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Best Luggage Discounts for Legal Professionals

Luggage BagFor many years, we believed that it is quite impossible for lawyers and professionals to remain respectable and tasteful at the same time. Fashion has always been limited to career men and women whose jobs were deemed serious and tactful. Because of this, having any degree of individuality has become a challenge for most. However, times have changed, and professionals nowadays have the option to look trendy and elegant without going overboard and compromising their credibility.

We aren't just talking about clothes, of course. Fashion applies to accessories, too - and what accessory can a lawyer not live without? The answer is simple - luggage. The traditional briefcase or travel luggage bag has become stale and generic, thanks to decades of uniformity in design and style. It is no secret that confidence and the way a person carries him/herself is very important in making a good case - which, of course, is the very core of practicing lawyers.

Now, we will talk about some of today's best discount luggage options for lawyers (and other professionals) which have the right balance of style and smart functionality.

Korchmar Luggage

First off, Korchmar luggage and briefcases reign top quality. This family-owned line of discount luggage keeps it stylish without being tacky. That means that they stick to the basic colors: black and brown leather. Whether you need an attaché case, a brief bag or even a wheeled catalog case, their special line of discount luggage sets for professionals would make stand out from the crowd without even lifting a finger.

The professional collection of Korchmar luggage is great for all budgets, too, with bags ranging from just under $200 to briefcases priced at $500 and up. Although Korchmar luggage and travel bags might appear expensive, the price is rather low given the upmost quality put into this pieces of discount luggage.

Briggs & Riley Luggage

In comparison to other professional luggage collections, Briggs & Riley bags are less uptight and aim towards a more casual side. From messenger bags that you can use on casual Fridays to the classic leather briefcases to backpacks and rolling luggage, you're sure to find cheap Briggs & Riley to fit your needs.

If you're gearing towards a more practical choice, then Briggs & Riley line of bags should do the trick. Briggs & Riley luggage options are relatively cheaper, and you can't go wrong with their trademark "Guaranteed for Life" promise. Many online stores offer cheap Briggs & Riley luggage and bags on sale for prices that are sure to spark your interest.

Jamie Raquel Luggage

Of course, we cannot forget our female professionals. The Jamie Raquel LifeSTYLE File Tote in particular is a piece of discount luggage that gives the ladies a break from all the testosterone-filled briefcases out there. The File Tote is the perfect mix of functionality and fashion. It is even available in different colors, keeping the work day sophisticated and sleek all at once.

Jack Georges Milano

Another business collection of discount luggage sets is the Jack Georges Milano line. You can be assured with only the finest Italian leather and sturdy craftsmanship. From files to your laptop, these business cases can offer the best storage while remaining stylish. Available in no less than nine colors, the case also comes with a handy shoulder strap.

Honestly, any of the brands mentioned above are great for keeping discount luggage and travel bags fashionable in the workplace. There is no doubt that you will be able to find the perfect discount luggage sets for your day at work with these great options.


Law Firm Recruitment Strategies to Acquire Talented Marketing Professionals

Marketing Recruitment StrategiesThere are three effective recruiting strategies that law firms can use to recruit top-notch marketing professionals. A law firm can:

  • outsource to a professional executive search firm
  • recruit members from other top law firms and provide them an opportunity
  • look to their current marketing team and empower one of them

Below we go into greater detail into these law firm recruitment strategies to acquire talented marketing professionals.

Recruiting Strategy #1: Outsource to Professional Executive Search Firm

This is a recruiting strategy for a law firm that does not want to send tremors through its organization or even some of its current blue-chip clients that its not happy with the quality of clients that it is bringing in to the firm. The advantage of using an executive search firm to find highly regarded marketing strategy professionals is that they are usually already in contact with many of these individuals.

Its very likely that an executive search firm has placed some of these marketing professionals in their current positions with law firms or in other related fields. The search firm will be able to conduct the recruiting on a confidential basis without alarming any of the law firm's competitors because if they did become aware they might attempt to raid some of your law firm's best clients. Clients want stability and they generally do not want to be associated with a firm which feels that its not bringing in the quality clients it desires.

