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The Power of Google+ Local for Local SEO in Peoria, IL

Google Local SEO PeoriaGoogle+ is something any Peoria business interested in local SEO should not take lightly. Google+, if applied appropriately to a local SEO campaign, can turn rankings around for some businesses.

To start your business on the righteous path for local SEO in Peoria, IL, below are some of the benefits that Google+ offers small to medium sized businesses.

Get the Most Authoritative Citation for Peoria SEO

Probably the most important factor in using Google+ for local SEO in Peoria, IL is getting your business listed (which in turn provides a citation for your business.) Citations are simply mentions of your business' name, address, and phone number. And the more citations you have sprinkled throughout the web (commonly on local directories), the better overall authority and local SEO potential your company will have in Google search.

Social Perks That Only Google+ Provides

Posting on Google+ allows you to enjoy a string of advantages that only comes with Google. These benefits include having your content automatically indexed by Google’s search engine crawlers. Also, being on Google+ pushes the search engine to search the web of all your presences and have it integrated and weighted together with SEO.

Using Google+ also allows you to enjoy the perks of YouTube, Google Circles, and Hangouts to name a few. Here you can communicate and engage with your audience and fellow peers. In short, an active social media presence on Google+ can offer incredible potential beyond simply local SEO in Peoria, IL.

Real Time Meetings via Google Hangouts

Real time video streaming? That is one of the things many businesses enjoy with Google+. You can hold conferences, business meetings, and demonstrations with your clients regardless of location and time zones. Hangouts lets you brainstorm with your crew, pitch an idea to your boss, or just chat and discuss business issues with colleagues.

The best thing about Hangouts? All videos are automatically recorded and posted on YouTube, which enables you to access it anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

Show Your Business from the Inside with Google Business Photos

With business photos, you can take your customers and potential clients on a 360-degrees virtual tour inside your establishment. This enables them to get a “feel” or an “atmosphere” of your business location and see what is in store for them if they decide to pay a visit.

Give Searchers Clear Direction with Google Maps

With the Google Map feature, Peoria business owners can easily show their customers what the outside of your place looks like. This offers people an idea of what to look for when trying to find your business. So although this is not a local SEO tip, it's one that can help turn prospects into paying customers.

These are just some of the small business local SEO tips and advantages of having your business listed on Google+. Do not put this new social media platform from Google at the backburner. Explore its potential and you definitely usher your business to success.


Why Your Company Needs Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile Website OptimizationThere is a dramatic as well as drastic increase of mobile internet users in the last couple of years. This means more and more people are now accessing the internet via their smart phones and tablets. For those doing business online, mobile website optimization (or ensuring a company has mobile-friendly website) is critical to reach consumers and effectively promote products or services.

Why Mobile Website Optimization is Essential?

Many Internet institutions, Google included, have said that by 2015, almost every single individual in the planet will own a mobile device, particularly the smart phone. That equates to nearly 6 billion users, a very enticing and large market of online shoppers and consumers. This is also means having a desktop-anchored website is no longer enough for small businesses to large scale companies.

If you run a company in this day and age, having a mobile-friendly website is a necessity. But with the huge potential presented by the mobile internet users, establishing a strong and reliable mobile web presence is now an imperative.

This is because traditional websites are configured for mobile platforms and this leads to bad user experience. In a recent study, 57% of the world’s Internet users say they would not recommend a site that has a bad mobile web presence while another 40% say they will seek another service after a bad mobile internet experience.

What Defines a Mobile-friendly Website?

There is now a trend that companies are pursuing for mobile website optimization. These are basically websites specifically designed to provide excellent user experience for the mobile internet users.

Since screens are smaller in phones and tablets, the structure, design, and schematics of mobile websites differ greatly from traditional websites. Less text, more buttons, larger fonts, and features like maps and click-to-call graphics are the major attributes of a mobile website design. Website optimization ompanies like the Web Presence Group are making a push toward mobile website optimization and user-intuitive web design.

There are several elements that make a company's mobile website design successful. These are ease of access and navigation, fast loading speed time, redirects that lead to the mobile version of the page, and readable content.

But more than just the actual look and feel of the mobile website, your company’s mobile web presence also hinges on SEO. Thus, building a mobile web presence require successfully implementing SEO and web design elements as well as offline and offsite components.

