaboration across team members an easy task, thanks to its polling, thread commenting and up-voting system that let team members become creative and decisive in accomplishing their respective tasks. The Attentiv application is free for the first 5 users. Afterwards, they charge $5 per user.

3. Title Tester

Good titles attract good click-through-rates. However, this is still something that bloggers and webmasters don't take seriously. Even if they did, most of them didn't have the skills to write attractive titles to hook readers in. That's why Title Tester was created.

To work with Title Testerm, write down a few title variants you'd love to work with. Put those titles into Title Tester and share them on social media at once so users can vote the best title to use. Title Tester is fast, effective, and at the end of the day, you will come up with a very good title to rely on for your post.

4. Cision Media Database

Cision Media Database (formerly Media Contact Database) is one of the most expensive tools to use out there, but people still keep using it despite that fact. Cision media database contains all types of news outlets with their reporters too. You can get contact information for journalist, their social media profiles as well as personal contact info. The beauty of using Cisio Media Database is that it promotes relationship-building, and this is quite beneficial to content marketers out there.

5. Infogram

The use of infographics still plays a significant role in the world of SEO. Infogram is an infographic maker for both the inexperienced and experienced content marketer. However, it can also be used to easily creative attractive chats which are highly beneficial when presenting client reports. Chats can also be transferred to MS office with great ease. The trial version is of course free, but then one has to pay $15 per month to upgrade.

Last word on SEO tools

These are useful SEO tools that can help every content marketer gain an edge in a world where competition is tough. They might not be very popular, but their usefulness cannot be under-estimated.