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7 Tips for Finding and Building Citations for Local SEO

Google Local SEO Citations  As savvy marketer, by now you should know the importance of finding and building citations for local SEO (ranking higher in the Google local listings.)

Because citation generation is a lot of work, it's important to use the right resources and guidance. This post is dedicated to sharing the best resources to pinpoint citation building opportunities and advance your local SEO efforts to the next level.

1. Start by checking your current citations via Use this listing as a starting point. Verify the information that has already been cited to ensure that it is accurate before moving forward.

2. Clean up your existing citations first. Do this before moving forward to list your business on any further sites. Citations that are incorrect offer no benefit to you. Correcting the information will begin to raise your rankings almost immediately. Incorrect citations are often the reason behind why people may not find you via local search engines, which decreases your rankings.

3. Comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you have not yet made yourself familiar with them, do so now at

4. Use Google Mapmaker in order to determine if there are multiple citations on the same sites.

5. Prepare your company’s information in a template. The use of a template will ensure consistency amongst citations and it will also guarantee that no information will be accidently omitted. Include the following elements, if applicable.

  • Business owner name - The full legal name of the business owner (no nicknames, etc.)
  • Email address – the email address that will be checked by the business. Do NOT include your personal email.
  • Company name – As it appears on Google
  • Address (and Suite or Floor number if applicable)
  • City, State, and Zip
  • Phone Number
  • Website or landing page for location
  • 800/toll free phone number
  • Logo URL – The precise URL from your website that hosts your company’s logo. Should your company not have a logo, this can be omitted and modified at a later time.
  • Social media profile links
  • Google+ Local page

6. Conduct a NAP (Name, address and phone number) search on Google and ensure that your NAP information is accurate. You can also use and the free scan they offer.

7. Change your mindset. Instead of trying to have a citation everywhere, ensure that your citations are relevant to your industry and target audience.

Building and creating citations can be quite time consuming, but the benefits are well worth the time. You do have the option to outsource the work to a credible SEO marketing company should you desire. Simply ensure that you properly vet companies to ensure that compliance are met alongside needs.

When embarking upon this venture for yourself, it is imperative to be extremely organized and use a best practices SEO guide. Utilized the cloud services of Google documents for the storage and sharing of your spreadsheet that will keep track of your citations (and corrections).


3 Non-Legal-Specific Directories to Acquire New Leads & Cases

Legal DirectoriesBeing active on various web directories, or directory-like social sites, can be time consuming and thus shrugged-off by many lawyers and legal professional. But many of these experts fail to realize that their ideal client or case are looking for their legal services on sites other than Lex Mundi, Find Law, or Martindale.

In this article, we share three directories that are not specific to the legal profession, but are great places to help you acquire new clients and solid cases.

Google Plus

We'll start with the biggest and most-important directory-like social site, Google Plus. Consider your Google Plus (or Google Places) page your second website. Here it's critical to earn positive reviews, and many of them. It's also important to populate and optimize your Google Plus page for maximum local SEO potential.

A lot of Google searchers looking for your legal specialties can end up on your practice's Google Plus page. Is therefore important that's well establish for optimal conversions. You can even optimize your Google Plus page ranking in Google search by leveraging local SEO strategies, such as citation generation, or invest in a Google Places optimization service with trusted company.


Yelp is another huge directory that's also well associated with Google, as well as being a socially-oriented directory that focuses on sharing reviews. Yelp is almost always on page one of Google search for localized keyword searches, so it only makes sense for SEO to have a sufficient profile listing. Again, reviews are huge, so reach out and get as many 5-star reviews as possible.

Also on Yelp, you can communicate with people and reply to their reviews. Having an active presence on this non-legal directory can not only help inbound potential clients to your business, but also helps with reputation management and building credibility in your location and practice area.

You Local Chamber

Being a member of local chamber of commerce can help your practice in more ways then one. Not only does this help to build trust and credibility, but most chamber sites have directories in which members get their own profile page. These dedicated member pages can be a major asset for local SEO and earning a powerful, locally-specific backlink to your website. Further, chamber sites are haven for people looking for legit local businesses and professionals to help them with their needs.

We hope these non-legal directories will be of use for your law firm web marketing strategy. Let us know what you think, or if you have any questions in the comments section below.