Recruiting Strategy #2: Raid the Third Highest Ranking Member of the Marketing Team at Top Law Firms

The Number three member of most marketing teams is the individual who usually does most of the strategy work for the marketing arm of the law firm but receives the least credit. The top individual of the marketing team at the top law firms will likely be very expensive to recruit to a firm and the second in command is looking to replace the lead individual and thus would require a very large financial inducement to leave a top law firm.

However, the third highest ranking member of the marketing team of a top law firm is usually very ambitious and is planning to either make a jump to another law firm or hoping that someone will realize that they are ready to lead the marketing arm of a law firm to greater heights. This individual has already acquired the contacts and developed the various strategies that have been implemented by their law firm but the credit has been taken by the senior members. This individual is an ideal person for whom to make an offer.

Recruiting Strategy #3: Empower Member of Current Marketing Team to Hire Retired Marketing Expert From More Successful Competitor

As one of the top recruitment strategies that has proved very successful in recent years, it's effective to take a member of a law firms's current marketing team, usually the number three individual and have them find a recently retired marketing professional from another more successful law firm. Have this individual make an offer to the retired individual for a short-term contract to teach your in-house team how to market your law firm in a more effective and productive manner.

The reason you do not rely on the number one and two ranking members of your law firm's marketing team is because they likely are not going to be receptive to being led by a more successful competitor. Law firms in this situation should consider releasing these two individuals from their contracts and pursue the hiring of the retired individual on a short-term basis. Very rarely do marketing professionals sign non-compete contracts so this is a very feasible way by which a law firm can improve its marketing team in both a short-term and long-term manner.

Just like college recruitment strategies for students and athletes, recruiting superior marketing professionals for law firms is an effort of finding a valued commodity because of how competitive the business environment has become to attract clients. As such, a law firm that wants to hire an excellent marketing professional must consider thinking in a nontraditional, unique manner to acquire innovative and result producing marketing professionals.


Best Directories for Law Firm SEO and Inbound Marketing

Law firms face a lot of competition in Google search (particularly Google Places and local SEO;) But it is possible to increase your organic search presence by utilizing prominent directories for law firm SEO and inbound marketing.

As you may already know, links from relevant and authoritative can help to enhance your firm's ranking organic search. These backlinks legitimize your firm in search, in addition to allowing you to reach a larger audience (via both greater search exposure and inbound marketing potential.) This can translates to an increase in more cases to choose from and more clients.

There are various directories that can offer valuable backlinks for your law firm. These three will help you attain your optimization goals within a shorter period of time. is a renowned directory and it should be one of your primary options for local Google Places SEO. This is a free directory, which is designed for small companies and individuals. It offers reliable and accurate profiles of law firms and lawyers across the world. provides a wide range of information on law issues therefore it will attract individuals who require attorneys. Users get tips on how to identify suitable lawyers and there is an interactive forum for both attorneys and individuals. To join, companies are required to fill in a form on the site to create a profile, which will help to bring in potential clients.

Lex Mundi is a directory that includes some of the best independent law firms in the world. The directory offers users an opportunity to share information about a variety of law topics. It also encourages communication among its members and this helps to enhance service provision.

Lex Mundi promotes independence and this makes it a suitable option for law firm SEO. Firms can request for membership on the directory's site by filling in a simple form. Once you join the directory, you will be one of the 160 premier member firms with over 21,000 lawyers in more than 100 countries .

Avvo is committed to assist individuals to make informed legal decisions. This directory rates lawyers and offers free profiles for members. These profiles provide valuable information such as lawyer skills, background, disciplinary record and client reviews.

Avvo is keen to offer consumers the best legal assistance. You can partner or advertise with the directory to get back links for your company's website. Avvo will provide data and widgets to your website. You can link to the directory and add your profile on your official site to legitimize your company. To partner with the directory, you are required to send an email to get further instructions.


How Law Firms Can Leverage Social Media for A Strong Web Presence

Social Web Presence The Web is an incredibly strong tool to enhance a firm's marketing efforts as well as increase brand awareness. Building a strong web presence can be leveraged by both small and large law firms, and should be incorporated into a larger marketing strategy.

