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The Value in SEO Consulting for Web-savvy Marketing Teams

SEO Consulting MarketingSEO consulting can help a strong Web-savvy marketing team to bring a website from a virtual unknown to page one ranking by defining a sound SEO strategy and better utilizing proper SEO tactics.

Of course, no SEO expert can guarantee overnight success or top search engine placement; however, with the right SEO consultant and the right process you will achieve true ROI and tangible results.

Therefore, SEO consulting and coaching services can be the ideal solution for savvy marketing teams that can handle much of the work themselves with the right guidance. For the best results, it's important to choose the right SEO consultant who specializes in the proper type of SEO that's relevant to your business niche: local SEO, ecommerce SEO, enterprise-level SEO, and even specialized projects like surgeon SEO.

How Good SEO Consultants Operate

The power of good SEO can greatly help any business improving their online visibility and receive a higher number of visitors on their business website. A good SEO agency can provide useful coaching and consulting services build around true SEO knowledge, experience and expertise as well as hard work dedicated to your project.

Good SEO consultants can teach you the best content and social media techniques and integrate both in a powerful and comprehensive SEO strategy. In today’s online world the days of link building only strategies belong to the past. SEO focuses today on well writing and quality content that is focused on the needs of your target audience.

Building & Actualizing a Solid SEO Program

Web savvy marketing team need to work in a close relationship with SEO consulting firms on their organic SEO projects in order to include highly complex software products and technology solutions. Each niche is different, but with SEO the technique in which you execute matters more than the industry your business focuses on.

The best SEO consulting approach is a holistic approach. What makes an effective e-business SEO company unique is its ability to come with a holistic marketing program. A good SEO agency can help your company by performing a thorough SEO audit to craft an effective SEO plan that can drive website traffic and more conversions. With experience in both sales and marketing, and a integrative team of professionals, formed by SEO consultants, website architects and designers, such a reliable SEO agency can provide your company with the right coaching and consulting services in order to boost your online success.

Your objective in the end is not only about attracting more web traffic, but it’s about attracting the right targeted traffic that suits your demographic and target audience. It is also about building credibility and driving potential customers in their early selection process, while you channel them into sales.

An SEO agency can be both your consultant and your teacher, but in the long run, it's best to consult with an advisor who can help manage and optimize the web presence behind your business. At the end of the consulting services engagement you will benefit from more than increased website traffic. The goal is to provide you with a foundation that you can use to build upon for the future.


Get a Local SEO Audit to Jump-Start Your Firm's 2015 Marketing Plan

Local SEO auditLocal SEO audits are highly valuable for law firms, not only to expose the weaknesses of a website, but also to identify any opportunities for potential improvements to boost keyword rankings. Investing in a local SEO audit is a quick and effective way to evaluate the optimization of your webpages and plays the role of the very first step of building a SEO-friendly website that can help promote your brand and attract the target visitors.

Below are some of the most significant components that you can expect from a professional and comprehensive local SEO audit.

On-Site SEO Analysis

A local SEO audit of your law firm's website will study the on-page optimization and its effectiveness, which is all about the quality of content, internal linking, proper use of keywords and several other factors.

The on-site SEO component of the local SEO audit should also including assessing your webpages for identifying whether it uses unique and relevant meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords and SEO-friendly URLs as these attributes are considered by Google to determine the search engine ranking and relevancy of your web pages for targeted queries. It also checks whether you have included your contact information on the homepage and the concerning pages.

Backlink Profile Audit

In order to improve the rankings and authority, you need to build or earn backlinks to your law firm's website. Backlinks come from various web sources including blogs, videos, directories, social media profiles etc. But, those links must be of high quality as poor quality backlinks can lead to deindexing from Google.

An efficient SEO audit lets you know the flaws and strengths of the backlinks to your business website. Although some local SEO providers do not scan and audit the backlink profile during a local SEO, the most proficient local SEO companies will take the time to review this vital aspect of your firm's SEO efforts.

Local Directory Listing Audit

A local SEO audit lets you find out your law firms listings on the web and also what they say about you. It may include checking out top local directories for mentions (or "citations") of your business. You can see what information they carry about your law firm including your important NAP data (Name, Address, Phone number), business description, photos, reviews and star ratings.

According to local SEO company, Traverse City Top of Mind, a citation audit for Google local SEO is equally as vital as backlink audit for organic SEO. You can learn more about this important differentiation by reading the 2015 SEO guide at Top of Mind.

Social Media Report

Social media reports of an local SEO audit helps to get a clear picture of your social status on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Foursquare. It ensures whether you are using these essential tools to spread the word about your business and engage with your customers as well as the extent to which your customers liking and appreciating your business. Social media is not only a major marketing tool, but it also affects the SEO. An audit checks the factors that influence your website's trust such as hidden text, malware, keywords stuffing and cloaking. You can understand how you can get more social and expand the social-web presence of your business better.