7 Local SEO Insights for 2015 (Insider Insights from Google)

Local SEO GoogleSEO professionals are constantly in search of new tools, insights and methods that will assist them in their ultimate goal of improved results for clients. What if you had the opportunity to learn directly from the source? Well that day has come. Google has shared very key insights that will greatly assist local SEO professionals in their quests.

Especially since the internet is more often than not used to verify the existence of a business (essentially establishing a trust between business and customer), it is imperative that SEO marketers know that true keys to success. With the wrong amount of marketing, a word of mouth sale can result in a sale for a competitor.

According to various insightful Google professionals, there are a number of common themes that should be followed for better local SEO, and they are:

  • 1. Be Easy to Find in Multiple Ways - Although businesses can be found online, it is NOT always easy to find them. No need for your clients to miss out on business because a competitor was less taxing to search for and find. You can ensure ease via the following:
  • 2. Schema Markup - Schema markup is NOT a ranking system, but is has the capabilities of affecting ranking systems. Use this unique markup language to your advantage and better communicate your site's content to search engines like Google. Schema also makes is much easier for engines to index and parse content.
  • 3. Expand Beyond the Website - Social media pages, online reviews, blogs, local directories and more will aid in SEO results. Maile Ohye (Google Developer Tech Lead) released a set of 6 videos explaining the importance of expanding beyond a website. Ohye reminds all of the importance this places in exposure.
  • 4. Mobile Usability - Make sure that you can be found on mobile devices. Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, recently posted about the importance that can be offered by way of Google’s Mobile Usability Tools that are now within Google Webmaster Tools.
  • 5. Leverage RSS Feeds & XML Sitemaps - Add the URL of any new or modified sites. Also include the modifications that have been made. This will assist greatly as it pertains to search crawling.
  • 6. Be Useful and Not Fluffed - As with any avenue of marketing, useful information is key. All content needs to also be consistent for the user and for search engines. Filling websites, etc. with overwhelming fluff will catch the eye but loose the consumer and get lost in the abundance that is the internet. Being useful also includes being accessible via a mobile device and still offering user content.
  • 7. NAP Data - At the bare minimum, NAP (name, address and phone number) data should be consistent everywhere that a business can be found (social media pages, review site, local directories, etc.). This is a critical element for Google local SEO and getting business ranking hiring in the local listings. Essentially, NAP data (or "citations") are like backlinks .

Google has released special Webmaster tools for mobile accessibility due to the importance that it plays with SEO and especially in the local Traverse City SEO market where local small business thrives.

These tools allows you valuable insights for the sole purpose of enhancing the consumer’s experience while unveiling pertinent insights to you. Learn of the presence of Flash content, viewports, font styles and sizes, where clickable elements are placed and more. The utilization of this information should be standard procedure right alongside planning and standard analytics.


7 Tips to Make Your Website a Linkworthy Oasis in a Dry Marketspace

LinkWorthy WebsiteIf you want your website to attract more visitors, receive more authority, and rank higher in search engines, then you need to make your website a linkworthy site. Although having a value-centric site is key, not all professionals can easily come up with one - sometimes it's dry industry (like the legal profession) and sometimes it can be expensive.

For those who need some direction, here are some tips on how you can make your website more linkworthy and more powerful in Google search.

1. Avoid bloating your website

Website bloating, although less common today, is still prevelant. Website bloating is essentially re-purposing the same keyword or topic to create many pages on a site. The intention is to make the site as keyword relevant as possible, but really it's just over-saturating the site with redundant content.

Some ten years back, it was possible to rank more than ten pages talking of almost the same thing and still make the best out of SEO. But things have changed! Avoid website bloating and choose link targets perfectly.

2. Reduce your website load time

To be honest, people prefer websites that load faster. So, if your website takes more than three seconds to load, it is high time you do something about it. However insignificant it may appear, long load times make your visitors to lose attention. You want them to be attentive, so reduce load time by investing in website optimization services. There are a number of affordable website optimization companies who offer great service programs.

3. Do away with broken media

No one would spend time looking at broken images or videos that can’t play in your posts. Although it is common to have one broken video or two in some page deep in your site, this should not extend to your homepage. Fix broken images and videos that can’t play and be guaranteed of a linkworthy site.

