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How to Leverage Blogging to Build Your Social Community

Blogging for SocialIf you are starting a social media marketing (SMM) campaign, you need to know how blogging plays an important role in the success of this campaign. Through blogging, you can improve SMM in a number of ways. Learn how you can use your blog to enhance the social media marketing efforts of your law firm.

Update links to your blog posts on social media pages

When you decide to place a link on either your Facebook wall or Twitter profile, make sure that it doesn’t sound as if your overly trying to promote your brand. Your friends or followers should never feel like you are trying to turn your profile or page into a sales and marketing arena. Placing the links will drive traffic to your blog and present you as an authority site since you are giving them knowledge.

When you are posting your links, you need to find better ways to ensure your blog content reaches out to a larger audience. First, make sure that you share your content when a majority of your audience is online. You can also add a photo beside the link to your blog. Photo posts usually receive higher engagements than simple links. Try and mention a few key influencers (authoritative people) or products, which you have included in your blog on your update. You can tag them on Facebook or use the @username on Twitter. When you do this, these people are also likely to share your blog content with their friends and followers on social media. This potentially enhances your business exposure.

Encourage your visitors to share content on your behalf

You can do different things to encourage others to share your content. For a start, make sure there are social sharing buttons conspicuously placed at the top or bottom of your blog. Additionally, you can encourage your visitors to share your blog content by using a simple call to action in all of your posts. Simply request them to share this information after reading.

Grow the number of followers and fans you have on social networks through your blog content

When you manage to get a good network of people who are interested in your blog content then you will be able to enhance your business through the loyal fans. There are different ways in which you can attract these relevant and targeted fans and followers through blogging. First, make sure you always add a call to action at the end of your post that encourages people to join or add you on their preferred social media network. Additionally, make follow buttons accessible on your blog so that people can easily follow you on social media networks.

Send advertising links to your blog content

When you do this, you increase the likelihood of getting more fans or followers. Make sure the ad is well created with a strong title, description and a captivating image. Make sure the blog post has a call to action at the end that is related to the legal services your firm has to offer. This way, your ads have a higher chance of generating more leads and quality cases.


5 Tips to Using SlideShare for Law Firm Web Marketing

SlideShare for Law Firm Web MarketingSlideShare is a popular platform that aids a number of web marketing strategies. SlideShare enables users to create slide-based presentation (parallel to Microsoft PowerPoint) with ability to share and embed presentations on various other web properties.

With visual content offering a more engaging and attractive option for web users, SlideShare can help supplement various communications for your law firm. In this article, we offer some tips to making the most of your firm's SlideShare presentations.

Center Your SlideShare Presentation on Your Legal Specialties

When embarking your first SlideShare presentation, focus on a legal practice that you truly specialize in. This will enable you to provide optimal value in your content, which supports the following strategies of making your presentation known and potentially viral. Be very specific with this. If you specialize in criminal defense law, create your SlideShare around a specific need or legal solution, such as "How to beat a DUI charge."

Write a Creative & Compelling Title Slide

Your introductory slide, or "Title Slide," offers viewers that important first impression. Ensure your title embodies the solution or value proposition that you plan to cover. You may also want to take into consideration the design element of you slides. A clean, professionally looking slide template is important. Just be sure to keep it simple and avoid implementing too many graphics that might clutter-up your presentation.

Keyword Optimize Your SlideShare Presentation for Greater SEO Potential

In the title, description, and tags fields of your SlideShare presentation, add keywords that reflect what your content is all about. This simple keyword optimization process can supplement many facets of SEO. For instance, if you embed your "How to beat a DUI charge" SlideShare on a blog post about "DUI law," then you are making the blog post more keyword relevant (thus increasing its SEO value.)

Integrate Your Presentation in Other Relevant Forms of Content

Like we mentioned in the latter tip, you can integrate (or "embed") your SlideShare presentations on other web properties and forms of content. Articles and blog posts are great place, for you can supplement your words with more visual elements. You can also add SlideShare presentations to aspects of your website to help educate visitors about specific areas of law.

Promote Your SlideShare Presentation Across Numerous Platforms

After your SlideShare is complete, you'll want to promote your presentation on the social media platforms your firm is active in. Not only does this expose your content to your audience, but a well-liked SlideShare that gains significant popularity can make it more authoritative. That is, when people search SlideShare for related presentations, your firm's presentation will be more likely to show-up in their search results. So beyond the content marketing benefits of SlideShare, the SEO benefits are equally powerful.