As the rapid increase of mobile internet users continues, it becomes more important for businesses to form a strong mobile web presence. Because this new breed of internet users are able to access the Internet anytime and anywhere, it is crucial that your company integrates mobile website optimization into its strategy.


Technical SEO Tips to Help Your Site Rank Higher & Faster

Technical SEOWhen people talk about SEO, most think of keyword research, content optimization, and building links. While these aspects are indeed important for SEO, many people often neglect the technical side of the SEO equation.

Technical SEO is a huge aspect of the equation, entailing complex and code-heavy processes that are invisible to users. While technical SEO focuses on the site’s HTML structure and mark-up, these components can impact a site’s performance in more ways the one.

In a nut shell, technical SEO focuses on a site’s internal construct and addresses its fluidity of search engine crawling and indexing. A site that has employed excellent technical SEO techniques is more easily indexed by search engines and are easily located by users, which adds to its user-friendliness and positive user experience.

The following are technical SEO tips that you might want to consider when optimizing your site.

Fix HTML Errors

Locate and repair HTML errors and other issues. HTML errors can be nuisance especially to both site owners and users. Common HTML issues such as crawl errors, like DNS lookup errors and 404 pages can hamper user experience and impede the performance of your site. These errors can lead to loss of users, mainly because they will quickly look for other alternatives and sources.

Optimize & Integrate Sitemaps

Sitemaps are basically your site’s visible index to all your site’s pages. There are two types of sitemaps: HTML and XML. HTML sitemaps are basically food to search engine crawlers and spiders. If your product, service, or content is not indexed in your HTML sitemap, search engine crawlers will have trouble locating your content and have it indexed in its database.

XML sitemaps are specifically designed for Google Webmaster Tools. But essentially they function like HTML sitemaps - they help search engines to find your site’s content and have it indexed.

Ensure All Content is Unique (Espeically Meta Data)

Make sure your meta data is unique. Duplicate meta tags (page titles and meta descriptions) can spell bad things for your site and its performance if you can’t locate them and fix them quickly. Meta tags that contain similar words and descriptions will confuse crawlers and may lead to mis-indexing of pages.

Use Canonical Tags Where Appropriate

There are certain sites, particularly large e-commerce sites, have multiple sites that contain same content. Canonical tags help search engine spiders to find the most meaningful site or URL. This will make sure that spiders index the right page over other pages with similar content.

Similar to canonical tags, another very important technical SEO integration you'll want to use when marking-up your site's content is Here you can better define what exactly your content is for search engines. lays everything out on the table, and it's a great resource to learn and implement new tags as you go.

Keyword Optimize URLs

When your URLs, basically the words bunched together in the webpage’s address bar, are not optimize, the chances of the search engine spider finding it is close to minimal. It is just wrong when your URL says something about real estate when your content tackles on dental technicians.

Whether for enterprise-level SEO or local SEO, technical SEO can have a profound impact on rankings. There is a variety of technical SEO tips out there that are not mentioned in this article. Do your research and experiment with various ideas. There's always new and emerging strategies being brought up in forums and discussion sites.


A Review of the 4 Most SEO-friendly CMS Platforms

SEO-friendly CMSThere are various content management systems (widely known as CMS platforms) available for free to each and every one of us. However, not all CMS are designed specifically for SEO while other content systems are a tad difficult to be optimized for excellent search engine rankings.

Whether for a local site or ecommerce, there are those CMS platforms that are not only easy to use (even for the newbie webmaster), but are engineered for SEO, namely: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Exponent CMS. The following are some of the reasons why these CMS are the most SEO-friendly options to choose.


This CMS platform has been the go-to choice for many web developers, individual bloggers, and giant corporations. And for good reasons at that. For one, setting up a WordPress website is quite a breeze compared to its famed and unknown counterparts. Two, it is backed by a large support community that can provide instant solutions to both simple and complex issues and problems. SEO wise, most plug-ins also known as extensions) designed for SEO are created for the WordPress system, most notably the All-In-One SEO plugin.

WordPress is also flexible, making modifications to a WordPress website easy to incorporate. This is a big plus in terms of SEO. One can easily install codes, rearrange placement of content, graphics, banners, and videos and optimize them for search engine spiders and crawlers.