4. Ensure that you have social sharing buttons

If you want people to share your blog posts, then you need to have social sharing buttons. The readers of your blogs should have a feeling that they are free to share your blog posts far and wide. Therefore, take some minutes to install social buttons plugins. Earning social signals can also help build your site's credibility and overall keyword rankings.

5. Update you content regularly

If you haven’t updated your blog for more than a year, it’s high time you do something about it. There is no need of having an outdated blog, so generate fresh content regularly to attract more visitors.

This where you're link-worthiness really comes into play. Publishing high-value content can attract the likes and the links of all types of peoples, thus you can give your SEO efforts a boost. Focus on solution-oriented posts, as well as educational and insightful posts that makes readers say "ah ha!"

6. Avoid too may ads

Although ads give you money, you need to take into consideration those people who actually need information. As such, avoid using too many ads since they can be distractive to those people who want to get information.

7. Provide clear guidelines

If you need to attract your readers’ attention, then you have to provide clear guidelines in your blogs. For instance, if you are giving them a step by step process on how to do a particular thing, you could include a video of someone doing it. You can also attach photos where necessary.

Coming up with a linkworthy website, whether through an effective content strategy or SEO-friendly web design strategy is not as a hard as most people think. Regardless of whether your site has interesting or boring content, you can afford to make it linkworthy. The above tips will be of great help to you.


5 Common Webmaster Faults That Inhibit SEO Potential

Google search engine dominance via SEO is the objective of many webmasters and search marketers. Businesses need to be able to reach out to many online customers via higher Google ranking. There are some faults made by the webmasters make, which affects the SEO potential negatively. Here are some of the common SEO faults that webmasters make or neglect to address.

1. Not Enough Text Content Throughout The Site (Or Too Much Image-Based Text That Spiders Can't Crawl)

Usually, when the website is being redesigned, and the images are increased, but the text is reduced, the site will not be featured in most of the pages crawled by Spider. Usually, most of the rankings are focused on the homepage of a site, so ensuring that there's sufficient space to write some quality, unique, and keyword relevant content.

However, the pages with less text will help the readers to view more animation, and they will easily access most of the web content on the first page, devoid of scrolling.

2. Missing HTML And XML Sitemaps

The XML and HTML Sitemaps helps the webmasters to communicate to the search engines concerning the pages that are on other sites. Technically, it helps to indicate the pages that can be crawled on the site. Site map helps to list the site URL together with the extra metadata concerning every URL. When they miss, the site will have less tasks to perform, which will in turn increase the web performance.

3. Using Flash Media And Heavy Media Files

The flash media and other media files that are heavier tend to make the pages to take time to load. Other than that, there are some browsers that will need the appropriate flash player in order to play the flash media, which could be irrelevant if the user doesn’t have the right flash player. As a result, few people will visit the site, and for that, the pages will not be highly ranked. In short, flash media is not good for sound SEO web design strategy.

4. Duplicate Or Blank Page Titles And Meta Descriptions

The duplicate titles and other Meta descriptions that are on websites are a real enemy of SEO. The use of duplicate titles makes it difficult for Google to rank the pages easily. The blank pages will also be difficult to be read by the search engines, which will affect their ranking.

A good thing about the duplicate titles, especially the external duplicates is that the site might be privileged to be seen when a search is made. This is because the search engine will relate the title to a similar one, especially if the other has a higher ranking.

5. Not Installing Google Analytics Or Webmaster Tools (For Analysis And Performance Tracking)

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics help to track the performance and analytics. Google Webmaster Tools tools can also help to check the loading speeds of the pages. The Google Tools have features that let you determine the average loading speed.

In as much as the tools help to determine the page performance, you will be able to increase the functioning of your website, without the interference of the tools. The tools could take some time to run the performance test, which could reduce the speed of the pages.

Nevertheless, all these faults should be fixed, for the sake of Internet marketing and SEO success.


3 Elements of a Powerful SEO Strategy for 2015

20152014 is almost coming to an end and it is time every website owner to hatch a fresh SEO plan for the coming year. The web is ever evolving and 2014 has provided some of the best evidence of this with marketing strategies changing and other becoming even more important.