Thanks to the Internet, local law firms now have a more level playing field with the big players in their legal practice. There are some great tips that can improve online visibility of a local law firm, and promote a strong web presence.

Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Before going into any kind of a social media marketing campaign, it is important to first have a good online marketing strategy in place. This includes coming up with outlines of the goals and objectives of the marketing campaign. The first step to coming up with a good marketing strategy is to have a clear, well crafted and concise message, before using social media channels to promote the law firm.

The message should be in line with the overall objectives and goals of the law firm. Once the message has been established, the next step is to find the right social media tools that will effectively spread the message. A lot of consideration has to go into the appropriate social media websites that are a good fit for the law firm. Some of the options to explore here include Google+, Facebook and You Tube.

Social Consistency is Key

In creating and managing a web presence for a law firm, consistency is of the utmost importance. It is not simply enough to have a Facebook account or any of the aforementioned social media websites. It is equally important to supply a steady stream of content to these accounts. A successful social media campaign involves supplying followers with fresh and high quality content on a daily basis. By steadily sharing content on social media websites, you essentially give credit to the law firm's marketing message.

Another important factor to remember is to follow blog subscribers and actively engage with people that follow your blog. Followers are potential leads, and following them improves your chances of a conversion. You must have consistency with your brand's tone and overall online image.

Integrate Icons to Promote Social Media, Brochures, & Calls-to-Action

It is equally important to incorporate the firms' social media marketing campaign with the larger offline marketing plan. Using social icons on emails, brochures, website, business cards and even office location allows potential clients and clients to connect with you on social media. This allows for more people to follow your practice as well as widen the scope of your social engagement.

Measuring social media success

Ultimately, one of the most important contributors to social media marketing success is to know what works and what doesn't. Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical part of increasing the firm's web presence. Google Analytics for example is a great tool for measuring the success of your social media marketing objectives and goals.

If the goal of the marketing strategy is to get more traffic to the firm's website, Google Analytics is a good way to measure how well the social media websites you are using are working for the overall marketing campaign. Overall, effective web presence management will hinge on detailed tracking and analysis.


How Employee Thank You Gifts Can Empower Your Firm's Marketing Potential

Employee Thank YouWhether in the form of creative thank you gifts or constructive reinforcement, showing employee appreciation is an crucial acknowledgement that must be exercised by business owners, managers, CEO's, and other parties involved in the human resources of a company. Particularly for law firms, giving employee thank you gifts and offering sincere appreciation can not only promote positivity in the workplace, but also empower the firm's marketing potential.

In this post, we share a few reasons why showing appreciation to employees, whether through employee thank you gifts or simple manners of praise, can empower your law firm in many ways.

Employee Loyalty

When you show appreciate to employees, help the feel valued and important to the company. This helps to establish a sense of loyalty, which in turn can enable them to put forth more effort into their daily tasks. Expressing employee appreciation via customizable corporate gifts (depending on the nature of the workplace) is very powerful to increase loyalty amongst employees. Creative thank you gifts for employees ideas really show home much your firm cares.

Employee Satisfaction

Whether via positive reinforcement or the latter mention idea of custom corporate gifts, showing employee appreciation helps gives workers a greater level of satisfaction in their job. This can result in greater service output, production, and overall positivity in the working environment.

Increase Employee Retention

Parallel to loyalty, employees who receive gifts and praise will appreciate the sense of care and consideration put forth by the business. As a result, employees are more apt to retain their position with satisfaction. Employee thank you gifts and praise can help increase employee retention while minimizing turnover. This investment can be well worth it in many different respects.

Improve Corporate Image

Companies and corporations who support valued and trusted employees generally operate better in many respects of business. By giving employee thank you gifts, or custom appreciation cards during the holidays, the message can extend beyond the employees who receive them. Even the overall public image can enhance for the brand. This can help enhance a brand's reputation while generating positive outcomes in more ways than one.

Any type of business or law firm that want to get the most from its valued employees should show honest and consistent appreciate. Even if custom employee appreciation and thank you gifts are too much, verbal reinforcement can also contribute to positive well-being and attaining the objectives of the company.

