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5 Tips to Generate Positive Reviews & Boost Your SEO Efforts

Positive ReviewsIf you're aspiring for success in generating quality leads online, there's no two way about it. You must polish your online marketing strategies in a way that favors you more than your competitor. You must use the power of reviews, whether positive or negative. And finally, you must also ensure that fake reviews don't harm your reputation since people always have a way of finding out if your products or services are poor in quality yet reviews are rating them 5 star or even more.

Research has confirmed that 84% of first time consumers will buy after they've been recommended by someone else. The rest will buy regardless or whether they are recommended or not. The problem is that the rest is just too small a percentage to take you anywhere. The higher the number, the closer you'll get to your goals when you pay attention to where the numbers are rising.

You must also look for effective ways to combat negative reputation online before they damage business. It takes a paragraph of negative words to destroy your business completely. So, if you're going to take advantage of online reviews, how are you going to do it?

Here are a few insights to help you start generating quality reviews while empowering your SEO efforts.

Evaluate where you currently stand in reviews

If you are relatively new in business and you still don't have reviews, it's imperative that you register your profile with major review websites such as Angie's list, and many others. When someone reviews your products or services, whether positive or negative, you'll receive notifications.

It gives you a platform for monitoring existing reviews and customer feedback too. That's one way to boost the value of local SEO.

Address negative reviews as soon as possible

Most businesses will ignore negative reviews and ratings, them try to trick search engines by posting hundreds of positive reviews to counter a few negative reviews that exist on the web. Well, you do this, you'll survive for sometime, but not forever.

Remember that one negative review can stay online forever. Definitely people will come across it no matter how you try to hide it. Now the best way to handle that situation is to address the negative review by providing a resolution as fast as possible. As long as you keep it professional, you'll get far.

Generate reviews by asking your customers to do so

The most legitimate way approach review generation is to ask your customers to say or write what they are thinking about your services and offers. Most customers will be honest if they were not pleased with your products or services. Then you can work on that to improve them for customers to like them next time.

Reviews also have a way of giving useful insights into what should be done and what should be left the way it was. If a customer reviews your product, they may suggest a few things, on top of reviewing how their experience was like when they used your products or services. A little survey may be helpful for your SEO efforts.

Capitalize on positive reviews

When you are a small business and you've managed to attract a few positive ones, make sure that people see them. You must have a facebook fanpage where you can always update testimonials. You can also post them on the homepage of your website on the testimonial section for people to see them.

Consumers want assurance before they can purchase. Testimonials that are credible and visible to read is what they need, nothing else.

Don't waste time crying over a few negative reviews online

Truth is, a few people won't like you no matter how hard you try to improve your products. Critics are always there to challenge you, and they will never like what you do. Once you understand that, focus on the large portion of the population that appreciates you. Remember that the numbers will work for you.

You can always leverage your SEO efforts when you take advantage of online reviews. Follow the 5 steps above and you'll begin seeing quality leads coming your way after some time.


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