Content marketing has had mixed results mostly due to lack of knowledge and ways to measure ROI among marketers. Social media has diversified beyond the basic platforms and mobile has become more important than ever before.

The coming year will see even more changes. To succeed in your SEO and search marketing campaigns, there are three key aspects you should consider as you come up with an SEO strategy.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing has for some time now been a crucial pillar of digital marketing. Looking back at the trends we have witnessed this year, there are some areas which if you focus on, will result in great benefits for your business. These areas include:

  • Increased multimedia content. Make increased use of images and videos in your content. Text only is no longer effective in lead generation.
  • Strive for more content quality and value. Google more than ever before is stressing on the need for content quality. In addition to quality, ensure that your target audience is getting value from the content you are providing.
  • Real time or instant content marketing. This involves wrapping your content marketing around current events.
  • Find effective tools to measure just how much return on investment you are getting from content marketing.

A secondary element that fuels great content marketing is the ability to establish your brand or business as an expert and authority in your particular niche. Not only can this help shape your brand image, but also help with SEO. For instance, SEO company, provides specialized SEO services for surgeons. The company is quickly become an SEO authority in that particular niche by publishing insightful content that's specific to surgeons and helping them with their SEO guide and strategies.

2. Link Generation

Link generation has always been about being natural and insisting on the quality of links. These two aspects should remain your focus for 2015. Instead of paying money to link farms, generate link naturally. Write guest blog posts, encourage your readers to share your content on their sites and link to you, create awesome and viral content that is linked to by other websites and so on.

Basically, there are so many legitimate ways you can generate quality links. But don’t go writing posts for dubious sites or exchanging links with a site that has no traffic; this will lead to poor quality links.

Remember, do it naturally and focus on quality. Not only will it help with your SEO, good link generation is also a means to realize increased traffic to your website.

3. Social Media Marketing

The number of social media users is still rising with Facebook (1.28 billion monthly users), Google Plus (540 million monthly users) and Twitter (255 million monthly users) taking the lion’s share.

Users are however diversifying from these popular networks and into others like Pinterest and Instagram. For 2015, it is important to reevaluate your social media strategy and see whether your target audience has diversified into other platforms.

You should also increase the amount of multimedia content you share on social media. Use short and relevant video clips and images to gain more attention and push users to share your content.

Finally, get ready to invest more in social media marketing. Companies like Facebook have always made it easy and cheap (and sometimes free) to reach your audience. But the best social media marketing strategies right now and of the future are those that require considerable financial investment.

So, do you feel ready to conquer 2015? Do not be intimidated, take the above challenges as opportunities to increase your engagement with customers and increase your brand exposure.


Local Media Trends Impacting Search Marketing

local media SEOIt’s the beginning of the fourth quarter and in business that means you should be planning your budget for the New Year. And whether you are a small business owner, run a medium-sized company or a big time corporation, nowadays you’d better include SEO in your budget.

Local media has become increasingly important when it comes to increasing your presence, as more and more people go to online sources for information, recommendations and reviews. Below we underscore some significant local media trends that are impacting search marketing and SEO as we know it.

Local Media Trends Shaping SEO Best Practice

Whether your business centers on lead generation from locall SEO or selling products via e-commerce, the following local media trends will influence your company in more ways than one.

• Mobile usage is growing at an incredible rate. Experts say currently that more than 70 percent of adults use mobile phones to access information, and that number will be as much as 90 percent within a year. That means 9 out of every 10 people will be using smart phones to find places to eat, shop, get repairs done, etc. So making sure that you are in the search engines that provide local information is of the utmost importance. Those would include Yelp and even the online Yellow Pages.

• Your also need to offer digital ads on a local level. Target is a prime example. When you live in Milwaukee and want to find something, you do a search for the item and it comes up with the places (and often prices) that a shopper can find it on a local level, and a store such as Target will tell you where its locations are in Milwaukee on the spot.

• Use media such as newspapers, magazines and broadcast media to make people aware of your products and services with their online presence. Banner ads on a media source’s website means all a shopper or potential client has to do is click on your banner and bam! That customer is sent to your website, and the rest is up to you once a visitor is there.

• A fast-moving trend involves the wearable device, such as phones that are worn like a watch and the new PULS from musician, producer and entrepreneur With a voice command or touch, the user can access information literally in a heartbeat, so staying current with coupons and deals on a local level are going to become increasingly important.