5 Internet Marketing Tips for Lawyers and Law Firms

Some years back, it was thought that there was no need for professionals such as attorneys, lawyers, accountants and so on. Today, things have changed. All these professionals have discovered the power of Internet marketing and more so Internet marketing. Here are some hot Internet marketing tips that you can use to market your law firm on the web:

Engage with social media

When the first few social media networks came into being, people started realizing how well they can network. Soon business enterprises followed suit. Here is a good platform through which law firms can make their presence felt. Look for select sites and create profiles. Ask people to like or link themselves to your page. In addition, join groups that are affiliated to lawyers. Make a point of adding comments there on a regular basis. For every comment you make, leave a link that can guide someone to your website.

Invest in Local SEO

Your firm could be having an award winning website where you have put photos and used good graphics. However, if you're not driving traffic to your website, it's reaching its fullest potential and purpose. If you want to attract more people to visit your site, you have to optimize it. Local SEO can be done by hiring professional firms or in-house. Local SEO involves posting well written articles covering different legal issues or services offered by your firm. In these articles, use keywords. Search for words that people browsing the web keep using when looking for law firms.

Have a Blog (or Content Marketing Portal)

Unlike websites, blogs have an advantage in that they are regularly updated. Get into the habit of writing blogs. You can also hire article writers to provide you with quality articles for this purpose. Provide topics or keywords that can be incorporated on each blog. As an attorney, you are well aware of legal areas that people seek for most. It could be divorce, personal injury, inheritance and so on. At the end of each blog, have the writer post a link. Through this link, anyone who reads your blog can be directed to the main site. Here, they will get more information about your firm.

Consider Legal Directories

Make sure you submit your website links to online directories. In addition to the Internet marketing benefits, directories are also ideal for local SEO and search marketing. To be more specific, search for legal directories only as this is where the bulk of your potential clients are likely to be found. Surprisingly, most of these directories do not charge any fees for getting listed.

See What Competitors Are Doing

It is wise to know what your competitors are doing. Get some insights into what other firms are up to. Select a few website firms that are ranked among the top in the industry. Observe the way they have put content and the kind of keywords used. Take note of the way the sites have used SEO techniques and how they have worked for them. Interested in receiving an Internet marketing audit? Visit our services page to learn more about how our experts can help you with your law firm web marketing campaign.


Paid Search Advertising Tips for Local Law Firms

Paid search advertising (otherwise known as "PPC advertising") is highly effective channel to reach individuals seeking specific services and needs.

Local Law Firm Paid Search Advertising Tips

For a law firm, this can offer a great marketing medium to capture pre-qualified leads and earn quality cases. However, learning the in's and out's of paid search advertising can seem like an cumbersome endeavor. To an extent, it truly is.

In this article, we share with you a few paid search advertising tips for law firms with a local target market. These tips can help you make a pronounced statement in the search results for your primary keyword targets.

5 Paid Search Advertising Tips

1. Ensure that your campaign's geo-parameters are set properly. Under the Settings tab in your Google AdWords campaign, refer to the section for "Locations." Here you can set the geographic parameters of your paid search advertising campaign.

For a local law firm, it's critical that your ads are displayed only to search engine users in target market space. You can set your geo-parameters for specific cities, counties, states, or by defining a mile radius from a given point.

2. Avoid broad match keyword bidding. The fact of the matter is, broad match keyword bidding is extremely broad. Instead, use other keyword match types like exact match, phrase match, and modified broad match bidding. This will ensure that your ads appear for the precise keywords you're targeting (and not broad generalizations that can result in wasted impressions and clicks.)

3. Leverage AdWords Ad Extensions. Perhaps the most powerful Ad Extension for local paid search advertising campaigns is "Location Extensions." This will show the address and contact information of your law firm directly in the ad copy. This one of the best PPC tips can really make your ads pop, in addition to offering a nice reference for local searchers.

4. Split-test your ad copy. One of the biggest mistakes that paid search advertisers make is only creating one ad for each ad group. Instead write three or four different ads with variant ad copy. Keep track of the ads that you split-test and make adjustments as you go. This can significantly enhance the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads.

