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The Importance of Article Marketing for Lawyers

Article marketing, also referred to as content marketing, is the approach of publishing valuable online content that results in a direct, or better yet indirect, promotion of an organization.

Legal professionals need to become good article marketers to better promote their services on the Web. But it's not just the promotion that makes article marketing powerful for attorneys, it's the positioning.

Better Position Your Practice

Lawyers in particular can seriously reap the benefits of article marketing. Delivering content to a relevant group of readers can help an attorney establish his or herself as an expert.

Article marketing coincides with information marketing, and that's exactly what attorney's thrive on. Legal professionals make money on providing counsel and offering legal advice. When that advice is free in the form of articles, people tend to listen.

As a result, article marketing can be an excellent way for a lawyer to promote his or her law firm. Strong content published by a legal expert can help establish a reputation, position a firm's legal services, attract new prospective clients, and increase the brand image and recognition of a firm.

Leverage Your Advertising Efforts

Lets say for example a business professional is seeking information on intellectual property law for his new software program. This individual finds a great article about IP law and how it relates to the modern digital age. At the close, the author adds a subtle call to action that says "looking for legal assistance with your intellectual property?" which directs the professional to the attorney's (author’s) contact page.

Well optimized articles that speak value to readers can be the best advertising tool an attorney can take up. They speak both relevancy and empathy to readers, which is a combination that can flourish in any advertising strategy.

The best way to begin on your article marketing endeavors is pinpoint the areas of law that you know best. Find a problem that many clients face, talk about it, and reference ways in which you can provide a solution. If the article is compelling enough, you will set the stage for a new influx of qualified cases.


Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Lawyer Content Marketing Blogging Articles Press Releases

Content marketing can be a very powerful tool for lawyers when executed correctly. Publishing your content in the right places can help you establish yourself as an expert in your area of practice. This can not only lead to opportunities in attracting quality cases, but can establish your brand reputation on the Internet.

Below we offer a few tips that will help make your content marketing efforts more effective.

Focus Your Content

Although you want to reach the masses, it is best to narrow down your niche when writing and publishing content. This means that your blog or article should have a specific focus. This will build you up as an expert in a given area while attracting a very specific audience.

It does not matter if you have clients outside this area of focus in the real world, what matters is building the image of an expert in a certain field. It is therefore important for you to select your niche.

If you can focus your content marketing on an untapped niche, or an area of practice that is less popular in your local market, this can offer even greater potential. This will give your content an enlightening edge and really distinguish your practice as unique.

If you have a blog, it is very important for you to remain on topic with your content. If you have a few different topics, such as various aspects of business law in which you want to cover, create different categories for you business blog that focus on each of these topics.

Create Compelling Titles

The title is huge when it comes to content marketing. Whether an article, blog post, or press release, the content's title must be compelling and highly relevant to specific group of readers.

The trick to writing a good title (without getting too lengthy) is to hint at an issue or problem that the target market may be faced with and present a solution. You can do this creatively, and in many cases, indirectly by just letting the topic or concern be present via the solution or remedy.

Some ideas for solid titles for online content is to use numbers, preferrably odd numbers, when offering several options or a list of solutions. For example, a catchy title that might grab a quality reader is "3 Things You Must Do If You Get a DUI." It is informative, action-oriented, and addresses a specific target audience.

Build Links, Strategically

A great SEO and web marketing technique to apply while publishing content is to make use of link building opportunities. Many article sites enable you to add links back to your webpages which is ideal for both content marketing call-to-action and quality, contextually relevant links.

Building your own blog is an effective way to have complete control over this. Just be sure to build links respectively and avoid any risks of over-optimization.

Content Marketing via Blogging

One of the easiest ways to generate and publish content is via your own blog. Whether it's an internal or an external blog, the inbound marketing opportunities are wealthy with solid blog content.

Although the content is the most vital factor in a blog, the appearance of a blog is also important. You should remember that first impressions do matter, especially online. The average internet user has a short attention span. Having a poor blog appearance is likely to put them off within the first few seconds.

It is important to capture their attention with the blog’s design to keep it long enough for them to start reading the content. You may have the best content on the Internet but no one will take the time to read it if the appearance of your blog is poor. In some cases, especially for large law firms, outsourcing your blog management services or utilizing your marketing team to manage your blog can be an effective SEO investment.

