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The Evolution of Google Search and How Strong SEO Companies Adapt

For over ten years, Google has been the king of search and has slowly claimed a large majority of searches being performed on the web. From starting a mid-scale search engine to a massive multi-billion dollar business offering email services, ads, apps, tools, and more, Google has been a powerhouse on the Internet in more ways then one.

In these ten years, a lot has changed in terms of SEO and how a website ranks on Google. From it only taking a few keywords on page to get ranked to now where you must take a whole list of things into consideration (i.e. optimized website content, high quality backlinks, social media presence, etc,) SEO companies are struggling to adapt to the evolving standards of Google search.

You see, Google is getting more intellegent and they are constantly updating their algorithms to try and make sure SEO companies aren't trying to exploit the system and get sites ranked highly through black-hat SEO company techniques and comment spamming.

This means that in this day and age you cannot get away with using black-hat techniques and quick methods to try and rank highly on Google's search engine. In fact Google have actually made the process of ranking a website highly on their search engine a whole lot harder for everyone in the hope that it means better search results, this means that your SEO company must make sure that you use only good sources for your SEO needs to ensure that your site ranks higher and doesn't get penalized later on.

Due to SEO becoming a lot harder and a whole dimension more complex a lot more people have been outsourcing their search markeitng needs SEO companies offering trusted services to get your site ranked highly on Google. Of course SEO companies have always been around ever since Google, But because bad SEO has a negative effect on your websites rankings nowadays it means that the companies offering the bad services have gone out of business.

This is because people won't pay for it anymore as it is much more worthwhile going with a SEO company offering SEO services that work with Google and not against it. In short, SEO companies and services providers, like Click Centric SEO, must use a very natural approach when offering SEO services.

Some of the larger SEO companies have stayed strong and have adapted to the changing times and Google algorithms and these are the companies that are now a lot more successful than the ones that chose to stick with low quality SEO.

I hope that this has opened your eyes to how SEO has changed over the recent years and how much more complex and difficult it has become, especially for people trying to get it done quickly or cheaply as they will face penalization once Google notices. If you do not do your SEO yourself then I strongly recommend that you search for a strong company offering high quality services with guarantee's of rankings to ensure the maximum results for your website and to make sure that you do not pay for something which negatively effects your website in Google's search results.


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