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8 Attributes of Web Spammers and How to Avoid Appearing Like One

Web Spammers are responsible nefarious websites that seek to trick search engines and users. It is a shady profession that indulges in what is known as black hat SEO marketing. Every website has to use several sets of techniques to get users to access it. In the natural evolution of the Internet, those techniques are mostly authorised by search engines.

Websites are naturally accessed via search engines by users. Web spammers see this as an opportunity to bend the rules and create easily searchable spammy websites. There are several attributes that indicate a web spammer is in action;

* Pages look robotic because the content is stuffed with keywords. The titles and the articles do not have a natural flow. The words are misspelled intentionally to achieve high rank via common spelling mistakes.

* Another technique used is URLs which have almost the same spelling as popular global sites. They even mimic the colors and formats of those sites in order to scavenge some of the trafffic. They also rely on spelling mistakes in the URL.

* Too many advertisements that may cover up to 50% of the page. The advertisements may not even be relevant to the content. The pop up windows may be all over the screen seeking to induce the user.

* Websites with broken links and dead ends. Pages are not well maintained and are not consistent. They contain poor inbound links.

* Some web spammers may have only one or two pages. This is because they have many websites with more or less the same outlook. The idea is to populate the first page of search results.

* Pages whose background color does not contrast with the font. This renders the pages illegible to the human eye but remain searchable by search engine crawlers.

* Unoriginal content borrowed from other websites. The concept of plagiarism is lost on these kinds of websites. It may be replicated again and again in different domains owned by the same spammer. The content may be continually sourced by RSS feeds.

* A website may already unintentionally look spammy. It may be as a result of poor housekeeping or because of outsourcing an underhanded SEO firm. If the website is already looking spammy, some tools are provided by search engines to bring things back on the straight and narrow.

Spammy websites do enjoy top ranking but at dire costs for the web business. They may be banned and may not appear at all in search results after being reported of Web spam. Their fifteen minutes of fame may not be worth the investment in black hat tactics. If the spamming has been particularly notorious, the search engines may resort to penalising the websites. This is the worst case scenario which goes to show that it’s just not worth it.

Popular search engines have powerful and sophisticated algorithms behind their cute looking home pages. They stay one step ahead of spammers and can weed them out within days of their content being posted.

Creating a website that doesn’t look spammy is hard work because the content has to be well researched. The website has to stay looking fresh and well maintained. The keywords should be well dispersed and relevant.


Tips for Mastering Your Firm's Social Marketing Practice

Social marketing for law firm's differs profoundly from personal social networking. There are various points, that when adhered to, will help propel a law firm’s web marketing success. The most important thing in social marketing is investing diligent effort to manage the points of engagement with your audience.

Some tips to maintain a professional social media presence include:

* Ensuring that responses in social networks are kept neutral and politically correct. This rule applies regardless of your legal practice or niche market. Not sticking to this will not only decrease your credibility as a legal resource, but it could potentially get a network barred.

* Keeping profile updates neutral by no means implicates that things should be boring. Content should be interesting by definition. Sharing information in social platforms serves more than just informing. It should be fresh and exciting aided by images and videos wherever possible.

* Interacting in blogs is fun for the end user but a full time job for a web marketer. There should be adequate updates on the profile to keep the number of participants growing and engaged. It is an opportunity for the management to literally disperse its propaganda. Therefore, a person who has intimate knowledge of the business’s policies and vision should be in charge of updates.

* Linking the company website’s blog to the professional profile is the most efficient way to maintain consistency. It eases the amount of work as the updates are automated. That being said, professional profile such as LinkedIn should cater for every social contact individually. Major clients and potential clients should be attended to by an account manager.

* A social profile should be optimized to exude professionalism and to remain relevant. Photos and images should match content. The titles and the text should be lined with relevant keywords. Part of optimizing a social page includes giving a vote of thanks to all who engage in a social exercise. Those who share the profile updates should also be individually thanked.

Gaining Social Authority

A professional social media presence is recognized by its conciseness. It is differentiated from blogs by being brief and more frequently updated. A social profile is the outgoing side of a business; it should however avoid looking overzealous. Packing the content with keywords is not the way to go rather they should be well distributed.

SEO has truly moved from blogging to being more oriented on social media engagement. This is because messages such as tweets can market anything - from products to events to even notifying about a new article. This is web presence optimization, which hinges on social authority.

