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7 Local SEO Insights for 2015 (Insider Insights from Google)

Local SEO GoogleSEO professionals are constantly in search of new tools, insights and methods that will assist them in their ultimate goal of improved results for clients. What if you had the opportunity to learn directly from the source? Well that day has come. Google has shared very key insights that will greatly assist local SEO professionals in their quests.

Especially since the internet is more often than not used to verify the existence of a business (essentially establishing a trust between business and customer), it is imperative that SEO marketers know that true keys to success. With the wrong amount of marketing, a word of mouth sale can result in a sale for a competitor.

According to various insightful Google professionals, there are a number of common themes that should be followed for better local SEO, and they are:

  • 1. Be Easy to Find in Multiple Ways - Although businesses can be found online, it is NOT always easy to find them. No need for your clients to miss out on business because a competitor was less taxing to search for and find. You can ensure ease via the following:
  • 2. Schema Markup - Schema markup is NOT a ranking system, but is has the capabilities of affecting ranking systems. Use this unique markup language to your advantage and better communicate your site's content to search engines like Google. Schema also makes is much easier for engines to index and parse content.
  • 3. Expand Beyond the Website - Social media pages, online reviews, blogs, local directories and more will aid in SEO results. Maile Ohye (Google Developer Tech Lead) released a set of 6 videos explaining the importance of expanding beyond a website. Ohye reminds all of the importance this places in exposure.
  • 4. Mobile Usability - Make sure that you can be found on mobile devices. Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, recently posted about the importance that can be offered by way of Google’s Mobile Usability Tools that are now within Google Webmaster Tools.
  • 5. Leverage RSS Feeds & XML Sitemaps - Add the URL of any new or modified sites. Also include the modifications that have been made. This will assist greatly as it pertains to search crawling.
  • 6. Be Useful and Not Fluffed - As with any avenue of marketing, useful information is key. All content needs to also be consistent for the user and for search engines. Filling websites, etc. with overwhelming fluff will catch the eye but loose the consumer and get lost in the abundance that is the internet. Being useful also includes being accessible via a mobile device and still offering user content.
  • 7. NAP Data - At the bare minimum, NAP (name, address and phone number) data should be consistent everywhere that a business can be found (social media pages, review site, local directories, etc.). This is a critical element for Google local SEO and getting business ranking hiring in the local listings. Essentially, NAP data (or "citations") are like backlinks .

Google has released special Webmaster tools for mobile accessibility due to the importance that it plays with SEO and especially in the local Traverse City SEO market where local small business thrives.

These tools allows you valuable insights for the sole purpose of enhancing the consumer’s experience while unveiling pertinent insights to you. Learn of the presence of Flash content, viewports, font styles and sizes, where clickable elements are placed and more. The utilization of this information should be standard procedure right alongside planning and standard analytics.


7 Tips to Make Your Website a Linkworthy Oasis in a Dry Marketspace

LinkWorthy WebsiteIf you want your website to attract more visitors, receive more authority, and rank higher in search engines, then you need to make your website a linkworthy site. Although having a value-centric site is key, not all professionals can easily come up with one - sometimes it's dry industry (like the legal profession) and sometimes it can be expensive.

For those who need some direction, here are some tips on how you can make your website more linkworthy and more powerful in Google search.

1. Avoid bloating your website

Website bloating, although less common today, is still prevelant. Website bloating is essentially re-purposing the same keyword or topic to create many pages on a site. The intention is to make the site as keyword relevant as possible, but really it's just over-saturating the site with redundant content.

Some ten years back, it was possible to rank more than ten pages talking of almost the same thing and still make the best out of SEO. But things have changed! Avoid website bloating and choose link targets perfectly.

2. Reduce your website load time

To be honest, people prefer websites that load faster. So, if your website takes more than three seconds to load, it is high time you do something about it. However insignificant it may appear, long load times make your visitors to lose attention. You want them to be attentive, so reduce load time by investing in website optimization services. There are a number of affordable website optimization companies who offer great service programs.