If you have not been appreciating the people you work with, it is high time you implement employee appreciation program. The cost and time spent on the program will be nothing compared to the benefits you will get.

Employee appreciation can be expressed in many ways. Employee appreciation and thank you gifts are ideal for the holiday season. And praises is another simple way that can be used to appreciate and thank employees who have done excellent work for the company.


Tips to Create a Comprehensive Law Firm Web Marketing Strategy

In 2013 alone, the scope of Internet has drastically widened. Almost every organization can build a well-marketed web presence that helps grow their business.

As new technologies and changes continue to evolve the Web, specific strategies become more available. The organizations that capitalize on these changes can develop a stronger and more authoritative web marketing strategy.

Law Firm Web Marketing Strategy

In order to create a powerful law firm web marketing strategy, you need proper understanding of certain marketing tactics which can help you interact with potential clients while strengthening your web presence. Let us tell you about certain techniques you can use to create such a law firm web marketing strategy for your legal business.

Local SEO

A web marketing strategy can never give good returns if your website is not optimized for local and mobile search results. You can use many different ways to improve your local search engine rankings. One of the simplest things to do is to complete your profile on Google+. You should also link your law firm to local and niche legal directories.

When you have a complete profile on Google+ linked to your website, it provides better exposure in Google Local Search (results with a map and red pins indicating your specific physical location). Although Google+ Local profiles are good for mobile use, it is always better to build your website with a responsive design. This way, mobile users in your area will also have a good experience on your website.

Local Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

In order to develop a powerful law firm web marketing strategy, you need a strong online presence. Supplementing your organic search presence with paid search results can be a good choice. You can integrate Local PPC Advertising with Google Local Search Results for better returns. Since paid search makes Google a lot of money, it won’t be subsided anytime soon. According to experts, search engine optimization is less consistent without paid search results.

Social Media Marketing

These days, almost every person on the internet uses social media in one form or another. These people may be your potential clients. Therefore, it is extremely important to have your presence on various social media channels. You will need to develop content which is relevant to your law firm. Moreover, it should engage visitors and include a lot of potential for being shared quickly. You should have your profiles on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, at the very least.

Content Marketing

As most experts say, 'Content is King’. It is no longer a luxury for online marketers. Content has become a necessity for the success of your website. Without good content, your social media, search engine optimization and public relations strategies will suffer. You need to hire people with some legal experience to write blog posts, develop videos, e-book, infographics, printed books, podcasts and more. In simple words, you need some people who can develop good content to establish your legal practice as a local authority.

Just like every business, a law firm also needs a strong online presence these days. In order to get people’s attention and drive more traffic to your website, you need a comprehensive law firm web marketing strategy. If your strategy includes the above mentioned techniques, you will be able to get some good returns. However, you will have to be patient, work hard and stay determined to grow your business.


3 Critical Tips for (Backend) Website Optimization

 Website OptimizationWebsite optimization (also known as "on-site SEO" or "on-page optimization") is the process of fine-tuning a website for better performance. When website optimization is done correctly, improvements in performance can influence search engine rankings (SEO) as well as conversion potential, or "CRO" (conversion rate optimization.)

The processes of website optimization typically focuses on the "backend" of a website, or the content and elements that are not visible by users. This can require the need for a technical website expert, or proficient website optimization company.

If you do have a technical SEO expert on staff and do not need to consult a website optimization company or optimization specialist, below are some tips to get you started. These website optimization tips can help your company's web presence and usability in more ways than one.

Backend Website Optimization Tips

Optimize the Page URLs

There are a few rules of thumb for URLs when optimizing a website's backend. They ought to be less than 155 and contain read-able words that reflect your SEO targets (not auto-generated jumble like ""

The ideal thing when conducting website optimization is change URL structures so that your site uses "keyword optimized" URLs. This will significantly help your company's SEO efforts.