Off-Page Ranking Factors

The way a site is ranked in the algorithms of search engines is highly influenced by the off-Page SEO factors. Conducting a local SEO audit helps to address all the questions regarding the popularity, authority and the activity of your business website. It also examines the ratings of your website by several reputable sites including Domain Authority, Alexa and Page Authority. These factors explain the affluence of the website or your law firm.


7 Tips for Finding and Building Citations for Local SEO

Google Local SEO Citations  As savvy marketer, by now you should know the importance of finding and building citations for local SEO (ranking higher in the Google local listings.)

Because citation generation is a lot of work, it's important to use the right resources and guidance. This post is dedicated to sharing the best resources to pinpoint citation building opportunities and advance your local SEO efforts to the next level.

1. Start by checking your current citations via Use this listing as a starting point. Verify the information that has already been cited to ensure that it is accurate before moving forward.

2. Clean up your existing citations first. Do this before moving forward to list your business on any further sites. Citations that are incorrect offer no benefit to you. Correcting the information will begin to raise your rankings almost immediately. Incorrect citations are often the reason behind why people may not find you via local search engines, which decreases your rankings.

3. Comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you have not yet made yourself familiar with them, do so now at

4. Use Google Mapmaker in order to determine if there are multiple citations on the same sites.

5. Prepare your company’s information in a template. The use of a template will ensure consistency amongst citations and it will also guarantee that no information will be accidently omitted. Include the following elements, if applicable.

  • Business owner name - The full legal name of the business owner (no nicknames, etc.)
  • Email address – the email address that will be checked by the business. Do NOT include your personal email.
  • Company name – As it appears on Google
  • Address (and Suite or Floor number if applicable)
  • City, State, and Zip
  • Phone Number
  • Website or landing page for location
  • 800/toll free phone number
  • Logo URL – The precise URL from your website that hosts your company’s logo. Should your company not have a logo, this can be omitted and modified at a later time.
  • Social media profile links
  • Google+ Local page

6. Conduct a NAP (Name, address and phone number) search on Google and ensure that your NAP information is accurate. You can also use and the free scan they offer.

7. Change your mindset. Instead of trying to have a citation everywhere, ensure that your citations are relevant to your industry and target audience.

Building and creating citations can be quite time consuming, but the benefits are well worth the time. You do have the option to outsource the work to a credible SEO marketing company should you desire. Simply ensure that you properly vet companies to ensure that compliance are met alongside needs.

When embarking upon this venture for yourself, it is imperative to be extremely organized and use a best practices SEO guide. Utilized the cloud services of Google documents for the storage and sharing of your spreadsheet that will keep track of your citations (and corrections).


3 Non-Legal-Specific Directories to Acquire New Leads & Cases

Legal DirectoriesBeing active on various web directories, or directory-like social sites, can be time consuming and thus shrugged-off by many lawyers and legal professional. But many of these experts fail to realize that their ideal client or case are looking for their legal services on sites other than Lex Mundi, Find Law, or Martindale.

In this article, we share three directories that are not specific to the legal profession, but are great places to help you acquire new clients and solid cases.

Google Plus

We'll start with the biggest and most-important directory-like social site, Google Plus. Consider your Google Plus (or Google Places) page your second website. Here it's critical to earn positive reviews, and many of them. It's also important to populate and optimize your Google Plus page for maximum local SEO potential.

A lot of Google searchers looking for your legal specialties can end up on your practice's Google Plus page. Is therefore important that's well establish for optimal conversions. You can even optimize your Google Plus page ranking in Google search by leveraging local SEO strategies, such as citation generation, or invest in a Google Places optimization service with trusted company.


Yelp is another huge directory that's also well associated with Google, as well as being a socially-oriented directory that focuses on sharing reviews. Yelp is almost always on page one of Google search for localized keyword searches, so it only makes sense for SEO to have a sufficient profile listing. Again, reviews are huge, so reach out and get as many 5-star reviews as possible.

Also on Yelp, you can communicate with people and reply to their reviews. Having an active presence on this non-legal directory can not only help inbound potential clients to your business, but also helps with reputation management and building credibility in your location and practice area.

You Local Chamber

Being a member of local chamber of commerce can help your practice in more ways then one. Not only does this help to build trust and credibility, but most chamber sites have directories in which members get their own profile page. These dedicated member pages can be a major asset for local SEO and earning a powerful, locally-specific backlink to your website. Further, chamber sites are haven for people looking for legit local businesses and professionals to help them with their needs.

We hope these non-legal directories will be of use for your law firm web marketing strategy. Let us know what you think, or if you have any questions in the comments section below.


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