5. Do negative keyword research. As you continue to perfect your paid search campaigns, you may want to do some negative keyword research for terms that are causing your ads to trigger for unwanted search terms. Such negative keywords might be "free" or "reviews." You can add these to the negative keyword list shown below the active keyword list in AdWords.

Interested in more paid search advertising tips? Visit the Web Presence Group blog for a wealth of PPC optimization tips, SEO strategies, and insight for other Internet marketing channels.


Learn to Leverage Social Media Engagement for Feedback

Social Media FeedbackSmall and large businesses have realized that engaging in social media is one of the most effective ways of understanding their customer. Once a company builds a social media network, it is important for it to make use of the information generated from this source on a daily basis. There is a lot of valuable information, which is obtained as feedback from customers via social media.

As a business, you must learn how to collect this information from your customers and use it to improve your products and services. It is easy for a company to establish a social media following but the unfortunate thing is that, most people do not maximize the feedback obtained from social media. According to Joshua March, the CEO and co-founder of Conversocial, only 6 percent of businesses that engage in social media utilize their customer feedback data.

According to March, you can be able to tell how people perceive your products by using the feedback data generated in social media. Most customers will give a genuine description of your product or service based on their opinion. There are some who are flattered by brand loyalty whereas others may have a bad image regarding your product due to a certain marketing message they have come across.

In essence, if you want to understand how your brand is perceived by its target customers then you should collect customer feedback data from social media. You need to understand the negative preconceptions about your brand so that you can address them accordingly. With social media, you can identify the effectiveness of your web presence strategy by identifying the product’s natural strengths and the negative perceptions.

Other than that, social media engagement also helps you to analyze your customer’s reaction to a new product. You can know how your product is faring in a matter of minutes since people give feedback on social platforms really fast. You will be able to know if customers are disappointed or satisfied by the new product depending on the kind of feedback that is generated on social media. You can take the right action to clear information about this new product by giving the right response and addressing disappointments using the same social platform.

According to March, if companies can create a clear plan on how to address social media feedback, then a lot can be achieved. For instance, you can decide to separate the customer feedbacks into different categories then addressing each separately. From there, you can know who is responsible for a certain negative reaction and how this can be addressed. You can also leverage a number of other initiatives, such as promoting job opportunities, local events, or press release forms of content via social media.

In essence, you should engage in social media to help you understand your customers better. Make a point of using any information or data that is given by customers on social media to engage with customers. This customer feedback can help you address issues and incorporate changes, which were recommended by your loyal customers. You can even understand the trends in your company and watch out before losing your loyal customers.


6 Ways to Leverage PR for Organic SEO

PR for Law Firm SEOOne source to help boost your keyword rankings for organic SEO is to build strong relationships with people and professionals who can help publicize your voice (or content, to be specific.)

These publications, which are may be intended for both online and offline purposes, are normally referred to as public relations (PR) content. PR content, whether an optimized press release or newsletter, can be repuprosed for SEO when published in the right places.

Below we share with you six ways in which your law firm can leverage PR for its organic SEO efforts.

1. Building strong connections with famous publications and authoritative companies: The public relations department has a better chance of getting well-known companies to accept to link to your web pages. You can even get PR experts to write press releases or submit some of your articles to the website of a well known company.

2. Utilizing their valuable experience in content creation: People who are in public relations understand different types of audiences and know how they can write information that captivates them. This explains why most media content written by PR specialists usually goes viral. You can take advantage of this by making public relations help you in coming up with web content that works for your target audience. If it is relevant, then popular search engines will rank your site higher. So make sure you use PR services to get relevant and high quality content.

3. Utilizing SEO to attract traffic and maintain high visibility for your press releases: In this case, SEO comes in to ensure your PR efforts do not go to waste. Remember that, you can have the best press release but if it is not visible online then it is of no use. With proper SEO techniques, you can get your press releases to appear on the first result pages of popular search engines. This will increase the number of people who see it and click on your links. You can create traffic to your press releases and make them feature on a SERP by making use of the right keywords.

4. Building your reputation by showing association with other well known publications: People will trust your products or services if you can prove that you have an association with a famous company or publication. For instance, if you mention on your website that your adverts were featured by a well known publication, you might attract interest of large sites, which would not mind accepting your backlinks.

