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Learn to Leverage Social Media Engagement for Feedback

Social Media FeedbackSmall and large businesses have realized that engaging in social media is one of the most effective ways of understanding their customer. Once a company builds a social media network, it is important for it to make use of the information generated from this source on a daily basis. There is a lot of valuable information, which is obtained as feedback from customers via social media.

As a business, you must learn how to collect this information from your customers and use it to improve your products and services. It is easy for a company to establish a social media following but the unfortunate thing is that, most people do not maximize the feedback obtained from social media. According to Joshua March, the CEO and co-founder of Conversocial, only 6 percent of businesses that engage in social media utilize their customer feedback data.

According to March, you can be able to tell how people perceive your products by using the feedback data generated in social media. Most customers will give a genuine description of your product or service based on their opinion. There are some who are flattered by brand loyalty whereas others may have a bad image regarding your product due to a certain marketing message they have come across.

In essence, if you want to understand how your brand is perceived by its target customers then you should collect customer feedback data from social media. You need to understand the negative preconceptions about your brand so that you can address them accordingly. With social media, you can identify the effectiveness of your web presence strategy by identifying the product’s natural strengths and the negative perceptions.

Other than that, social media engagement also helps you to analyze your customer’s reaction to a new product. You can know how your product is faring in a matter of minutes since people give feedback on social platforms really fast. You will be able to know if customers are disappointed or satisfied by the new product depending on the kind of feedback that is generated on social media. You can take the right action to clear information about this new product by giving the right response and addressing disappointments using the same social platform.

According to March, if companies can create a clear plan on how to address social media feedback, then a lot can be achieved. For instance, you can decide to separate the customer feedbacks into different categories then addressing each separately. From there, you can know who is responsible for a certain negative reaction and how this can be addressed. You can also leverage a number of other initiatives, such as promoting job opportunities, local events, or press release forms of content via social media.

In essence, you should engage in social media to help you understand your customers better. Make a point of using any information or data that is given by customers on social media to engage with customers. This customer feedback can help you address issues and incorporate changes, which were recommended by your loyal customers. You can even understand the trends in your company and watch out before losing your loyal customers.


6 Ways to Leverage PR for Organic SEO

PR for Law Firm SEOOne source to help boost your keyword rankings for organic SEO is to build strong relationships with people and professionals who can help publicize your voice (or content, to be specific.)

These publications, which are may be intended for both online and offline purposes, are normally referred to as public relations (PR) content. PR content, whether an optimized press release or newsletter, can be repuprosed for SEO when published in the right places.

Below we share with you six ways in which your law firm can leverage PR for its organic SEO efforts.

1. Building strong connections with famous publications and authoritative companies: The public relations department has a better chance of getting well-known companies to accept to link to your web pages. You can even get PR experts to write press releases or submit some of your articles to the website of a well known company.

2. Utilizing their valuable experience in content creation: People who are in public relations understand different types of audiences and know how they can write information that captivates them. This explains why most media content written by PR specialists usually goes viral. You can take advantage of this by making public relations help you in coming up with web content that works for your target audience. If it is relevant, then popular search engines will rank your site higher. So make sure you use PR services to get relevant and high quality content.

3. Utilizing SEO to attract traffic and maintain high visibility for your press releases: In this case, SEO comes in to ensure your PR efforts do not go to waste. Remember that, you can have the best press release but if it is not visible online then it is of no use. With proper SEO techniques, you can get your press releases to appear on the first result pages of popular search engines. This will increase the number of people who see it and click on your links. You can create traffic to your press releases and make them feature on a SERP by making use of the right keywords.

4. Building your reputation by showing association with other well known publications: People will trust your products or services if you can prove that you have an association with a famous company or publication. For instance, if you mention on your website that your adverts were featured by a well known publication, you might attract interest of large sites, which would not mind accepting your backlinks.

5. Taking advantage of the fact that PR experts are good at communication: One thing you have to understand is that, PR is all about communication. PR experts know exactly what to say to build strong relationships with people you can gain advantage from and attract the right audience to sell your products. You might not get the same skills from a talented organic SEO expert so you should make use of the best of both worlds.

6. Maintain lasting relationships with proper public relations: In your SEO campaigns, you might often find yourself not working with people in the long term. However, PR specialists know how they can maintain strong relationships with vital groups to keep your marketing efforts strong in a long time to come. This ensures that you maximize on the benefit you can attain from that relationship.