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10 Review Sites To Better Manage Your Law Firm's Reputation

ReputationAs a business it is imperative to keep up with the new technologies that are introduced to maintain customer interests. Although it can be difficult to keep up, new methods of collecting information can serve as a major advantage when used correctly.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool and friends recommending potential clients is a big part of new business acquisition. Now, thanks to the Internet, potential clients can read reviews of happy clients who have reviewed a certain firm. This broadens the possibility of significantly earning new quality cases. These review websites will help maintain, grow, and preserve the reputation of any legal niche.

1. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a company built to keep records of reviews for its clients. Customers of this business rely on them for advice on the best product or services on the market. This business began assisting customers in creating the right buying decisions in 1936 and has since grew vastly. For any business, this site is a good tool for exposure, as it is a trusted company.

2. Angie's List

This is a wonderful resource of reviews because of the security benefit this company offers. Customers who leave reviews on this site are paying a membership fee, so reviews are more likely to be honest. Another great feature Angie's List is that it offers is the ability to respond to reviews left by customers on the website, a huge benefit for a growing business to defend it's reputation.

3. Zomato

Zomato is geared towards business in the food business. The company has grown rapidly in the last seven years because of the features it provides. It is search engine optimized, so customers can easily find products through the web. They also keep reviews organized buy including reviews from different websites.

4. Your Law Firm Website

A law firm can incorporate reviews on its own website. This method isn't as lucrative as the other methods mentioned because customers will know a company will never say anything to tarnish its own reputation, but it is best to exist in every avenue to get the best results. This also serves as a means to build evergreen content on the website, which can help facilitate your SEO objectives.

5. City Search

For small law firms, this website can be a smart choice. City Search brings up local results, allowing customers close by to conveniently reach products and services.

6. Insider Pages

This website, founded in 2004, also drives customers in locally. Insider Pages' reputation has grown rapidly and it is a good tool to use along with other sites.

7. Facebook

Facebook is ranked number 2 in the world for customer visits. Not using this platform to promote ones law firm is a major weakness for law firm web marketing. A large audience can have access to a businesses reviews and customers can also see how their "friends" view the product or service.

8. Google+

Google is the most visited site in the world. Using SEO local results can put a company's web page high in the ranks where customers can view product services. Google+ can tie it all by blending social media and the methods mentioned earlier.

9. Yahoo

Yahoo is not as big as google, but comes in second which is magnificent. They are an enormous company with many followers. Businesses should take advantage of this.

10. Better Business Bureau

When a possible customer visits a new or unfamiliar website the chances are they will check if a business is Better Business Bureau certified. This is not a necessity for a business to become qualified, but it is a strong reputation builder in the eyes of the consumer.

Staying up to date with positive reviews on these sites can increase sales and improve customer service of a business.


Moz Unveils 2015 "Future of SEO" Survey

Moz SEO 2015Every two years, Moz interviews some of the best minds in the SEO industry concerning the future of search engine optimization and how Google's ever changing algorithm is influencing it now and in the future.

This time, there are a handful of useful insights we can gather from the latest survey by Moz on 2015 ranking factors. In addition to this, the survey also touches on how Google's algorithm features are expected to change in the next 1 year.

Foundational Factors of SEO

Of course they still had to touch on the same ranking factors that we're all familiar with. These include mobile friendliness, analysis of site pages, usage of data (CTR), readability and design, influence of structured data on serps, app popularity, site speed and many more.

Of all the ranking factors that were taken into account, the survey projected that some factors would remain constant in the next one year. These included topical relevance of links, quantity of paid results on serps, social signals, presence and prominence of ads over content, raw domain authority, internal links and many more.

The survey also predicted that the effectiveness of paid links and influence of anchor text would decrease. Nevertheless, all the factors that Google's algorithm touched revolved around user friendliness. So the general consensus was that the search engine was more concerned with user experience than anything else. That's the reason it touched heavily on mobile friendliness, perceived value, readability and many more.

Specific SEO Ranking Factors

On a scale of 1-10 (Least relevant to most relevant), below we outline several specific ranking factors that impact Travers City SEO in 2015.

On-page keyword optimization

On-page SEO is concentrated on particular keywords placed on some parts of the HTML code. When it comes to on-page optimization, keywords put in title elements still maintained an influence of 8.34. On the other hand, keywords incorporated into specific parts of HTML elements maintained a relevance of 4.16.

Domain-level keyword features

These are features that deal with how keywords are used in the domain and sub-domain names, plus how they're likely to affect ranking. Keywords incorporated in the exact match domain had relevance of 5.83, while keyword in the domain extension had 2.55 only.

Link metrics for individual pages

This has to do with metrics concerning various pages of a website. These include page rank, number of inbound (backlinks) and outbound links and many more. In this study, it was found that raw quantity of in-bound links from high authority sites had a relevance of 7.78, while external links pointing back to a page had a relevance of 3.85 only.

The uniqueness of a page had an influence of 7.85, while pages that featured open graph data maintained it at 3.64.

Qualities of branding & brand metrics

The search volume of the brand or domain showed a relevance of 6.54, while social media pages for popular businesses fell at 3.99 relevance.

Page social features

This part studied third-party metrics related to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. The survey found that content engagement stood at 3.87 on average, while up-votes on particular site pages on social media maintained a relevance of 2.7.

