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5 Ways to Increase Your Google Rank

Increase Google RankingGoogle search engines use a variety of techniques that govern which pages should be displayed first in the search results. The Google ranking formula is not completely known to SEO's, but there are strategies and techniques that you can employ improve your websites rank in the organic search results. Below are 5 ways to increase your Google rank and earn more traffic to your website.

1. Keyword Optimization

Many websites target wrong keywords and this is among the worst mistakes. Take your time to do a thorough analysis of the keywords that produce conversions. One of the ways is to have analytic software like Google Analytic installed on your site and see how people find and interact your website.

Usually, business targets broadly, therefore have high volume keywords that convert well instead of ranking keywords based on competitiveness, conversion and multiples of volume. After installing analytic software, mark the keywords that cause your visitor to engage and even leave a comment or make a purchase. Also note the pages which scare them off. Ensure you choose keywords that people will look for.

2. Link Building

Backlinks are links that come from another site to your site, because they point back to your pages. When you build these links which points back to your website, they can really boost your site’s SEO and increase Google rankings. The more reputable and authoritative the website, the greater the impact it will have to increase your Google rankings.

You can add backlinks by making some comments on other blogs, guest blogging, and other creative tacts. However, there are various link building techniques that can help you achieve the best results. These includes creating viral content, guest posting, building link exchange relationships, creating info-graphics, and analyzing competitor links.

3. Schema Markup

This is one of the latest evolutions in SEO. It’s one of the powerful forms of optimization but currently the least used forms of SEO. After grasping the method and concept of schema markup, you can use it to boost your website in the search engine result pages.

Schema markup uses unique semantic vocabulary in microdata format. It is actually a code that you put in your website to assist the search engines to return more informative results. It not only tells the search engine what your data says but also what it means.

4. Include a Sitemap Page

A sitemap is a page or file on your site that lays out all of the rank-worth pages of your website. It enables Google bots to easily find all the links and content of your website. Sitemaps also determine the importance of your website’s content. There are a number of websites that will create a sitemap for you or you can even generate one for yourself. This alone can really help increase your Google rankings.

5. Have An Active Social Media Presence

Always capitalize much on social media. Social media is a great way to spread backlinks to many viewers. If your content is valuable, many viewers will link your site for you, which in turn increases traffic and consequently increasing your rank. Developing a compelling post about your site is important for social media. The reader should be fully attracted to follow the link and also needs to stand out from the pool of news on their feed.

Do you have any more tips to increase your website ranking in Google? Let us your know SEO strategies in the comments below.


Law Firm SEO Strategies for a Successful 2015

Law Firm SEO StrategyKeeping up with SEO holds various benefits for lawyers, legal professionals and law firms. Good SEO strategies help in gaining a great search engine ranking thereby increasing the exposure for a law firm and legal professionals in terms of area of expertise as well as region.

Here are some significant and effective SEO strategies for a successful 2015.

Find Easy Link Opportunities

The significance of external websites and for linking to the content of the site of a legal professional or law firm is almost impossible to overestimate. Search engine algorithms depend hugely on reader endorsements that are measured by the links created by some established online authorities or local chambers of commerce.

SEO for lawyers, if done following a few networking strategies can work wonders for the rankings. Trade links with other local attorneys or law firms that have a different practice area and include the link requests as a part of the conventional networking strategy of your law firm.

Another option is to write articles for third-party legal websites in exchange for a link. One of the strongest element of search engine algorithms is the number of inbound links to a certain web page. In other words, inbound links are just like votes of appreciation and trust for the law firm website.

Stay Local

The legal services industry is surely a huge business that comes with a big amount of competition for the most popular and profitable keyword searches. Usually, an average law firm is not able to account for terms like divorce attorneys, bankruptcy law firm, or find a lawyer, despite of following great SEO practices.

The good thing about the same is that most law firms are not required to do so. Instead, emphasis should be given to local terms including the location, such as "Toronto tax lawyer" or "California family law attorney" as such terms can be more effective in targeting the client base.

Integrate LocalBusiness Schema Markup

A quite latest yet most effective element of on-page SEO strategies is schema markup. Almost everything that a law firm needs tell to Google for a better understanding of the website's intentions can be told with LocalBusiness Schema.

The most essential attributes or tags to implement are Business name, Location or Address, Phone number, Hours of operation and Brand. A resource for web marketers and webmasters is containing HTML tags to integrate in the content of a page. Integrating Local Business Schema markup on some specific pages is just perfect.

Embrace Social Media Marketing

Using social media for growing business is an extremely potential option for law firms. It is a wonderful way to add a relatable element to the client-facing profile of your firm that appeals the natural interests of your clients in working with people.

Using social media can play a part in achieving significant success when it comes to getting new clients and improving the media interaction. A quite instinctively comfortable platform for lawyers is LinkedIn in keeping in touch with contacts and clients. The perfect approach is to master one platform thoroughly instead of spreading little content over different spaces. It is also good to add a blog or Twitter account.


Is Your Website Responsive & SEO-friendly?

Web Design ResponsiveGoogle recommends that a website have a responsive design as a measure to enhance its usability on all types of devices. A responsive web design is also key regarding any form of Internet marketing, particularly search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising.

In essence, responsive design ensures that a website's user interface is highly adaptive to all sizes of screens, particularly mobile devices. As users increase their mobile activity, it is imperative that a website be optimized for mobile viewing as well so to enhance a company’s digital SEO campaign.

How Responsive Web Design Influences SEO

Due to the increasing demands of having a responsive website, SEO strategies must also adapt to a method of integrating website development and design as a major part of the strategy of SEO. For instance, creating a mobile friendly version of a company’s website will offer a leverage the following benefits and advantages to a marketing campaign that is digital:

  • Better engagement for the viewer
  • Page view loading that is much faster
  • Greater lead generation
  • Converting leads into clients
  • SEO enhanced campaigns that drive more traffic to a business
  • SEO campaign management that is convenient due to the use of a single URL for mobile and desktop sites
  • The ability of a search engine to crawl and index single URL sites is enhanced

Just see what Google has to say about the basics of responsive web design:

The trend of using responsive website design is swiftly becoming one of the very best practices within the industry of SEO. Google, itself, has been more than upfront regarding the fact that is prefers webmasters to use responsive design as a means to deliver viewers with the best experience while online. Therefore it is more than imperative for companies to alter the direction of their digital marketing campaigns towards a design that is far more responsive.

With an adaptive and responsive web design, search engines will be permitted to render one CSS media query for each device that attempts to access the site of a business that uses the platform of a single HTML. This is the hallmark for many web design companies, like OIC Group who base their core solutions on offering responsive, SEO-friendly web designs.

SEO & Web Design Together as One

Coupling SEO friendliness with a responsive website design can offer better ranking for a company’s website. The ease of indexing the URL of each page and on the platform of a singular HTML brings great benefits to the services campaigns of SEO.

Visitors, additionally, are able to have a viewing experience that is better due to easy transitions of the website regardless of the web enabled device that is being used. Due to this, a search engine will be able to rank and index a website that is responsive with much greater accuracy.

The responsiveness of a website is used by search engines as a metric of search ranking that affects the social engagement of visitors to the site. As a measure to ensure that visitors are provided with convenience and more that cater to their demands, Google pushes webmasters to make their sites as responsive as possible.

Also, the use of a responsive website is quite beneficial to the efforts of link building for those that utilize link juicing within their SEO strategies. The design offers prevention of link dilution, allowing for a more efficient flow of links back to your original site as social links are within one place for increased SEO results.


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