Law firms should utilize the most popular and relevant social media platforms to go full circle in their updates and public relations. Therefore Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google circles may be perversely exploited. A firm can thus create its own means of disseminating news and should generally approach things to establish a web presence.

Public relation has found new meaning in social media networks. Compelling videos and photos are involved backed by professional editing. Graphics and other form of branding are an extension of the main website. This is the essence of social media engagement.


Google Plus Tips to Optimize Your Firm's Web Presence

The organic search results will always be the best place to optimize your firm's web presence. The local organic search results especially offer tremendous value of law firms in capturing quality, lead-generating search traffic.

It is now more common than ever to see local organic search results (with the Google Map) for almost any geo-relevant keyword search. And what's significant about these localized search results is that it's not just a well-optimized website that influences a company's rankings, it's the company's Google Plus page.

Web Presence Optimization Begins with Google Plus

Take a look at the screenshot below for the Google search "dui attorneys". Notice how Google recognizes that I am searching from Peoria, Illinois, and how shows local organic listings based on this information.

Optimize Google Plus

Although the main link headline for each law firm's local search listing (e.g "LeFante Law Offices, P.C.") will take users to the firm's website, notice the link below the URL that says "Google+." Similar to Google Places pages (which were replaced back in May of 2012,) Google Plus pages are integrated in the local organic search results.

So not only is a strong website helping a firm see top local search rankings, but it's Google Plus page plays a role too. This is redefining the practice of SEO to a more broad approach that incorporates social media. At the Law Firm Web Marketing blog, we call this web presence optimization

Optimizing Your Google Plus Web Presence

There are a number of variables on a Google Plus page that can influence a firm's local search rankings. The most powerful contributors of an authoritative Google Plus web presence include:

* having a "Follow us on Google+" link on the law firm's website pointing to the firm's Google Plus page

* ensuring that the address on the Google Plus page has been verified (requires Google to send businesses a PIN verification via postcard)

* having a well populated Google Plus page that withholds an adequate amount of information about the law firm

* earning a high number of Google Plus reviews, preferably positive

We hope these tips will help you web presence optimization strategy. Remember, SEO and social media a merging. Think of you strategy in holistic manner of optimizing your firm's entire web presence, not just its website.


3 Strategies for Creating Your 2013 Law Firm SEO Plan

2013 Law Firm SEOThe best practices of SEO are constantly evolving. For 2013, one thing that's for certain is law firm SEO is going to emphasize real marketing and social media engagement. That is, automated link building tactics and keyword optimized webpages will die off in the next few months, as social integration becomes more of a priority.

Your law firm SEO strategy for the new year will need to focus on legitimate marketing principles of attracting a real audience and establishing real connections. In short, this will emphasize quality content and social media engagement.

With that said, below are three strategies for creating your law firm SEO strategy for year 2013.

1. Establish Your Google Plus Social Presence

There's no question that social media is going to have a significant influence on your future law firm SEO strategy. One social media network that your firm must address is Google Plus. Google Plus will soon (and already has) play a huge role in Google's organic search results. For this reason, you'll want to establish your law firm's Google Plus presence as soon as possible. In short, the more quality followers you can obtain on Google Plus, the more influence you'll have on their search results - which is the pure and simple goal of local SEO.

2. Evaluate the Content & Appeal of Your Website

The content and appearance of your law firm website, ranging from the images to the copy, should be assessed when revising you law firm SEO strategy for 2013. Get a strong sense of the overall perception and motives behind your target search market. Understanding the nature of their purpose on your website will enable you to tailor conversion-oriented content that will get your firm strong cases. In addition, you may also want to evaluate the overall design and layout of your law firm's website to ensure it's an SEO friendly web design as well as up-to-date and attractive to users.

3. Create a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Your 2013 law firm SEO strategy must definitely include a solid content marketing strategy with a diverse portfolio of content. What is more than just blog posts, press releases, and articles (which used to be the primary forms of link building) is rich media content like videos, infographics, and podcasts. Try to get creative with your law firm's content marketing efforts, and build a plan that is well in-line with your target audience, as well as your law firm's media capabilities.

You have a couple of months yet to begin creating your law firm SEO strategy for 2013. Start considering these three approaches and device a more quality and socially engaging plan of action.


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