Lastly, this scenario can happen if a site issues session IDs (which is common when using CMS platforms to run a website). Session IDs are issued any visitor visiting the page. Hopefully your technical expert, or website optimization company, can figure out a way to change unwanted CMS-generated URLs to more SEO friendly URLs.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions and Title Tags Pinpointing

Another common aspect of website optimization are page titles and Meta descriptions. Page title tags and Meta descriptions need to be distinct for each page. In case of duplication, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to detect them.

Other than being distinct, meta descriptions and title tags should :

  • be relevant, incentivizing and compelling (to lure in search engine users who see your website's listing)
  • include a primary keyword targets (to establish keyword relevancy for SEO)
  • have a maximum character length of 70 for titles and 155 for meta descriptions. This is to ensure that both are displayed in search results without minor omission

Pinpoint and Fix Mishandled Redirects

Ensuring proper redirects is critical for both SEO and CRO, and should be done for any website. They may happen to use 302 redirects (that are not permanent) instead of 301 redirects (which is permanent.) 302 redirects never pass any link value (for SEO), so this pinpointing process should be executed during your company's website optimization efforts.

Sometimes Google Webmaster Tools is an effect resource for this task, but other website auditing and optimization tools can be more efficient. The SEO Powersuite is a great investment for company's with an in-house SEO team.


3 of the Most Trusted and Authoritative Directories for Organic SEO

organic seo, backlinks, directoriesFinding good sources for backlinks is an integral aspect to the organic SEO process. In order for a website to be competitive in organic search, quality backlinks are a must.

Quality is critical in this aspect of SEO, making the process of building backlinks a meticulous task. In short, there are various limitations and risks involved, such as being penalized by Google for unnatural backlinks pointing to a site.

So how does overcome these hurdles to create a successful organic SEO campaign? A classic solution is to utilize trusted and authoritative directories. Although many directories have lost their SEO value, there are still several out there that provide adequate link juice for SEO.

Below are three of quality directories that can help supplement your organic SEO strategy.

The International Directory is a high authority directory that offers a wealth of categories for various industries and markets. This helps to ensure that the backlinks coming from a listing are as relevant as possible. offers three types of directory submissions: basic, express, and sponsored. Each require payment at different price points, however the more premium the choice the great value to be had for organic SEO.

The "sponsored" submission offers the greatest SEO-impact because you can include up to five backlinks in a listing profile. Just be sure to blend the anchor text of any additional backlinks to ensure they appear natural (and not over-optimized.)

The Yahoo! Directory

The Yahoo! Directory listings are recognized for top-shelf backlinks. In addition to Google, the Yahoo! Directory can significantly aid keyword rankings in Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

The downside to this directory is that the investment is not cheap. The annual fee is hefty $299, but if your organic SEO budget allows, then this solid directory is definitely opt for this one.

The DMOZ Directory

The DMOZ directory has a track record for aiding organic SEO projects of all types. It's a well-known directory that's supported by expertise that most other directories fail to offer. As an authoritative backlink sources with a PageRank of 7, is a must-pursue for all organic SEO experts in the profession, (not to mention that it's completely free.)

When you visit, simply find the category in which your website best falls under. Then, near the top right of the page, click the "Suggest URL" link to submitted the domain of interest. The timeline is questionable, but if the site is legit and completely matches that of the chosen category, it should be a matter of weeks before you get a nice backlink to your website.


Tips for Branding Your Law Firm Online

Most law firms want to be renowned for their established track record and extensive legal expertise. In most situations, these aspirations can be somewhat esoteric to a potential case or cleint who is not familiar with the legal community.

Establishing a reputable online brand signifies a powerful perspective of your legal practice, without the need for prospective clients to do as much homework about your brand. This article is a process or system to inspire you to effectively brand your law firm online.

Defining Specific Strengths in the Firm

Despite the fact that it may be good to have your complete practice identified with a brand name, it is also advantageous for a lawyer or department within your company to have a particular brand recognition. If we take the example of some good corporations that contain many effortlessly identifiable product lines, your lawyers, associates, partners, and legal teams can represent a particular recognizable brand from your community or area of expertise.

For attorneys, reputations are frequently hard-achieved in courtrooms through successful representation of their customers. Branding emphasizes on the earned reputation of attorneys by creating a certain image for their firm through online law firm branding.