You should also strive to allow your personality to shine through your content marketing. Many readers of blogs and articles appreciate quality content because of its personal touch. Your content represents your brand and should honestly express who you are and what you can do as a legal professional.


5 Tips to Produce Phenomenal Content for Your Web Marketing Strategy

Content Web Marketing StrategyValuable content is the driving force behind any law firm web marketing strategy. Whether it be videos, articles, podcasts, or graphics, there's immense marketing potential to be tapped via strong content.

Particularly for SEO and content marketing campaigns, there's often the question of who should be producing the content?

There's an easy answer to that question: the specialist of the content's topic, which in most cases is the lawyer.

The best content comes from people who are knowledgeable experts and can share a wealth of information on a certain subject.

Content marketing on the web is a bit different from traditional, off-line channels. You need to have a unique voice, offer value and insights, and have a specific goal and purpose with your content marketing strategy.

To help you generate phenomenal content for your firm's web marketing strategy, below are seven tips for content creation and marketing.

  • Express Your Personality - The voice of your content should be unique to your personality. Don't speak legalese and use paragraph long sentences. Be you and express your true feelings through your content.
  • Be Keyword Relevant - With respect to SEO, you'll want to make your content keyword relevant. This doesn't mean jam your text with keyword repetition. Rather, mention your keywords respectfully and creatively in the page title, meta description, and couple times in the body copy.
  • Do Research & Analysis - Parallel to keyword optimizing your content, you'll want to do some research on both keywords and what other attorneys are saying on the subject. Not only with this inspire great ideas, but will also help you position the focus of your content to be original.
  • Be Social & Build Connections - One of the most powerful and cost-effective mediums to market your content (and law firm) is social media. Start building and optimizing your web presence on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter by reaching out to target audience and joining relevant communities.
  • Publish Consistently - Once you've commenced you content marketing strategy, you'll want to publish content on a consistent basis. This will give you audience expectations and something to look forward to.

Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with Google Authorship and the role that this concept plays in the organic SEO arena. This will motivate you to connect your content to a Google+ page.


What is Content Marketing and Why Lawyers Should be Using It

Content marketing is the use of content (things such as web copy, eBooks, blogs, podcasts, pictures, videos and articles) on a firm's website. By having useful information on the firm's website, versus just a pamphlet of useless information, it gives the firm the opportunity to draw in big clients.

Having a content marketing strategy gives less experienced lawyers the chance to have a portfolio available to anyone who crosses the firm's website. The website essentially turns into a professional profile that shows what kind of work the lawyer is able to handle. This portfolio also gives the lawyer the chance to direct their attention toward the audience the firm wishes to draw in. Posting videos of the lawyer or lawyers of the firm speaking on subjects that are close to their heart such as their personal views and philosophies can attract great amounts of new clients by making the lawyer seem human to the clients.

Establishing a place in the pecking order of lawyers is important, especially for lawyers just entering the field. By focusing on the audience the firm wishes to draw in, this gives the firm the opportunity to build a following of clients, other lawyers, and colleagues. When useful information is posted on the website regularly, the firm can be thought of as a trusted source of information in the law world.

Online content marketing strategies do not have to just focus on the particular lawyer's website. There are other prime opportunities on the internet today. There are industry websites that have available spots for individuals to post items. This would be a prime place to post items such as case studies or presentations. There are also practice area blogs. These practice area blogs would be the perfect place to post articles. Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+) are opportunities to post webcasts where many different individuals see it.

Content marketing is a way to make an ordinary website stand out amongst the rest. Lawyers gain credibility when posting information that is useful, not just content filler on the firm's website. In a day in time where lawyers are abundant, but good lawyers are not, content marketing makes one stand out amongst the rest.

About the Author: This guest post is contributed by Zara, a guest blogger from UK. She has written many articles on SEO, Health and finance. Apart from blogging she does research on ppi claims. Catch her @financeport.


Build a Content Marketing Strategy Centered on Education

 Content Marketing Strategy on EducationAs a lawyer, you always want to have your name or firm at the top as this is the only way that you are going to attract numerous clients as well as create a good name for yourself. There are numerous ways that this can be done one of the mot effective ones being content marketing. This is where you are supposed to create content that will educate your target audience about legal matters.

