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Law Firm Recruitment Strategies to Acquire Talented Marketing Professionals

Marketing Recruitment StrategiesThere are three effective recruiting strategies that law firms can use to recruit top-notch marketing professionals. A law firm can:

  • outsource to a professional executive search firm
  • recruit members from other top law firms and provide them an opportunity
  • look to their current marketing team and empower one of them

Below we go into greater detail into these law firm recruitment strategies to acquire talented marketing professionals.

Recruiting Strategy #1: Outsource to Professional Executive Search Firm

This is a recruiting strategy for a law firm that does not want to send tremors through its organization or even some of its current blue-chip clients that its not happy with the quality of clients that it is bringing in to the firm. The advantage of using an executive search firm to find highly regarded marketing strategy professionals is that they are usually already in contact with many of these individuals.

Its very likely that an executive search firm has placed some of these marketing professionals in their current positions with law firms or in other related fields. The search firm will be able to conduct the recruiting on a confidential basis without alarming any of the law firm's competitors because if they did become aware they might attempt to raid some of your law firm's best clients. Clients want stability and they generally do not want to be associated with a firm which feels that its not bringing in the quality clients it desires.

Recruiting Strategy #2: Raid the Third Highest Ranking Member of the Marketing Team at Top Law Firms

The Number three member of most marketing teams is the individual who usually does most of the strategy work for the marketing arm of the law firm but receives the least credit. The top individual of the marketing team at the top law firms will likely be very expensive to recruit to a firm and the second in command is looking to replace the lead individual and thus would require a very large financial inducement to leave a top law firm.

However, the third highest ranking member of the marketing team of a top law firm is usually very ambitious and is planning to either make a jump to another law firm or hoping that someone will realize that they are ready to lead the marketing arm of a law firm to greater heights. This individual has already acquired the contacts and developed the various strategies that have been implemented by their law firm but the credit has been taken by the senior members. This individual is an ideal person for whom to make an offer.

Recruiting Strategy #3: Empower Member of Current Marketing Team to Hire Retired Marketing Expert From More Successful Competitor

As one of the top recruitment strategies that has proved very successful in recent years, it's effective to take a member of a law firms's current marketing team, usually the number three individual and have them find a recently retired marketing professional from another more successful law firm. Have this individual make an offer to the retired individual for a short-term contract to teach your in-house team how to market your law firm in a more effective and productive manner.

The reason you do not rely on the number one and two ranking members of your law firm's marketing team is because they likely are not going to be receptive to being led by a more successful competitor. Law firms in this situation should consider releasing these two individuals from their contracts and pursue the hiring of the retired individual on a short-term basis. Very rarely do marketing professionals sign non-compete contracts so this is a very feasible way by which a law firm can improve its marketing team in both a short-term and long-term manner.

Just like college recruitment strategies for students and athletes, recruiting superior marketing professionals for law firms is an effort of finding a valued commodity because of how competitive the business environment has become to attract clients. As such, a law firm that wants to hire an excellent marketing professional must consider thinking in a nontraditional, unique manner to acquire innovative and result producing marketing professionals.


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