5. Taking advantage of the fact that PR experts are good at communication: One thing you have to understand is that, PR is all about communication. PR experts know exactly what to say to build strong relationships with people you can gain advantage from and attract the right audience to sell your products. You might not get the same skills from a talented organic SEO expert so you should make use of the best of both worlds.

6. Maintain lasting relationships with proper public relations: In your SEO campaigns, you might often find yourself not working with people in the long term. However, PR specialists know how they can maintain strong relationships with vital groups to keep your marketing efforts strong in a long time to come. This ensures that you maximize on the benefit you can attain from that relationship.


What is Content Marketing and Why Lawyers Should be Using It

Content marketing is the use of content (things such as web copy, eBooks, blogs, podcasts, pictures, videos and articles) on a firm's website. By having useful information on the firm's website, versus just a pamphlet of useless information, it gives the firm the opportunity to draw in big clients.

Having a content marketing strategy gives less experienced lawyers the chance to have a portfolio available to anyone who crosses the firm's website. The website essentially turns into a professional profile that shows what kind of work the lawyer is able to handle. This portfolio also gives the lawyer the chance to direct their attention toward the audience the firm wishes to draw in. Posting videos of the lawyer or lawyers of the firm speaking on subjects that are close to their heart such as their personal views and philosophies can attract great amounts of new clients by making the lawyer seem human to the clients.

Establishing a place in the pecking order of lawyers is important, especially for lawyers just entering the field. By focusing on the audience the firm wishes to draw in, this gives the firm the opportunity to build a following of clients, other lawyers, and colleagues. When useful information is posted on the website regularly, the firm can be thought of as a trusted source of information in the law world.

Online content marketing strategies do not have to just focus on the particular lawyer's website. There are other prime opportunities on the internet today. There are industry websites that have available spots for individuals to post items. This would be a prime place to post items such as case studies or presentations. There are also practice area blogs. These practice area blogs would be the perfect place to post articles. Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+) are opportunities to post webcasts where many different individuals see it.

Content marketing is a way to make an ordinary website stand out amongst the rest. Lawyers gain credibility when posting information that is useful, not just content filler on the firm's website. In a day in time where lawyers are abundant, but good lawyers are not, content marketing makes one stand out amongst the rest.

About the Author: This guest post is contributed by Zara, a guest blogger from UK. She has written many articles on SEO, Health and finance. Apart from blogging she does research on ppi claims. Catch her @financeport.


3 Common SEO & Website Optimization Mistakes That You Can Avoid

 SEO Website Optimization MistakeDo you feel as if your diligent SEO and website optimization efforts are simply not paying off?

Before you give-up on SEO and starting thinking about other marketing channels, you should first ensure that you're not making some major mistakes that are jeopardizing your SEO efforts.

Many common marketer make serious optimization mistakes that seem righteous at the time, but are actually hurting their keyword rankings.

In essence, the old days of SEO and website optimization have changed. What once could get your website ranked (e.g. extensive keyword optimization and relentless link building,) can now get your website penalized - namely due to "over optimization."

Below we share three common mistakes that people make which have a negative effect on website optimization.

1. Too many domains, too similar of content - Particularly for law firm web marketers, it's fairly common to see some firms buying and optimizing exact phrase match domains (or "EMDs" like '') for SEO.

Sure, this SEO strategy may work (for now,) but it's critical you populate supplementary domains with unique and valuable content. The mistake is copy and pasting the same "about us" text from the true website to the EMD. This only diminish the SEO value of both web entities.

2. Having too high of keyword density - In the old days of providing SEO and website optimization services, keyword stuffing actually offered some degree of result. Google and other search engines have caught on to this quick and now penalize websites for too high of keyword density.

Focus on writing your web copy for your visitor. The inclusion of keyword will come naturally. To double check to ensure your keyword density stays within the ideal 2-4% range, use the keyword density tool from

3. Neglecting social media - Many search marketers are set in their ways believing SEO is gold and nothing else matters. That fact of the matter is, search (and SEO) is becoming more socially integrated. With the emergence of Google+, your law firm can empower its SEO strategy by incorporating social media.

The evidence is pretty simple to understand. The people in your Google+ circles can influence the type of search results you're displayed (and vice versa,) depending on the keyword. Google's "Search Plus your World" is the concept that's personalizing the search result based on your Google+ activity and social connection. For this reason, your law firm should set-up its Google+ page ASAP.