Your audience will appreciate this fact as you can give them some pointers that could help them solve a legal matter. Some of the ideas that can be used to help your marketing efforts become successful include:

Reveal Information that the Audience Does Not Have

One of the best ways to ensure that content marketing works for you is provide the audience with pieces of information that they did not know about previously. This will definitely keep them interested in what you have to say as you will be presenting something new. This means that you have to do thorough research to find out the type of information that the audience wants to work on something that will bring in the desired results.

Share Partial Information

As you come up with materials that will be used for content marketing, it is important that you do not reveal all the information that the audience is looking for because they will no longer be interested in your services and you could end up losing a lot. It is best to give them a little taste of what they want to know so they can be prompted to seek the services that you offer so that the business can remain relevant at all times.

Refresh Oudated Information

As you work with content marketing as a means of branding the law firm, it is also important that you know how to refresh outdated information at all times. This is where you are supposed to come up with creative content that talk about the latest technologies and developments in the industry. This is because people are not looking for outdated information that will not help them in any way.

You also need to keep coming up with well written content frequently so that people are not forced to repeat the same kind of information. This can be quite boring and the audience might lose interest and miss out even when you have important information to pass on.

Build a Community Forum

You also need to think about the forum that will be used for content marketing if you want to enjoy the results. For starters you can have the articles or videos posted on your official website so that your audience can access them anytime they visit.

To get the information to as many people as possible, it is also recommended that you look for other avenues that can be used to link back to your official sites. Look for forums that have high traffic so that you can be assured that you are going to get some great results at the end of the day.


How Local SEO & PPC Can Empower Your Law Firm Web Marketing Strategy

Web  MarketingThere is a saying, with great power comes great responsibility. Having created a website for your law firm, can you maximize its full marketing potential? Two powerful avenues in the search marketing realm are local SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. These search marketing techniques can drive new and qualified traffic to law firm's website, and quickly too.

While many firms prefer to hire search marketing experts, many others prefer to follow the old tried and tested routes. So without further ado, let’s check out some strategies which can make SEO and PPC work in favor of your law firm web marketing.

Claiming and Optimizing the Firm's Google+ Local Page

If you represent a local law firm, you're seeking to get a web traffic from local areas. By using your firm’s Google+ Local Page, you can actually make a big difference in the outside world. All you have to do is claim and verify your Google+ Local page and keep it active. This social credibility has been known to provide higher Google rankings for local businesses.

In addition to claiming and optimizing your firm's Google+ local page, some things you can do to make your social presence more prominent include:

  • Upload videos or info-related graphics pertaining to your legal practice.
  • Get listed in the local directories and connect the links with your account.
  • Connect your social media accounts so that people know what to visit when they check your Google+ page.

Doing Website Optimization to Help with SEO and Boost Conversion Potential

These days, you have to play smart to make sure you enhance your web presence optimization efforts. In order to gain maximum exposure, you have to make your visitor’s experience memorable so that the visit turns into a positive experience for the person visiting the page. A successful conversion will not only win you loyal customers, but also help improve your ranking in the virtual world.

By using a series of web analytic tools and website testing tools, you too can actually convert visitors into potential customers, all by a series of checks and tests. Imagine yourself to be in your visitor’s situation. What would you like to read on a law firm’s website/Google Page when you are visiting the web page? You would want to read something interesting as well as relevant, something which relates to your area of specialization, right? Well, the moment you manage to get the answer to this question, you have managed to hit the nail on the head.

Bidding High Enough in PPC so Ads Show up in the Top Premium Listing

PPC advertising centers on Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising and advertising on Facebook. However regardless of platform, your bids play a very important role with respect to the placement of your ads and CTR. In order to get the most out of your PPC bidding campaign, you should make sure that you use probable conversion rates in order to identify and choose maximum bid prices for your keywords.

If you get into the nitty gritties of PPC campaign management, then you will find that Yahoo offers a minimum bid of 10 c, Google 5 c and Bing around 1c. So now you would get a fair idea on why it’s important to pick and choose your bid carefully so as to avoid any kind of wasteful spending.

If law firm web marketing is the agenda of the day, you should make sure you do is very strategically so that there is no scope left for any kind of confusion or error. This should, at the end of the day, be a well planned strategy which when executed, leaves your firm with revenues and no losses.


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