• If you don’t want to budget in advertising on the pages of your area media, you can at least try to get involved with their social media. A lot of consumers use social media when making purchase decisions. If there is a story on your local NBC affiliate about the dangers of some pet foods, for example, you can hit the station’s Facebook page about your brand of dog food that features only veterinarian-approved ingredients.

• People are also moving toward using local media apps to pay their bills and conduct other financial transactions. It would be wise to look into including these services into your operation. For example, you can now take a picture of a check with your phone and it will be deposited to your bank. You can conduct business on the run with apps such as Square, which can run a financial transaction right through your phone.

It’s important to consider these trends when creating your local SEO and Internet marketing plan so that when people search for products and services they will get the most updated information on your business in literally an instant.


Crafting a Profitable SEO Business: Targeting a Niche

Niche SEOSEO is one of the best ways to pursue marketing and get more business flowing to any type of organization. SEO is especially easy for writers with very specific knowledge that buyers would be looking for. The general idea is to get people to follow your postings and articles, and sell affiliate link leads to them for relevant products.

There are many reasons to be niche-specific when it comes to SEO. First, search engines get smarter by the day and they will trash your pages if you have too many varying keywords. Trying to get highly ranked in a general niche is not possible in the affiliate market today.

Note that it is also easier for a visitor to believe products recommended by a 'specialist" writer as opposed to a jack of all trades. You may think that there is too much competition for a keyword if you are specialist, but always remember that if you get found in only one category, you will end up ranking higher on any search engine, leading to more quality leads.

Attract In-Market Customers with Niche SEO

One great advantage about SEO niche specificity is that people searching for narrow keywords are more fixed on spending money. For instance, a buyer searching "Canon cameras" may just be after information while another searching for "Canon DV123i" is most likely looking to buying it. The second keyword may not really attract a lot of attention from searchers. However, those few who manage to find it will most likely buy bringing higher income to the marketer.

Consider a site on clinical medicine or surgery where the writer advises visitors on the surgical options available for various cosmetic needs. In the process, the trust the writer earns from the readers will allow them to include surgeon ads to the willing buyers. Since the links are paid per action, and people search for specific conditions, it is always prudent to laser-target a small niche. In this case, SEO for the surgeon could be highly beneficial.

The marketer's main motivation would obviously be the huge commissions that come from surgeon SEO performance for each converted lead. Remember most surgeons make huge amounts of money for each closed deal, which sets up affiliates for better commissions per lead. From this example, it is obvious that targeting a niche such as "SEO for surgeons" would definitely end up in higher conversions of leads from the people searching for that.

If you want a real-world example of niche SEO for surgeons, check out These are honest experts in providing surgeon SEO services for cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons. Now that's niche SEO!

Avoid One-Size-Fits-All SEO Services

The bottom line is, if you try to appeal to everyone, you will not appeal to anyone. Remember narrow niche targeting is like saying, "I have a solution for your specific problem", while general SEO targeting is like saying, "I give solutions to all problems".

Obviously any serious buyer will go for the specific solution provider. Instead of targeting through so multiple websites though, it would be a great idea if you just had a niche such as medicine and then have sections dedicated to very thin and laser-targeted ends such as "colon cleansing", "painless chemotherapy", "appendicitis microsurgery" etc. Remember Google ranks pages and not sites, though sites are still a factor.

Building a successful SEO online business is a function of all these factors, and marketers must be keen on focusing on thinner niches of highly valuable keywords. At the end of the day, what matters is maximizing the revenue streams and making them sustainable in the long term.


5 Pillars for Your Plastic Surgeon SEO Strategy

Surgeon SEO StrategyFor those in the medical profession, there is a great deal of competition in SEO - namely for surgeons. For this reason, it is important to properly market yourself as a leader, in order to ensure patients choose your surgery practice, rather than competitors. This requires a cohesive plastic surgeon SEO strategy that leverages the proper channels and resources.

When building your site, working with a specialized surgeon SEO team is a great way to optimize your site, and gain the trust of patients. These are five factors to consider in developing your surgeon SEO strategy.