These are just three of the more common SEO and website optimization mistakes we see in the industry. To learn more about your current level of optimization and whether or not your website is at risk, visit the for a free audit.


5 Tips to Produce Phenomenal Content for Your Web Marketing Strategy

Content Web Marketing StrategyValuable content is the driving force behind any law firm web marketing strategy. Whether it be videos, articles, podcasts, or graphics, there's immense marketing potential to be tapped via strong content.

Particularly for SEO and content marketing campaigns, there's often the question of who should be producing the content?

There's an easy answer to that question: the specialist of the content's topic, which in most cases is the lawyer.

The best content comes from people who are knowledgeable experts and can share a wealth of information on a certain subject.

Content marketing on the web is a bit different from traditional, off-line channels. You need to have a unique voice, offer value and insights, and have a specific goal and purpose with your content marketing strategy.

To help you generate phenomenal content for your firm's web marketing strategy, below are seven tips for content creation and marketing.

  • Express Your Personality - The voice of your content should be unique to your personality. Don't speak legalese and use paragraph long sentences. Be you and express your true feelings through your content.
  • Be Keyword Relevant - With respect to SEO, you'll want to make your content keyword relevant. This doesn't mean jam your text with keyword repetition. Rather, mention your keywords respectfully and creatively in the page title, meta description, and couple times in the body copy.
  • Do Research & Analysis - Parallel to keyword optimizing your content, you'll want to do some research on both keywords and what other attorneys are saying on the subject. Not only with this inspire great ideas, but will also help you position the focus of your content to be original.
  • Be Social & Build Connections - One of the most powerful and cost-effective mediums to market your content (and law firm) is social media. Start building and optimizing your web presence on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter by reaching out to target audience and joining relevant communities.
  • Publish Consistently - Once you've commenced you content marketing strategy, you'll want to publish content on a consistent basis. This will give you audience expectations and something to look forward to.

Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with Google Authorship and the role that this concept plays in the organic SEO arena. This will motivate you to connect your content to a Google+ page.


21st Century Internet Marketing Tips

Marketing in the 21st century is much more different from the way it were some years ago. Confused about your online content strategy? Wondering what plan of action will make the biggest impact on your bottom line?

With the addition of internet, social media, and email marketing, old school rules that were being used in the old gone days have no place this time round because people have come up with different ways of marketing, one which will reach many people and have an instant impact.

Client Focused Relationships

Days are gone when people were sending generic messages and have opted to rather more technological methods that are not only reliable but also the fastest so far. Sending an email and with in second its already received by the other party on the other end. Instead marketers are now opting to building strong relationships with their prospects.

Marketing is the process of promoting goods or services; the final objective is to sell these products. The focus of all marketing actions should be on the customer or client in order to stay profitable. Create, keep, and satisfy the customer should be your main goal. The 21st century marketing ids a lot more challenging and more advanced than the previous one. Due to the high level of technology and the extremely fast pace of technology development and new marketing concepts and tools. It’s always very difficult to keep up the pace and this article takes care of the main things that should be looked at when indulging in the internet marketing.

Blogging & Content Marketing

In the 21st century blogging has also proved to be then best of all marketing tip. Through blogging, one can reach any person fast and at the intended time and thus creating more awareness where needed. Blogs differ from different topics depending on the websites they are serving but mostly they revolve in the same topic.

Some of the tips to consider when using blogging as a way of marketing are as follows; you should post always post regularly and ensure that you post new ideas and fresh ones in this case. You should also be creative in what you will be posting and the areas where you feature more will be of marketing than story telling.

With blogging as a marketing tool, you should update your blogs regularly. As a steady flow of visitors begin to swarm your blog, you must ensure you have a proper marketing funnel in place. Blogging is a great way to share your content and your offer, a way to be heard. With the increasing number of bloggers in internet marketing you must set yourself apart in order to be recognized.

Having professional e-marketers is also a very important thing to note since; professional e-marketers are always the best people to have in making your internet marketing a success. They are ones that are always straight forward and very independent and judgmental. is a leading SEO consulting expert company with experience and expertise brewing in its team of professionals. The company is open top any business wishing to explore the internet to expand its business horizons, feel free to visit the site today for more details.


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