The future of SEO

These SEO experts were asked to give their views on anything they thought would come up and influence ranking. Some of the sentiments worth noting are summarized below:

  • The app world will be noticed by Google. For instance, if a webmaster had a popular app that was relative to their competitor, Google wouldn't hesitate to notice it.
  • Mobile-friendliness will increase, together with directly or indirectly related factors.
  • User location may influence mobile serps. On the other hand, connected devices like watches and cars would allow voice search.

These factors, plus many more, make the world of SEO and ranking now and in the next 12 months. Therefore, with this information, webmasters can fine-tune their site resources to maximize on these changes and also stay out of the way for possible penalties.

To learn more about the survey and its findings, visit


How To Make Your Law Firm SEO Strategy More Socially Oriented

The best SEO practices change constantly. Today, law firm SEO is focusing more on social media engagement and real marketing. That means, keyword optimized web pages and automated link building tactics have become obsolete and social integration has become more prominent.

law firm seo strategy

If you want to attract real audience and establish real connections, your law firm SEO strategies must be focused on legitimate marketing principles. In a simple meaning, you must give importance on high quality content and social media engagement. Here is an analysis of a few marketing strategies that you can create for your law firm.

Google Plus Social Presence

Social media is very powerful and they have significant role in the future of your law firm SEO strategies. Google plus is one of the most important social media that your firm must address. Google Plus plays a huge role in the organic search results of Google.

Therefore, you need to establish the Google Plus presence of your law firm as soon as possible. You will surely get more quality followers from Google Plus. If you can make more influence on search results, you can achieve your goals very easily. At the same time, you should also concentrate on promoting your law firm through other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Content And Appeal of Website

You must treat the content and appearance of your law firm website judiciously. It must range from images to copy. You must create a strong sense of overall perception and motive behind your target search market. You need to understand the purpose of your website.

This will help you to create a conversation-oriented content, which helps to get strong cases. You must also evaluate the overall layout and design of your website. The design must be SEO friendly, up-to-date and highly attractive to the users.

Create Solid Content Marketing Strategies

You need to create a solid content marketing strategy with diverse content portfolio. Articles, press releases and blogs are primary forms of link building. Besides these, you must engage in rich media content such as infographics, videos and podcasts.

You can also make creative for your law firm. Then, try to build a plan, which is well in-line with your target audience. The strategies must also incorporate the media capabilities of your law firm.

Carve Your Niche

The legal market place is highly competitive. Therefore, it is not good to speak to masses. Instead, you can focus on carving a niche in your specific area of practice. If you get potential clients, you can earn more respect.

This is the outcome of higher quality cases and referrals. You may be well educated, but at the same time, you need to build a powerful reputation to succeed in this field. You need to prove your expertise in your area.

Internet marketing will help you to create a high reputation. A catchy headline, few introductory sentences, useful information, etc are the elements of great content. You can start with 10 or more articles that really uphold the fundamental believes of your firm.

These can be a combination of text, video, audio, etc. You must select the right format that your audience prefers. You must also create well-focused content for your landing pages. A great intro can attract lots of audience. The marketing game of law firms has changed drastically with the web. So, create tools and innovations to achieve great returns with respect to your lawyer SEO and web marketing strategy.


Social Media's Momentous Impact on Local SEO

SEO Traverse City MIThe primary purpose of any social media presence for a small or medium business is to give your business an online voice and face. These days, people love interacting with companies they patronize.

This isn’t a phenomenon reserved for large corporations or celebrities. With huge expansion of social media platform, having your law firm's profile on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram, and many others is simply no longer an option.

It has now become an important part of your overall branding efforts and achieving more visibility and a wider brand recognition, which is so important to ongoing viability of your law firm web marketing plan. However, these social media platforms can also help you achieve many other vital things as well, including SEO (more on that below.)

Why Your Local Business Needs a Social Media Presence

For small and medium companies, social media can surely help you establish long-term relationship with customers. With social media, you get a perfect and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers in a way which was never feasible before.

It also provides you with a very inexpensive, and near instant way to keep your target audience abreast of new products, social events, special sales and more. It also provides more exposure to your business and provides a way for your customers to become more acquainted with it. Many studies in the past have shown that customers spend considerable time researching a company online before they every decide to buy from them.

Leveraging the Power of Local SEO

The purpose of SEO is quite different from social media. The main focus of SEO is to boost website ranking on big search engines which increases online visibility and leads to more traffic to the website and ultimately create more sales.

For small companies, local SEO has much more significance than non-local SEO as most of their customers are comprise of those who reside in and around the place where the business’s physical location is. This means that SEO techniques used by local businesses must be focuses on this particular target audience.

How Social Media Impacts Local SEO?

While SEO and social media are mentioned in tandem, the reality is that these two terms refer to two separate functions. However, the reason whey they’re mentioned together is that there are multiple overlaps between the two.

The reason why many SEO agencies recommend small and medium businesses to enhance their social media presence is because it helps in enhancing their online visibility and search engine rankings. Many SEO experts believe that Google and many other search engines take into account how popular your social media presence is in order to ascertain how important your site is and where it should rank on tier result pages.

The theory proposed by these Traverse City SEO experts is that businesses with more Facebook likes, larger 1’s on Google, or larger Twitter following are more favored by search engines because they’re viewed as more popular with the visitors and therefore provide a more valuable information.

These experts take it a step further by stating that Google and many other search engines also scan for online mentions on different social media sites, known as co-citations. The more co-citations or mentions a company has, the better they can on various search engine results, including local search engines. This surely makes having a rock solid social media presence even more important to small businesses than every before.


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