3. Do away with broken media

No one would spend time looking at broken images or videos that can’t play in your posts. Although it is common to have one broken video or two in some page deep in your site, this should not extend to your homepage. Fix broken images and videos that can’t play and be guaranteed of a linkworthy site.

4. Ensure that you have social sharing buttons

If you want people to share your blog posts, then you need to have social sharing buttons. The readers of your blogs should have a feeling that they are free to share your blog posts far and wide. Therefore, take some minutes to install social buttons plugins. Earning social signals can also help build your site's credibility and overall keyword rankings.

5. Update you content regularly

If you haven’t updated your blog for more than a year, it’s high time you do something about it. There is no need of having an outdated blog, so generate fresh content regularly to attract more visitors.

This where you're link-worthiness really comes into play. Publishing high-value content can attract the likes and the links of all types of peoples, thus you can give your SEO efforts a boost. Focus on solution-oriented posts, as well as educational and insightful posts that makes readers say "ah ha!"

6. Avoid too may ads

Although ads give you money, you need to take into consideration those people who actually need information. As such, avoid using too many ads since they can be distractive to those people who want to get information.

7. Provide clear guidelines

If you need to attract your readers’ attention, then you have to provide clear guidelines in your blogs. For instance, if you are giving them a step by step process on how to do a particular thing, you could include a video of someone doing it. You can also attach photos where necessary.

Coming up with a linkworthy website, whether through an effective content strategy or SEO-friendly web design strategy is not as a hard as most people think. Regardless of whether your site has interesting or boring content, you can afford to make it linkworthy. The above tips will be of great help to you.


5 Common Webmaster Faults That Inhibit SEO Potential

Google search engine dominance via SEO is the objective of many webmasters and search marketers. Businesses need to be able to reach out to many online customers via higher Google ranking. There are some faults made by the webmasters make, which affects the SEO potential negatively. Here are some of the common SEO faults that webmasters make or neglect to address.

1. Not Enough Text Content Throughout The Site (Or Too Much Image-Based Text That Spiders Can't Crawl)

Usually, when the website is being redesigned, and the images are increased, but the text is reduced, the site will not be featured in most of the pages crawled by Spider. Usually, most of the rankings are focused on the homepage of a site, so ensuring that there's sufficient space to write some quality, unique, and keyword relevant content.

However, the pages with less text will help the readers to view more animation, and they will easily access most of the web content on the first page, devoid of scrolling.

2. Missing HTML And XML Sitemaps

The XML and HTML Sitemaps helps the webmasters to communicate to the search engines concerning the pages that are on other sites. Technically, it helps to indicate the pages that can be crawled on the site. Site map helps to list the site URL together with the extra metadata concerning every URL. When they miss, the site will have less tasks to perform, which will in turn increase the web performance.

3. Using Flash Media And Heavy Media Files

The flash media and other media files that are heavier tend to make the pages to take time to load. Other than that, there are some browsers that will need the appropriate flash player in order to play the flash media, which could be irrelevant if the user doesn’t have the right flash player. As a result, few people will visit the site, and for that, the pages will not be highly ranked. In short, flash media is not good for sound SEO web design strategy.

4. Duplicate Or Blank Page Titles And Meta Descriptions

The duplicate titles and other Meta descriptions that are on websites are a real enemy of SEO. The use of duplicate titles makes it difficult for Google to rank the pages easily. The blank pages will also be difficult to be read by the search engines, which will affect their ranking.

A good thing about the duplicate titles, especially the external duplicates is that the site might be privileged to be seen when a search is made. This is because the search engine will relate the title to a similar one, especially if the other has a higher ranking.

5. Not Installing Google Analytics Or Webmaster Tools (For Analysis And Performance Tracking)

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics help to track the performance and analytics. Google Webmaster Tools tools can also help to check the loading speeds of the pages. The Google Tools have features that let you determine the average loading speed.

In as much as the tools help to determine the page performance, you will be able to increase the functioning of your website, without the interference of the tools. The tools could take some time to run the performance test, which could reduce the speed of the pages.

Nevertheless, all these faults should be fixed, for the sake of Internet marketing and SEO success.


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