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5 Effective Link Baiting Strategies to Boost SEO Performance

SEOThere are countless strategies to attract links and generate traffic, but only some tactics are within the capabilities of most search marketers.

Creating link bait to boost your SEO strategy is not an easy task. It requires some serious planning and strong motivation to streamline success. To help ingnite your ideas in devizing some link baiting strategies that will help empower your site's SEO perforamce, we share some creative ideas we have found around the web.

1. Create Incentivizing Content

If you are going to create content, use it to gain favor with other people. A blog is an essential element of any link baiting tactics. From a tactical standpoint, a blog is a means to an end. However, creating a blog will not automatically build links. What you do with your blog is what builds links.

Creating high-quality content on a consistent basis will build internal links by linking out of your posts, and at the same time, it will give you the ability to attract links to your content naturally.

2. Write eBooks and Downloadable PDF's/Resources

If you have written a few eBooks, there is a dense concentration of eBook directories where you can get links. If you have not written an eBook, you need not write a particular eBook for this purpose. You can just reformat the current content of your blog into an eBook.

Furthermore, if you have any PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, or any other downloadable resources, you can submit them to online file sharing sites such as Issuu, Scribd, and SlideShare, and getting a link in return.

3. Produce Audio or Visual Content

One of the most commonly overlooked link baiting strategy is the use of visual and audio content for the links. Often, bloggers are struggling to find relevant images, audio, and video for their content, so you can take advantage of this opportunity by creating your own.

When other people use your audio or visual content, you will get an attribution link which can definitely help with SEO. So keep a camera or any recording device handy, especially when you are attending an industry event or relevant meeting of interest. You can also use this technique to create a visual content with pretty images and attention-grabbing quotes.

You can also build up channel on YouTube and entice visitors to check out (and share) videos. Peoria SEO company OIC Group, is starting to create an in-house studio for its local SEO clients to make short optimized videos. Ideas like these will fuel future SEO and content strategies.

4. Make Use of Social Media Tools

Although, on the first look, social media and link baiting seem to be two disconnected components of online marketing strategy, you can integrate social media into your link baiting tactics. With the growth of social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and many more, emails are no longer the best way to get in touch with someone.

The tremendous growth of social media channels has proven that real outreach through these platforms can yield high response rates and ultimately, links. In many international markets, it has been proven that more people check their social media account more often than their email. Thus, the use of social media is worth pursuing because there is a great chance that shares on these platforms can work just like links from another website.

5. Utilize Paid Techniques

If you have plenty of room in your marketing budget, you may consider pursuing some paid tactics. Although Google abhors paid links, there are acceptable techniques that are worth pursuing.

If you have a product or service, you can pay for a review, and in return, you will be linked in the review. You can also pay some authorities to embed your badges.

Keep in mind, that while Google is against paid links, it is difficult to identify whether the link was placed naturally or unnaturally. A paid link that remains undetected will increase your audience’s trust and brand awareness.

In order to devise an effective and powerful link bait, you need to keep a proper mindset. You must be in the right frame of mind in order to concoct a link bait that will be able to cultivate natural links from relevant sources, and, inevitably, will translate into great conversion.


Content Strategy Ideas for Law Firm Web Marketing

Content StrategyMany law firms and other legal professionals struggle when it comes to tapping into the latest techniques in digital marketing. Providing information about what you offer is a great way to peak their interest. Through content marketing, you can get your message out there, and with a purpose. As a result, when readers do become in need of legal help, they will resort to the party who has educated them the most. They will see your law firm as one that is experienced and knowledgeable.

To help you get started in developing your content strategy, below we share three unique ideas that help law firm web marketing thrive.

YouTube Marketing

You may think that YouTube is only a place to visit when you would like to watch music videos or comedy videos. However, it can be a very creative and powerful marketing tool for you to use in your business. Creating videos gets attention from potential clients, and many of them would rather watch a video than just read text.

Videos allow them to see you in a physical sense rather than you being an unknown entity to them. Make sure you dress professionally in your videos. Create a few of them have short question and answer sessions. Cover some of the most common things that people ask about when it comes to legal problems. Sharing such information shows them that you are knowledgeable. Limit each video to about 5 minutes in length.