For example, if your company has a department that has created a solid awareness in your state or district for Real Estate Planning, you would want to emphasize on this over the web. Having successful branding, you can be among the instantly identifiable, "go to" lawyers in that district.

Showcase the Firm's Talent

Creating a reputable brand name online needs a multi-tiered attitude. Your online presence is imperative when it comes to law firm branding. The majority of firms online don't have an instant recognition of their brand or product, however they do not actually need this right away.

The brand of a law firm should be famous for the individuals in their law field and by the customers in the law practicing community. When a prospective customer finds that they are in need of an attorney who works in the area of expertise you work they can visit your page since your name is one of many they discover out of dozens.

Build a Marketable Web Presence

It is important to create a website for your law film, which has a good, appropriate template and design, and represents your services in a marketable way. Your website must be very well optimized for the search engines. You might need the service of professional SEO experts for the purpose of establishing good web presence.

Social media is probably one of the most active methods of attracting the right visitors for your website. Social media sites are very lively platforms, which drive genuine traffic to your website - visitors who will be really valuable to your business, not just automated hits or useless traffic. Today, virtually everybody knows how to use social media, therefore this makes it one of the easiest promotional methods for all business areas, including law firm branding.

Using the methods of Internet marketing is another option for law firm branding. With the invention and popularity of the modern traffic generation methods, Internet marketing may look like an old promotional method, but in fact it's tested and proven to be one of the most stable methods of promotion. Advertising your website through PPC campaigns, e-mail newsletters, local search, Google ranking, and all other Internet marketing technique will always remain the most valuable promotional asset towards truly serious clients who are highly interested in your firm's legal services.


Google's New Local Search Results & How to Optimize Accordingly

The search engine results page is constantly changing and expanding. For instance, have a a look at this screenshot of Google's brand new Local Search results.

Google Local Search

Those who frequently use the Google search engine will certainly find the new look of the local search results rather unique. So it raises a question for those with a business or planning to start one: How do I place my website in the horizontal listings at the very top of the page?

If you raised that question, then read on because I am about to share with you a few local SEO tips in order to help your business grow and get better ranked in Google Local Search.

Phase I: Claim, Verify, & Populate Your Google+ Page

The results shown when you search for a certain business on Google, or any search engine, depend on a specific number of variables, such as directory listings, business's web presence (such as social media pages) and last but not least, having a Google+ Page.

The last of these variables, The Google+ page, is an crucial step in getting your business properly listed. While it is true most of these businesses already have an Google+ page, usually one that's already generated by Google, more often than not the Google+ page is not properly claimed and verified the Google+ page in order for it to generate its maximum potential.

So the first step into getting your business optimized in Google Local Search is to find this Google+ page of yours and in the lower right side of the screen you will see an option to claim the Google+ page as your own. Once you click it, you'll have to go through a verification system, in which they'll send a postcard to your business address in order to verify that you truly own the business you try to claim.

In the meanwhile, you should go ahead and fill your businesses Google+ page with all the needed contact information, address, additional information, links perhaps? You want to include pretty much everything a prospect would want to read.

Phase II: Pinpoint & Build Citations

A citation basically consists of your company's Name, address and phone number, commonly referred to as NAP. Citations are commonly found social sites and directories that contain a listing of a specific business.

Citations are extremely important, for when Google is determining its Local Search rankings, it will sort them according to the volume, quality and accuracy of a certain business's citation.

So technically, the more citations you have, the higher your business's rank will be. Its rather obvious, but you should know the two most important elements of a citation:

  • Quality/Relevancy: Its extremely important not only HOW many citations are found but WHERE they are found. A business citation of a marketing business in a fashion directory is rather irrelevant.
  • Accuracy: Arguably the most important feature of a citation. If any of your citation information (NAP) is incorrect or inconsistent, it can potentially affect your ranking in Google Local Search.

So keep in mind what I said when you seek websites to built your citations. Below I have compiled a list of some of the most trusted and influential sources for citations:

Note that you should always keep on eye on the competitors. I recommend you thoroughly inspect the search engine result page and get an idea on which websites and directories your business should be on.


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