Exponent CMS

While Exponent CMS does not have the following of major CMS players such as aWordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, it has one SEO-friendly feature most CMS do not have in their arsenal. Unlike WordPress, wherein SEO tools are mostly plugins, the SEO functions of Exponent CMS are built-in and integrated to its systems, making it very easy for users to tweak and introduce any SEO-related modifications to the site.

Exponent is quite popular for ecommerce sites. Ecommerce store owners can manage their inventory and customer data with ease, in addition to executing ecommerce SEO capabilities on the fly.


Joomla is also a popular CMS alternative that can hold its own against other CMS platform such as WordPress and Drupal. In terms of SEO friendliness, Joomla has a list of elements that make it wired for SEO. First, it already has SEO settings integrated in its system. Users can easily change the Meta tags of the website or articles, and re-write the URL. Meta tags are important in SEO. These are codes search engine crawlers and bots look for when they scan and scour websites.

Joomla also offers suppot for their SEO strategies but somewhat limited compared to the support offered by WordPress.


Perhaps WordPress immediate competitor, Drupal’s platforms provide users functional SEO applications and features. Among the SEO benefits presented by the Drupal system are search engine optimized URLs. One can easily optimize the components of their sites URLs for both users and search engines, such as dates, time, keyword, and titles relevant to the node. However, Drupal lacks the top level functionality offered by the WordPress platform.


Local SEO Strategy Insights for 2014

SEOLocal SEO uses a different techniques compared to traditional forms of SEO. Most local SEO strategies in 2013 focused on making sure a business or firm appeared on the top local directories such as Yelp, Yahoo and Google+. Although it is important to get listed on the local directories, more effort is needed to ensure your firm is able to contend in competive local marketplace of legal services.

Change your perception of local SEO and ensure your law firm gets solid results. Check out these three angles in which view your 2014 local SEO strategy.

Be Active in Social Media

Most law firms understand how important it is for them to have online presence on social media, however not all firms take advantage of the available audience. Some think so long as they have a presence on social media, and placed a link back to their site, their local SEO efforts have been accomplished.

You need to do more to direct traffic to your site. You need to engage your audience on social media to make it count. So how can this be done?

  • Encourage the satisfied customers to leave reviews about tyour legal services.
  • Attract larger audiences by coming up with promotions on social media like Google offers.
  • Get bigger audiences by engaging them more.- Get images optimized then go ahead and upload them on social sites.- Connect with respectable professionals who stand out in their area of expertise.
  • Business pages on social media can also provide great authority for local SEO with some of the Yelp pages having a page ranking of 5.- Social credibility is important for people who are looking to get good search engine rankings.

There is a correlation between the number of Facebook or Twitter followers with the search engine rankings. So do not neglect social media in your local SEO plan for 2014.

Links are Better than Citations

Search engine rankings are normally affected by the number and quality of external links that point to certain websites. You should start building and earning links to your website once it has been well established on the local business directories.

This allows you to get in touch with other professionals allowing them to make guest blog posts on your website. You need to cultivate such relationships since they will help you in future marketing. The new members also get listed in the local chamber website, so invest in this membership if it makes sense for your budget and marketing efforts. 

You need to provide great content to gain good audiences. When people realize that you actually give them valuable information, you are likely to get more links back to your website. You need to brand yourself as far as a certain niche is concerned. Make sure that people get the sense that you know your stuff. Use articles and videos to pass information. These are the different ways you can use to pass on content for SEO Peoria IL.

Create Valuable Content

By now you should be aware of the phrase "content is king". This has been true over the years but this is gradually changing. The focus has shifted from providing content that is full of keywords to providing content that is relevant to a particular audience. In short, you need to know the needs of your target audience then provide them with content they can identify with.

Assess your target audience and find out from them about the problems and issues they are facing.- Ask yourself how you can go about helping them based on the resources available to you.- Which mode of communication would be most effective for your audience?- Look at the different businesses and find out which ones are likely to thrive on social media and Google searches. You will notice that the most successful businesses are the ones which have great blogs, videos, podcasts and graphics being used to carry out marketing

Refresh Your Local SEO Strategy in 2014

Assess your organization's marketing plan so as to decide how much time or money you are willing to allocate to it. Come up with fresh ideas that shift focus to creating online marketing strategies for content. You should also do your best to ensure that you establish social media presence that is legitimate. As hard as some of these concepts may seem, at the end of the day, they are likely to have a positive influence on the local SEO especially in 2014.


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