Website optimization

This is pretty much the process of building a website, to become a leader in search engine rankings. This is the first thing that has to be done, if you are serious about your business, and drawing in an audience. Keywords, titles, images, and overall design are all relevant to ranking. It is important to ensure the site is properly optimized, so as to rank in the top 10 to 20 positions, otherwise you are going to struggle as an online presence.

Content development

This process includes the research, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing, of information that will be placed on the site. Once the site is properly optimized, for your niche (surgery), it must then have the proper content developed. Prose, inclusion of graphics and images, records, patient data, and other information, is all relevant to the surgical field. It is important to conduct proper research, so as to include all relevant content, and deliver on a site that has been specifically modified to fit a niche.

Surgeon Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Today, social media is key to your plastic surgeon SEO strategy. Including links for specials (as a plastic surgeon), or free information through social media sites, are great ways to attract patients. Regardless of which social media sites you use, it has to be a part of your online marketing development. Although image sharing isn't huge in this industry, customer testimonials, patient referrals, and other information is. Social media sharing is a great way to incorporate this as a surgeon.

Technical SEO for Plastic Surgeons

This aspect of SEO for plastic surgeons includes things such as: ensuring there are no broken links, words are properly bolded, head tags are properly used, headings are incorporated, codes aren't found, and other technical aspects, are properly completed for your site to function as it should. If your site constantly has glitches, always goes down, or if links can't be reached, it turns patients away. Technical SEO is extremely important, and this is where your site development will fail or succeed.

Link Building

Building links is also important when doing SEO for surgeons. If you choose to include links, they should be from reputable sources. So, other surgeons, hospital reports, hospitals, medical journals; these are all great links to include, when building your site. Links give you credibility, but only when they come from viable sources. So, in building your site, it is important to make sure you have the right links, and are only including links on your site to reputable sources.

Executing a successful surgeon SEO strategy is the leading factor in visibility; these are the five cornerstones to consider when building your site. If it is not done properly, you will fail online, meaning you will lose a huge demographic from your niche audience. Understanding these aspects of SEO and hiring the right in-house team, or outsourcing SEO to the right company, is critical for your online success (and business success) as a surgeon.


Lawyer SEO: Earn Links by Producing Educational Content

lawyer SEO contentMany lawyers pursuing SEO, either with a company or independently, are challenged with finding quality link building opportunities. Naturally, the ambition to build links is to grow rankings fast and actualize an SEO strategy as soon as possible.

However, in today's SEO landscape, fast rankings struggle to last for the long-term. A more sound approach to generating link popularity (and one that can be achieved in-house) is producing valuable, educational content that earns links naturally. Sure, this requires time, but when done correctly and successfully, not only can a lawyer grow his or her rankings, but their legal practice can build its web presence in more ways than one.

This content-driven approach to earning links is daunting, but what seems intimidating and difficult is often what yields the best outcomes. Below are some lawyer SEO strategies to help you earn links naturally by producing educational content.

Come-up With Solution-Oriented Topics & Diversify Your Mediums

The best content for SEO is educational content that answers a common question or provides a solution. Find out what your target clients are wondering about before they seek legal services.

For DUI lawyer, maybe it's how to handle DUI charges to minimize cost or legal implications. For a business lawyer, perhaps you can shed light on how to go about getting a trademark or copyright.

In essence, pinpoint client-focused solutions that relate to your core practice area, and respond to them in your content.

As for the content you choose to voice your solution, think beyond the typical article or blog post. Sure deep articles are indeed valuable for SEO, but so are videos and info graphics. Get creative and explore multiple mediums. You can even cover the same topic on all three and tie them all together (e.g. a deep article that contains the video and a link to its corresponding info graphic.

Invest in Social Media to Market Your Content

Effective content marketing requires an audience - something many lawyers lack on their Facebook and Google+ pages. Spend a few hundred dollars in Facebook advertising to grow you local audience. The targeting capabilities are ridiculously effective. You can even use your fresh, relevant content as means to advertise and build your social following for greater SEO potential.

Once you have a several hundred social media followers, you can then start to share your educational content more aggressively. Not only can this lead to earning social signals (likes, +1's, shares, tweets, etc.) which help attribute SEO value, but favored content earns links, helping to grow your rankings naturally.

Please, share you thoughts and opinions below. Thanks for reading.


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