Newsletter Marketing

Offer a free newsletter for those that provide you with their email address. Content is very important as you want it to be good quality. This type of content marketing is very effective. They feel if you would provide such wonderful content to them free of charge, then they feel confident paying for services from you.

You may find that sending a weekly newsletter is too difficult due to time. Every other week or once a month may be a better fit. Come up with topics that are fitting for the audience. You can even answer a few questions that people have submitted to you for all of your subscribers to read.

Try to find trending topics that you can include in your newsletters. This will help ensure that the readers continue to be interested and that they don’t just delete your newsletter or unsubscribe. The layout of it should be easy on the eyes. Break up headlines with subheadings. You can also offer a contest or game with each newsletter. This can be a fun way to stay connected with your subscribers.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t assume that social media is just for your personal use. Create business pages too that represent your law firm or other legal profession. Create a page on Facebook that shares who you are and what types of services you provide. If you offer a free consultation, make sure that potential clients are aware of that.

Don’t just advertise your business name and phone number through social media. Offer information and sometimes, advice. For example, there are a few law firms I follow on Facebook. They offer free rides on New Year’s Eve and a few other times per year. They do so to help reduce the risk of drunk driving offenses.

These are just a few ideas for content that can help jump start your law firm web marketing strategy.


3 Ideas To Cultivate Your Firm’s Content Strategy

Content StrategyDesigning an effective content strategy is one of the fundamental requirements of digital marketing success. Content marketing is not a new tool in the law firm marketing environment; however, today's law firms and legal professionals must embrace creative techniques and strategies if their content is to make a profitable impact.

There are many tools, resources and insights that can be used to design content strategies that will effectively market a firm’s legal services to a targeted audience. While content marketing in itself is not overwhelming, outperforming competitors, attracting new leads and cases, and gaining positive image is the ultimate goal that defines a successful content strategy.

Here are 3 ideas that can be carefully used to cultivate content marketing strategies for law firm and legal professionals.

1. Assume an Educative and Expert Advice Approach

When cultivating a firm’s content strategy, assuming an expert position is very important. Clients want to contract businesses that have the capacity to deliver, and content is how you can instill confidence in clients that your firm is capable.

With content marketing, your content is the mechanism to convince them of your firm's knowledgebase. Produce high quality content that is educative and acts as a resource which other relations in the niche can link back to. This can increase your websites Google ranking and trust among target market. Since clients seek quality and value, playing the expert and providing relevant content that showcase profound experience in the field goes a long way in developing perception.

2. Use Various Tools, Techniques & media

Content marketing is all about getting the word out to as many people as possible while retaining a positive image of superior service quality, affordability, credibility, reliability, convenience and professionalism. To effectively accomplish these goals, firms must use various content management and marketing tools, applications, techniques and media.

It entails going beyond what other competitors do and using a combination of marketing tools. They include websites, email-marketing lists, blogs and blog posts, TV and radio marketing, uniform marketing, billboards and all sorts of promotional mix elements.

When various media and tools are used, and the message is consistent across all platforms, the outreach will be wider. Firms must embrace the use of social networking platforms, SaaS applications for customer engagement management and features that enhance user experience. Besides nicely organized content, users must find value and convenience.

3. Focus on Quality & Professionalism

While this is a very basic and regular tip, not many law firms have achieved it. Re-enforcing promotion and marketing messages to showcase ultimate service quality and top levels of professionalism may not be as simple as it seems. It is important to ensure there is message consistency in each publication across all platforms. All product and service description must focus on defining values that clients will find in using them.

The information in websites, blogs, TV ads and other promotion media must manifest awareness of customer values, requirements and quality expectations. The strategy should be reinforced by company policies, culture, objectives and presentations at all levels of customer interaction and touch points. Professionalism can be integrated into the content through expert reviews, blog post from member attorneys and showcasing healthy relationships with other reputable firms.

Content marketing technologies are continuously evolving and new enhancements are witnessed from time to time. It is important to use tools and technologies that are trending in order to keep in track with existing efficiencies and experiences that clients seek. The abovementioned ideas are some functional practices that can be used to improve online success and overall marketing of law firms.


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